Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse

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I am using this template for my blog, Back in the Days, Everything 1950's and 1960's at

I'm quite satisfied with it, except I am somewhat challenged in how to correctly insert the comments so that the comments do not appear on the main page. Help?

I followed the Blogger Knowledge instructions on comments but as I said..I'm challenged. Tx

I love the service being provided by your template blog. I use a template on my blog. I would love to use this one but can you post a link with the select all like your newer templates. So I can copy past into template edit on blogger. email me at if you can do this

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I copied the code for the Mickey Mouse template that you created and am using it on my blogspot but I have a question.... Have you had the chance to add the link that shows how many comments are posted and that lets people comment to my posts. I totally love Mickey Mouse and would love to continue to use the template but I'm a bit confused. Any suggestions?

how do i use this template ? can u email me the code to - - thanks a lot ^ ^

WhatTs next

I really love this template, but can you add a little link thing so that people can see how many comments there are and comment themselves? Thank you so very much!

Great bit of blogging! Hope you get a chance to look at my site personal development

are the blogger codes not put in correctly? because i put in the code in my template page and the posts do not appear at all.all i can see is $blogtitle$ $blogdescription$ why is that?

How do you use this template? I don't see a code that we can grab anywhere.