Author: Lilia Ahner


Great work on this one, i love it!

awesome. i love it

Like the rest of your templates, they look great... but the comments don't work!

I'm using the template. nice work.

YOU MUST allow everyone to comment.

Very nice template! Love the colors :D

Great blog template. :)

But the comments function doesn't work. I have always allowed anyone/everyone to comment (and I checked my settings again--I'm sure), but nothing shows up after you press "Post" in the comments form. Please check it, thanks. :)

It's working here (in the example too). It's the same code.

Yup, it works here, but I can't get it to work in my blog. Strange.

I tried copy-pasting the code again and republished my blog, without making any modifications whatsoever (like, I haven't placed my own links yet, etc--I used the code as is). Then I tried posting a comment myself (I tried posting four, actually), but it still says "NO COMMENT," even after refreshing the page. Help please! :)

Have you disabled the captcha?

Great work!

Love the template...but I would like to chage the top banner. Is that possible?

Is there anyway I can get just the code for your comment/email post system?

I have a Template for everybody.

The url is here

It must be edited, not is a "Plug and play" template, but if someone use the template or variations in this template (just as, by example) his blog will be linked at

I like that template Eugenio, even though I can't understand Spanish (yet)
It's nice to see a three column skin.
I hope to keep a link to the template author after I have replaced most of the links with mine.
Thanks for posting :)

Disabling the captcha fixed my comments! Thank you!

best blogger theme I've seen.
Does anyone know how to make it into 3 columns?
The css has tweaks for 3-column, but I can't change widths in blogger. Is there anyway to do this?

i have a problem with one of your new template that is based on typepad...
the problem was with the Word Verification so i have modify some of the code so that you can add it as a small hack if you want ...
any way the link is :
you have to add it to the comment form ..
best regards

Doesn't work with IE.

its working fine with FIREFox...
and i didnt test it with IE ...
but i will ...

its working greate with Stuipid IE

Ok, thanx, I have IE7, I will try further before make changes.

contact me :

remember to remove the [removespam]

Woow, its a great template
thaks bro.. :D

i mad a litle bit change with your tempalte..
cek this out :

ups, sorry...a litle bit mistake type :D
I mean made not.."mad"

sorry and thanks..

I've been working on the comments code for a day or so and still can't get it to work for IE 6, which is the browser that most of my readers seem intent on using.

Any fixes for this?

Drop me an email if you have one.


Love the template, but is there any way to get rid of the "BSUID=1; FRQSTR=18786310|18786310|18786310|18786310|18786310; WIDYMD=#32558:EIS#; KIDYMD=#196723:EISA#" that appears in the Name and Website fields of the comments section?

That's happened with Safari-based browsers .

i installed this template but up on red title bar appears this characters: ]]>
Only wiewing with Firefox. IE not appear. Can you solucionate this? thanx for all

up of red title bar, not in the bar

im discovered this can be for de google bar. I believe the template doesn't support. I like the google bar. Can you help me please

Well, the most liberal possible comment settings have comments working- thanks- but now another problem has arisen: about half an inch of light blue is showing above the banner in Firefox with ]]> in the middle of it. Any idea what's going on? I first noticed it when I upgraded to Firefox 1.07, but now it shows in 1.06, too- and in 1.5 Beta.

The problem doesn't appear in IE.

Well, I have comments working by using the most permissive possible comment options- thanks- but now a half an inch light blue space appears above the read banner with ]]> in white in the middle.

This problem first showed up tonight when I upgraded to Firefox 1.07, but now it also shows in 1.06 and 1.5 Beta. It does not show up in IE. Reinstalling the template seems not to help. Any ideas?

Blogger has changed the NavBar Code, I have solved the problem.

I have the same problem... Please ideas

Here's the answer.

Thanks- but there's an even easier way.

Go to "Change the Blogger Navbar" dropdown menu on your template page... and choose "off!"

I believe this action isn't posible if you have your blog hosted in blogger. I can't desactivate but with this template doesn't appear.

You believe wrong. It's a drop-down menu. You simply select "off." I did it. You can to. Just go to the template page, and use the drop-down menu for "Change the Blogger Navbar." Nothing simpler.

BTW, if you want to see the result, just click on my name.

You can, too, I should say. It's 2:16 in the morning, and I can't spell! ;)

The template you've choose is garantee "100% NavBar-Free"

First the comments had the "BSUID=1; FRQSTR=18786310|18786310|18786310|18786310|18786310; WIDYMD=#32558:EIS#; KIDYMD=#196723:EISA#" stuff in the Name and Website boxes on IE and Firefox. Then it went away. Now it's back in Firefox, but not IE.

Any solutions?

Can't get the captcha to work. Tried the fix posted by Linux Juggler... Does anyone have it working?

visit my site. I uses this look cool!

How do I delete unwanted or spam comments?

Just logon to blogger, then select view blog, go to the comment you want to delete and click on the trash can.

could you make some bright color theme? I love all your other themes

Hey! Love the new look! Glad to see you back in action! I've used tons of your templates in the past and learned some nifty little hacks from you as well! :)

But I will say that on your templates, because you copy/paste, all your "Remember me?"s are mispelled :( You could call it your trademark!

Even with this, I still love your ideas! They've always worked well for me and you are very creative and talented - and sweet to do this for people who don't know much about this kind of thing. Wonderful! :)

Thanks for all, I corrected all the 'Remenbers' in the codes...

Is possible use this template with the normal comment system???
Just use the visual template???

I want continue use the normal way to comment me, but with your template. Is it possible???

Does anyone know the code so that each post will have the

"posted by..." content at the bottom.

This is a fantastic design. I dig the color scheme a lot, and I had to use it for my blog. Does anyone know why "NSC_cmphhfs-fyu=0a1401030050" pops up in the Name/Website fields when a blogspot memeber tries to leave a comment on this templated page?

i used this template and i love it! but some of my friends commented that the the comment words like" posted by" and the name of the comment author are too dark and the comments i get for the post looks like one big comment, how can i change the color of the words"posted by" i tried but couldn't figure out the code :(

I have a similar problem as Alejo. I want to use this template, but with the regular blogger comment system.

Is it possible???

Hopefully mine will not turn into the "how-did-you-get-comments-to-work-with-this-template" blog.

The steps are:

1) Make sure your settings permit everybody to comment.
2) Turn off the picture for the commenter's Blogger identity.
3) Turn off verification.

If any of these are omitted, comments will not work on any of the templates in this series.

Please e-mail at the Blog e-mail listed on the above blog. I've tried asking several questions but they will not go through. As you will see, I use your Template and only have a few more lines of code I would like to include. Thank you.

Sorry. I had changed my e-mail and did not know it was not working. It is now fixed. Thank you for your time and energy because I really like this Template...

I was wondering how I could use the standard comments page instead of the modified comments page?

Can anyone tell me how to add navbar code to this template?
Thank you!

I've been using this template for about a week now (maybe a bit less) and I've noticed that NONE of my newest articles are searchable on blogspot or google's blog search. Is this happening to anyone else?

Thank you so much. I was freaked out at the prospects of doing this on my own, but after some careful back up and bit the bullet and it worked great! You're very gracious to let us use your work.

Great template...

I might be missing something here (still learning on the htmls tweaking)...I realise that when I click on my earlier post, the side bar shows up at the bottom. How to ensure that it the side. Thanks

I wish this game in a 3 column design.


love the template!

could you tell me how to change the colour of the red title banner, though, please?

email me:

or leave a comment on my blog- preferably the latter.


I see you've changed the way in which people make comments. I love the template but unfortunately some strange writing appears in the name and website fields when using Firefox. I noticed that several people have inquired about this before. Can you advise? Any help would be appreciated.

I'm using this template now and I think it's tremendous. Thank you, Blogger Templates, for teaching me about loving my blog... again.

Take a gander if you'd like.

Please, frustration is the word of the hour. How can I change fonts? Fonts for the entire blog or a font for a new post. As for a new post span class does not seem to work. Olease help.

the code isn't showing up. where can i get it?

Thanks for this beauty!

Looks neat and cool, I'm going to try it. My blog needs a new look.

How do you change the picture? The one in the upper-right corner?

Started to use this on my blog.
Looks, and works just wonderfully.

Great work. I am using it with little tweaking. Check it out at

thanks. i love this one.

how can I make the sidebar a bit larger? help, please


thanks for the template, i just transferred to blogger and your template was an incentive!

I love this template, thanks!

One question, though. Why is it that my blog (which uses this template) occassionally loses all its formatting and reverts to texts only?

The formatting comes back eventually, but I don't understand why this happens from time to time.

This template was a Blessing... after searching 100s & 100s of Sites & 1000s of Template I finally found one good Template.. Thanks a Million! Keep the Good work Going.

In Firefox, which I use, the font is perfectly fine. In IE, it's absolutely gigantic! How can I fix this?!

Super. I use it on but, how to add my pic on right top? and how to add a third column on left?

Why have you ripped off this blog design from TypePad? You know you don't have permission to use this design. Why don't you try something novel and actually design something yourself instead of ripping off other people's work.

Hey.. Does anyone know how to increase the font size? If yes, PLEASE mail me at or respond to the comment.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Does anyone know how to (1) increase the font size and (2) change the default font color for the daily postings?

If so, email us.

Thanks :-)

Does anyone know how to change the background image?

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

hi, thanks for the neat template, i'm using it now! however there's a small problem i've encountered. it appears as though that tables are having a high amount of space left above it. sorta like a 50pixel margin of sorts above it.

i've tried looking at the css, can't really discover what's causing this. is anybody having the same problem?

would appreciate any help =p

This is a very nice template, and I thank you very much for bringing it into my arms. Have a glimpse at my blog and see what you think of my usage, or if you have any suggestions at all:
A Wet Bird Never Flies At Night

i need to know how can i let the commento apear in a emergent window?, sorry for my english, i will waiting for ur answer, thanks.

como puedo hacer ke los comentarios aparescan en una ventana emergente en ves ke me envie al link del post?!?!?

Hi! I'm new to this Blogger Templates changes, and I have a question. It's possible to put a Image in the title instead of the Letter?
Can someone teach me this?

Sorry for beeing such a pain in the *** ;)

I can't thank-you enough! I love this template, and it was so easy. If you'd like to see it finished:

Thanks again!


Gorgeous template, thanks!!

thanx a bundle!!!

helped a great deal in making my blog look more organized.



Is there a way to change the color of the top area like from red to blue?

it doesn't list who posted a post on blogs with multiple users.


Thank you for this wonderful template. My site looks so much better now. I have one tiny error though: [an error occurred while processing this directive] tha appears before and after my link list.

Any ideas how to fix this?

Thanks again!

hello~ is it possible to change the header?? i'd like to put a picture there instead, i just don't know the code to change it.

Wow. im sorry, this template is great and all, but you totally ripped this off from a friend of mine, who designed it at least 3 months before you.

nvm, i've found the code to change the header. :) but is it possible for me to change the link colours? like when you hover over them?

Hi! =]

I'd like to say thanks to the group/individual who made this template. I'm currently using it on my blog. Thanks. More power.

Nice copy of typepad template, BUT do you have permission to hotlink to TYPEPAD'S original CSS stylesheet? If you DO have permission, you should post a credit stating so. Otherwise, you really need to put the CSS code directly inside the blogger template. The other con about hotlinking is that the style can't be tweaked for individual users.

Beautiful template, just love it. I just wanted to know something. It's possible to make the commentaries in differente colors? like the name of the person to orange or something like that? I think thtat everything in gray, becomes al ittle confused after a lot of comments.

TIA and thanks a a lot,


I recently started using Beckett and it looks great.

however, suddenly my main page has all the type in the orange header size & colour?!?!?

Is it something about my browser (I have the same problem in IE & Firefox)

Maybe somebody could visit the page and let me know if they have the same effect on their browser:


thanx for any help!

How can I create expandable post summaries? When i put the codes ( , it doesnt work

how about the banner? did anyone changed it sucessfully? i tried by many ways and couldn't change de red "bar"/banner neither input a pic instead of it :(

To change the banner, this is what I did...

I deleted the code that begins with Banner, replaced it with my img src url in between div tags, then carried on with the original code that begins with pagebody.
You can check it out at

Now - has anyone figured out how to change the background image? I'm afraid that's buried in the hotlink to Typepad.

This is a great template - just started using it for my second blog It's My Virtual News-Stand


This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Sorry about the previous post. I just wanted to say that this particular template was mega! And it works well with my theme.

how can i change the background ?

Ok, now I seem to be having a problem.

I've been using this template for about a week. And so far I've had about 45 comments. But today, I posted a couple.

Now, the comments visible in the box where you post your reply. However, it will not show them attached to the article. What's with this?

This just recenly happened.

love the template . . .

however, the text in my posts are not showing up white . . . any suggestions ?

yo this one is da bomb! rock on dudes!

How can I change the Profile picture display on this template to thumbnail view?

How do I chang the font size? Please respond soon if you can...


This template, like all the others in this blog, SUCKS!!!!

this template is not found at this moment, what happend???

doesn't works! buaaaaa!

Great template and it is really easy to customize.

For those having problems, you either don't know what you are doing or don't know anything about css/html in blogger. In which case, it would be best to stick with the templates from blogger instead.

Your questions can be easily answered through google searches. Quit asking why things don't work. If it doesn't it is probably you did something wrong.

To see how I changed it, go to here .

Is there any way to increase the page body width of this template? I would want it a little wider, but am not sure how to change that.


hello! i love it! thank you!

Hey my template is doooooown.

The CSS coding is kept by this dude's sevrer so this is why you guys can't view your blogas you might do normally.

He or she will probably have th eissue resolved shortly. It is something to do with the site having exceeded its bandwidth limit.

Lets just all hope and pray that it is resolved quickly andthat it NEVER happens again.

Great teplate by the way

Hey my template is doooooown to.....plz help! THX for the great template....

Great template! Using it now, thanks!!! XDXD

I really love this template, but unfortunately, the pop up comments don't work. I've checked it on blogger but if you click on comments, the comments appear in the same window, not very comfortable.
Any ideas?