Blog Punishment

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Are these templates for sale? It says to right click for sodes and yet when i tried all I got was the general thingy that ppop's up am I jsut not doing it right?

Just "right click" and select "see source code"

I have no source code option either, I don't think I'm too stupid to read... but I still can't get the code for it

wat the hell is says..right click to see the code...?! i right i don't get it..damn right!!

you open the example and then right click and hit view source give you this big template thing and copy and paste it. pce

I don't know how to get this blog templates...I don't have a source option?? What is up with this??

I finally found out how to use the templates from this site. You right click on the image, select save target as, open it in word, copy the code, and place it in that template thing.