Author: Dave Shea


I like this template. =)

But I like the existing comments page of Blogger (the one where the Blogger user pics are displayed next to the comments, and where the comment poster's name is a hyperlink to that comment poster's Blogger profile). Can you give the code for this template which uses Blogger's comments page? =)


I really want a really funky and hip blog template, but I can't find any anywhere. I've tried to play with my own template...but I'm still not super excited about it. So maybe and idea for your next design could be something really funky and upbeat. I love pink and bright colours. Check out my blog.

Pink is not funky.

this is a nice template. i like the backaground texture. But i'm looking for somthin like the minimalist, with the possibility to put and chenge every month, a photp in the title header. Nice going...

oh that one is also one of the best Designs for Blogger.
Can you do me (or us) a favour and make please one blogdesign with the menu on the LEFT side of the blog. Only one please. Like this blog here, also this colours gray and... are very good! Please make one with menu on the left - please, please! Thank you.

wow. i like this theme a lot. but i really like how the comment form is. can you possibly post the code for the comment form so that everyone can us it? thanks

can you make this in greybackground and white just like it is here only opposite

great works.

Hi! I am from brazil.
I think in translate the blogger templates templates and the site for portuguese, to expand the number of visits, and use yours templates in the blogger from brazil(the codes have differences).
Sorry by my english. I'm starting to learn.
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Any possibility of you making a K2 themed template for Blogger?

Liked your Kubrick conversion, but K2 looks even better :)

Hi there,

Really nice design - very, very cool.

I am having a problem, however, making the comments work. It's not actually working with Blogger at all and I've tried to install haloscan, but that's not working either.

Would you be possibly able to give me the code using haloscan as the comments format? Or failing that, let me know how I can get it to work with Blogger...?


I've got enough inspiration from this site. Well I've dedicated a blog for blogger templates as well. I'm pretty new to this, but I'd be giving free templates with all I can, all original. :)
Blog in Blogger

Another great looking template on which "comments" doesn't work.

They're working actually, but YOU MUST allow everyone to comment.

how do i resize the fonts? i tried but failed

I the comment way and stuff I just love this layout and al of them you make.

The templates offered at the site were just suggestive and hence weren't enough. I was too lazy to create one on my own. Your's are upbeat, classy and convincing.... Great job! I have taken the code from you, modified it a little to match my theme. Thanks for the good work :-))

Does anyone know the code so that each post will have the

"posted by..." content at the bottom?

I want to change my blog template but I am scared that I could lose everything. If I make a backup at my actual template it's OK or I must do the backup at the entire blog?

It's all right, all the entries & comments are saved by Blogger

Awesome design!! I'm using it right now. Thanks for making it.

Just a question... I received word from one of my readers that they can not comment. I always allow all comments, so there's no restrictions on who can comment.

Any ideas on how I can fix this? I love the design and would hate to not be able to use it.

Cheers Mate!

Nevermind... Figured it out. I had WORD VERIFICATION on.

NOTE TO BLOGGER PEOPLE: You must turn Word Verification OFF in addition to allowing ALL comments!

Hopefully mine will not turn into the "how-did-you-get-comments-to-work-with-this-template" blog.

The steps are:

1) Make sure your settings permit everybody to comment.
2) Turn off the picture for the commenter's Blogger identity.
3) Turn off verification.

If any of these are omitted, comments will not work on any of the templates in this series.

gracias, necesitaba algo mas formal...buen trabajo

im unable to resize or change font... is there a way to force them to show up differently? (size, font style)

i use blogjet btw and i wud like to use different size and font style wen posting..

I have been a fan of your templates for quite a while, but I really enjoy this layout. However, I wish the background wasn't black and the text was white. I find that it hurts my eyes.

I was wondering if it is possible in the future to keep the same layout (i.e. brackets around the headers, borders on the columns, etc), but apply it to the Kubrick design or make the background white instead.

Thanks for your hard work.

I used the 'Beckett' template for one of my blogs and loved it, espically the fact that it doesn't use the blooger navbar. Now I've tried the 'Folio' template for another of my blogs and the navbar is included. Why is this?

It's difficult to read my Comments. Is there a way I can maybe put an * before each comment to distinguish each comment.

This is a great template. I am currently using it (with a few modifications) and I love it. All the functions work properly, including all of the comments with the 'Word verification'. Here is to a job well done.

I am new to templates and love the one here. Is there a way to make the whole text part of the template (including profile areas and posting areas) wider so I can add a mini poll box?

thanks for the template....great work!

I love the template the black background looks great with colored text in my posts. Could some one please help me to change the color of my blog title from the grey color to blue. Im driving myself crazy looking for the answer how to do it.

I use this on my blog and am wondering how 2 turn the background white can u help?

Awesome template, thank you for all your efforts!

Why can't I get adsense ads to work in this template/

How do you cope with the spam that comes when you turn off word verification???

I wish I could fix that because the template is sweet looking.

I take it is impossible to do the template, comments working with word verif. or you would have done it already am I right??

best templates on the net, thanks!

Why have you ripped off this blog design from TypePad? You know you don't have permission to use this design. Why don't you try something novel and actually design something yourself instead of ripping off other people's work.

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i like this template. all works fine with it including comments and word verification.

Um how do i get this to work in livejournal??? Can someone email me the answer at ?? Thanks bunches!

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Used Beckett for a while, and now I've switched to this. However, I notice that, the navbar having been removed, there is now a rather large space at the top of the blog. Can this be fixed, the navbar put in, or something?

BTW, thanks for your great work. I finally did figure out how to make "comments" work! Allyou had to do was explain it to me several times, and even I got it! ;)

On second thought... is there just any way to reduce the space between the top of the banner and the top of the page a little? It's bigger on my blog than in the screenshot, and it doesn't look as good (better than the navbar, though!)

For ghostly reasons I don't like dark templates. But this one is still good. One thoing missing here is blog description. If you can add blog description or H2 header than this one too is good.

Other than allowing anybody to comment, are there any specific settings for comments that are necessary with this template in order for comments to work?

do you have the three column style for blogger one. You can have an idea from

hi, I use this template at my blog (blogspot), but I can´t put the comments to work. I´ve already allowed everyone to comment, but they still doesn´t work.
can you help me?


would like to have this template with internal css - my skills do not reach building external css all on my own.

Lovely! I'm using it for my blog now. Thank you!

Merci pour ce beau thème qui correspond exactement à ce que je recherchais pour mon nouveau blog.

J'ai récupéré les deux feuilles de style de typepad (existe t-il un risque qu'elles disparaissent?).

Faut-il utiliser les deux si l'on veut les inclure dans le code du thème? Au cas où...



hey can anyone help me? I type the cde into my blog and it shows under my preview but then after i publish it, my blog seems exactly the same as before!?

This template works great for what we want to do. However, we cannot get the comment section to work on Blogger. Is there a code i need to replace to get this to work?

Hello there
am using firefox to view this page and am having difficulties to get the codes
how can i have it

thanks in advance