A Previous Post Link

An easy way to add a previous post page link in the top of your blog (classic template):

« Home | Previous Post Title »

Just paste the code below before the <Blogger> tag.

<p style="text-align:center">
&laquo; <a href="<$BlogURL$>">Home</a>
<span><BloggerPreviousItems> | <a href="<$BlogItemPermalinkURL$>"><$BlogPreviousItemTitle$></a> &raquo;</span><span style="display:none"></BloggerPreviousItems></span>

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and how do i put a next post? is there any way?

Only on the post pages (ItemPage)

If you want to add an accesskey to the link you'll need to hide the other links using CDATA. See example.

This does not seem to be working for me... is this because I've already used the PreviousItems tag to populate a drop-down list within the header.

Please help

this isn't working for me either

excellent! thank you so much :)

Thanks, It's usefull.

1.How to put the link in the bottom like your page?

2.Awesome!!How to make a comment-link like this?

I got it working now, thanks!

I was wondering if there's a way to do this with archive pages too. I tried a few things but it doesn't seem to work. thanks.

this does not work. help!

You must turn on the Post-pages.

I get the correct URL to the front page, but the link connecting to next post goes to the post where one allready are. What may be wrong?

well it shows up, my "post-pages" is set to yes (has been for a while) and this shows up...

however. it does not actually link to something. is there a step I'm missing? I copied it, pasted it where directed, and it does show up. it just doesn't actually "link" to anything.

it doesn't work correctly. instead of the previous post name, it shows &previousposttitle$ or something..

and thnks for the great work/design!

please, don't stop.


Your site is so great! Thank's alot for all help, keep going!

Is this possible on the main page? I can only get it to work on the item page.

Which leaves the question, how do you include a "following post" link?

« Next Post Title | Home | Previous Post Title »

Great tip though.

//and how do i put a next post? is there any way? //

oh, u want to put the 'next post' link to the current post?! :D

How do I get rid of the "permalink" next to my signature and comment at the end of a post?

It's not identifying "<$BlogPreviousItemTitle$>"
Is there any solution?
Please I need it badly,

thanks in Advance..


make sure the code is NOT inside the 'blogger' tags

how to put it i m having problem.
see here. Please help me

I recently switched my blog to the beta version, and now my navigation
bar won't work. I'm using a custom template (one I did not design
myself) and have no idea how to fix the problem. I used to be able to
scroll through each post, but now the navbar only displays the most
recent post.I would really appreciate the help.

wow gold

How to add previous posts? or oldest posts?

I want to add this on the bottom of the page...

Some tamplates have that but I'm using a tamplate which don't have that...

Help please.



It doesnt work on me...what will I do???

It works! Thank you so much. Note that it is important to copy and paste this item before the Blogger tag, and it doesn't show up on home page, only item page. My example here:


is there any way i can put these links on the top page instead of archive page? for example, i like to show 5 posts on each page and every time i click the link, i goes to the page that show previous 5 posts.

cant find the solution anywhere, please help me!!!!!

many thanks!