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Unfortunately the gray-on-black links are hard to read, the space allowed for them is too small, and the border doesn't always show up intact.

I like this template a lot - very simple and easy to use.

I have noticed a slight bug, perhaps. The box housing links and archive links on the right gets longer as more stuff appears in it, and the first post on the page develops a space between the title and the start of the post that is the same size as the black text box.

This occurs in both IE and FF. If there is any way around it, I'd appreciate knowing - I would enjoy using this template.



Michael, that is because you have enabled the float alignment.

Just go to Options -> Format, and disable it (it's at the bottom, it's one of the last options I think).

Best regards

Is there any way to allow comments when suing this template?
Would be great...

I had the same problem as Michael. Great to hear there is such an easy work-around. Your templates rule!