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Hi, tx for this template. I am using this template. I rather like it. It's Firefox icon .. is there a problem with copyright? Also when my blog loads the firefox appears momentarily and then slips away. Is it supposed to do that or do I need to do some kind of adjustment to the template. See Dying to Preserve the Lies at to see what I mean about the firefox disappearing after it loads.

It doesn't leave, it is just moved to the right.

i really dig this template. it's got a nice clean look to it.

See it in use at my blog,


I can't see the code.

I can't even see the code....what am I doing wrong?? I right click but that just takes me to the normal thing that pops up..what do I have to do from there?

uhhh...i'm weary about copyright in this one. I really want to put it on my site since I'm a huge firefox fan but copyright is keeping me from. Could whoever made this please post verifying that it ain't copyright? I'd really appreciate it....

really nice. Clean look. Very good!

Really smooth, I was inspired by this and put some of it into my design on