by Helene
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Hi! how can i get the code for this template? thanks. :)
I really like it. 

Posted by Jing


I would also like to know how to get the codes when it says "right click to get the code". Because whatever does happen when I do so, it's not revealling the code of the template??

left click to get the full page of it, then hit view, source, opens notepad and shows the html for it

Is there a way to remove the nav bar from this template? Also, how would I make it so the "by-line" apears for comments. Right now when you look at the comments, there is nothing differentiating when one stops and the next starts, nor does it say who posted it.

I love this design by the way. thank you so much!

I had the same problem - author and date not showing up.
I replaced some code and it rocks !!!

Get that part of code from the original blogspot code.

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