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My daughter is looking to make her own blog and this template would be perfect. If you could post a link with the HTLM code to copy paste into the blog template window it would be helpfull. Also Thank you for the great work you are doing providing professional looking templates for those of us that can not or dont have time to , program in html.

great template! fantastic blog. Thanks. I may set this on up for my 70 year old mother to spout off about her left-wing political theories.

I can't seem to find the code...........can you help me with that?

Just loved it.
But i can't find the code. Can you tell me where it is?

yes i like ht others find this template nice can u send me the template for it some time?

click on the thumbnail, then go (if you are using IE) View>Source

What if you are not using IE...then we don't have a view source button...can someone please send me the html I would really appreciate it!! Please and Thank you!!

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The top part of the title doesnt seem to show on mine

Just do the "NO NAVBAR" option, it works really well.

Hey, YES, I have used this template and altered it about a trillion times, and this is one of the best ones I've altered, and thank you big time. I discovered you in my early bloggin days and I have a sound knowledge of HTML thanks to you.

You deserve a Nobell Prize.

I really like this template but how do I change the picture from Mike to another of my own photos/images?

is it just me or.. it doesn't work on IE?

please please please. could you help?

I really love the template...but there's no sidebar for links and stuff.

nise template, thanx a lot buddy i have used it in my blog containing jokes
and buddy i have a request .Can u make a template which can suit blogs lyk mine which contain smileys and funny pics sorta stuff