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how do I use this template in my blog?

I'm already using one of your templates, but I saw this one and though it was just beautiful. I'd like to know if I could have the code for Aubade, please?

hihi.. how do i get the code? cant seem to get it..

how do i use this template ? can u email me the code to - - thanks a lot ^ ^

hi! im new to blogging... how do i get the code? can u pls email the code to Thanks!

hi! i simply love this Aubade template~ can email me the codes at ? thank you so much :)


uh me too , i like it a lot, how can i find the code?? pls help, my email is, >>>

Hi. I want to use this template too. But how? Can you e-mail me the code, please? Here's my e-mail ad: Thanks in advance! :)

Hey there, I absolutely ADORE this template. However I can't find the html coding. Could you please email the code to me at
Thankyou very much. Your help would be much appreciated.

Hello i wanted to see if i could get the code to this image i love the the look...


Hi could you please send me the code for this template aslo >>>

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Hi - i just wanted to say thank-you for the template seems to be working fine. The template will give me a head start untill i have time to design my own. - Thanks again! chase

How to get the code:

Click on the template. It opens the template in a full window. Right click and select "VIEW SOURCE." Copy the test to your template in Blogger. Save changes.

You are done.

Great template! Just one thing: what's the code to make appear the name of the poster on the end of the post before the timestamp? Thanks

I love this template


Wow. Amazing.
I'm so using it.

/Creating a blog in a few minutes/

I love this template and I had it on the blog that I linked to my name... however I feel incredibly naive since it took me a few days to realize just what the picture was of. Now I must change the template at a reader's request o_0 But, I still think it's a gorgeous template.

How do I use this code with comments system? I applied it and don't see my comments ! Thx, email back to if you know how

the template doesn't come with comments code as far as I can tell

I tried servicing a friend's blog using this template and succeeded in adding comments by adding the comments code from a regular blogger near the post footer

I'd post it here but it won't let me

Loved the site. I like this site personal development