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Hey, i'm a big fan of this template. i've put it on my blogger and i love it. there is just a slight glitch. i can't see my profile or have anyone post comments. can you please fix that? i really wanna be able to use ur template, but i need it to work. thanks!

I have the same problem. I love it though. 

Posted by chalicechick

Hiya, I have the same problem. I LOVE the template though.


Posted by chalicechick

I've created the code needed in order to see what you need.
I will put it here soon. 

Posted by matallo

You can see my page, the code is pretty similar than "death". What I couldn't do was the profile stuff. I have to work on there.
P.S: I've put a music player in the side bar too 

Posted by matallo

Sorry, I didn't remember to say that i'm really looking forward the other people to comment on this kind of templates 

Posted by matallo

i need

I really like this template but htis is my 1st time on this site and i can't figure out where 2 get the code for it to work!! ahh!!

Profile link and comments are ok

i'm trying this template for now
i can see the comments but i don't see any "posted by" =(
c ya

I don't know if it's something I did that screwed it up, but the fonts are different sizes and I can't scroll down. It works in the preview, so I have no idea what's going was working fine earier.

i love this blog! so cute! I edited it a bit to fit my preferences, though.

I love the templete .

How can i chnage the navbar to be on the right instead of on the left?

Love the template. ^_^

Why cannot I get the code now?????!!!!

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For some odd reason, I can't seem to scroll down. I only get to see halg the page. But, if I minimize and maximize the window it helps. Can anything be done? Thanks. I like you template.

um i'm having the same problems....i can't scroll all the way down the page and i also can't see who posted comments. i can see the comments, just not the person who posted. its slightly annoying.....what can i do to fix it ?? thanks :D

Same here. I used this template for my baby's blog. Everything looks fine. Then I made "highlight" style on the sidebar's link (hover). But when I move my cursor to the link, the website became a half only. I can't scroll it down. Then it went normal when I move my cursor to "About me".

I really like this template, but having a headache to fix it on my own. Then I changed to Minima. Seems it's working fine now. But I still save my previous template. Just in case if someone can solve this problem :)

this is a great template.
one small problem is how text to the left of a post is sometimes hidden by the picture of grim, but this is great. i love it

Love the little cartoon stalking u as u scroll

Minor problems, get profiles up and comments proper
Part from that,
I'm lovin it
Very well done, brilliant blog template

I like this template a lot great job. I'm new to blogging and I was wondering how do I make the margin at the top smaller so there isn't as much space between the top and the title?

Love Love Love this template. I just set it up for my husband's blog. He's having the same problem as other people - only half of page shows, can't see comments, can't scroll down. Can you help me please? Thanks!

Great template. Tks.It´s very nice and the face of my blog. Works perfect.

Thanks, I modified mine a little and I like it.

Yo, i cant scroll down. all i see is half the page. it worked fine last night. what gives?

hello! I really love this template and I decided that if ever I want a fresher version, I'd want to keep this one and just edit a thing or two. I was wondering.. how could I change the backgound (maroonish, originally) into a tiled background?

hi! how can i change the color of my entries to WHITE instead of black?

How do I get the comment authors name up?

why wouldn't it show my links and archives? T_T

Does anyone know where I can point my browser to get the code for this template? Also is there a way to tweak this to work for Blogger Beta?