i like this design, but find the sidebar a little bit too skinny for the page ... maybe 50px wider? also would like in that green with blue instead of the pink, or another more neutral colour.

This is an awesome website, it's really neat!!! I've wanted to find new templates forever!!! Thanks!!!

I love it, thanks!!

hey, when i try to comment on something, it goes to the blogger comments page sayin i have to verify the image. is there a way to do that here itself?

awesome!! I love it XD

Why have you ripped off this blog design from TypePad? You know you don't have permission to use this design. Why don't you try something novel and actually design something yourself instead of ripping off other people's work.

My current template!
Very neat!
Very good!
Compatible with 1024 x 960 resolution!!
Its worth! It loads faster and is simple!
My personal recommendation!!!

Nice re-working of this template for Blogger! Good job! :)

Questions: Why are nasty and rude comments almost always left by anonymous people? Why are horrible things almost always done by people who sneak up behind you, wearing masks, and hiding in the shadows?

You ever notice that? Cheers!

why isn't it available anymore?