K1 Black

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Selamat Datang........!!!!!!!!!!

The blue links seem a bit odd, but the rest looks good. Nice work!

nice layout, I've been using it at my blog on

No you're not. At least not yet anyway.

I want to change the blue colour for links, archives, etc... by a grey colour. Where in the code can i change that?
Thanks a lot.

change code here for link color.

Oh wow - this sooooo cool. No bloody nav bar @ the top - excellent design. Cheers!!!

how do i replace the "your image here" sign with a picture or logo of my own?

Very easy: just look for this at the top of the page.


Then upload your new image to the internet and change this link to your own image.

#header-k2{background-image: url(; background-color:white}

Simple comme bonjour ;-)

Any time I try to add things like a site meter or any additional things onto the sidebar, all the links change and become smaller, anyway to fix this? It even happens when sitemeter installs it.

i was using this layout on my blog - but now I've changed it again

Thanks for the template, really nice. I especially like how the blogger crap is gone from the top. As for that problem I was having, I fixed it. If anyone else has the same problem... this is what I did...

Alteration to Blog template... my fix

.secondary{font:1em/1.5em 'Lucida Grande', Verdana, Arial, Sans-Serif;padding:10px 0;margin:0 0 20px 71%;width:26%;color:#666;_margin-left:0;_margin-right:-117%;_width:28%}

For some reason adding on 117% set the column back to normal and allowed me to add in all my stuff

I've made a new blog -

If someone write a comment on my page, it doesn´t show at all. I tried to update and look at the page in both Explorer and Firefox. What´s the problem

im having troubles with comments, they does not appear, what happens? try on the sample "fully functional"

i'm trying to upload a picture to my blog (using this template), however the picture (where the 'your image here') doesn't appear. DOes it HAVE to be 760 x 200 in size?

the comments aren't appearing, my readers are complaining!

Allow everyone to comment and disallow Captcha (Word Verification)

bless you Y€$!

how do you moved the comment link from the side of the topic's title to the end of the topic that you wrote?

Well then. Great templates and all that stuff. I'm an admirer of Michael Heilemann's work for a long time, I was using Kubrick and now I've switched to K2.

My issue is: comments. In order for them to work you have to set Word Verification off. Problem is, blogger sometimes get's infected with spam. Is there a fix for this issue, so that you can have functioning comments with word v. activated? Is anyone working on this.

Also: I haven't figured out how to change "1 comments" to "1 comment". Is there a way to correct this. There must be, since Michael Heilemann's Binary Bonsai and other K2 blogs don't have this problem.


How do I get the posted time and date to show up on a blog entry instead of just the time? Thanks a bunch.


I love the template, however now and I am using it, or at least trying to, however now when I want to make a new post I do not have the option of giving it a title, how do I change fix it so when I am posting through I can set a title for each post?

I have upload my image to imageshack but it takes for ever for the image to be upload onto my blog. Any pointers?


GREAT template, thanks!!!

I have a couple problems, both probably as a result of me screwing around with things I don't understand, but...

1) The actual blog text and photos don't show up in IE on a mac. I've tested macs with Safari, Netscape and Firefox as well as PCs with IE and Firefox and it shows up fine on them. Just doesn't work on mac OS10 IE.

2) I'd like the linked pages to pop up on top of (Go Live calls it "blank") instead of popping up instead of the existing page.

3) Also is there a way to have the blog pop up in a specific size window instead of filling the whole screen?

Thanks for you help!


I have the same issue as Billdozer regarding IE on Mac.

terima ksih, saya coa nanti ya

I absolutely love the look of this template. Is there code available or any plans to make the comments a little more blogspot-friendly? I'd like to take advantage of verification, for example. Perhaps a redirect to the blogger default comments page (so that profile pix are visible).

Great job.

I think I'll try this one now, because it has a banner.

Hi! I would like to know how to make the black part of the table go to the bottom of my posts rather than cut off early. Any advice?


don't really know what was wrong, but I fixed my problem I posted about earlier. I've managed to change font sizes, colors, put in times, make the date bigger, etc. Now I'm dreaming of the day when we don't get that comment gibberish in Firefox, but other than that, I'm TOTALLY THRILLED with this template and I'm using it now. Thanks so much for your work on it, and thanks for making it available for our use.

i think this will be my template for a long time. looks nice with my custom banner and all.

Really great template! I use the Greek alphabet encoding. That does not seem to ba a problem in the posts, readers can not read the commnents.

What should I add or delete to the code so that I can use the greek encoding for the comments?

Thank you in advance,


Hello, thank you for this template, is realy great!! Im only try to change the te color of the post title. whow can i do that?!

Thank you again!!

Very nice work! Thank you!

it's very nice

hi, nicely designed...

just a question: could you provide codes for how to incorporate the flash-based flickr album onto the right hand panel of this layout?

ideally, i think a position would be just beneath all the links, archives, etc.

mc the look of this; i'm tweaking a bit, and i added a divider bar between comments, but i can't quite figure out why there's a white box around it...could you give me a guess as to how to rid myself of this damnable border?


This is really a nice template; i'm almost done with the customization, it requires time but is worth it.

But, always appear a but; i have 2 mistakes:

1.- When someone go to my previous posts & archives my background image doesn't appear =S In the main page it does but when click for archives or previous doesn't...

2.- My haloscan comments works nice but in archives and previous posts (again these...) only appear blogger comments.

* Have anyone go trough this? Or someone can figure it put what's going on here?

I hope some feedback to fix this...

Thanks everyone,

First time for me to edit a template. it was such breeze.

Beautiful template, no content yet..lmaoooo

Thank you.

i want to display the comments as a footer and not as a header next to the post title, can u tell me where i can edit that??

except for that small thing, the template is awesome, brilliant, especially the blue on black,

I am having a lot of trouble putting in the header. I don't know how much code already in to take out for the url. I only keep getting a white space even though it says its dl from image shack. this is my code:

I would be very grateful for any help from anyone.


I would like to use this template but I can't figure out where to set the image size? My image is a little small for the header, so I need to stretch it, but setting the width and height doesn't seem to work. Maybe I am doing it in the wrong place?

Hello, I have some problems with the comments. I want to know how the number of the commentary is published; in addition I want to know how a personal message is written in these. Thanks.

Hola, tengo algunos problemas con los comentarios. Quiero saber cómo se edita el número del comentario; además quiero saber cómo se escribe un mensaje personal en éstos. Gracias.

(N. B.: mi idioma materno es el español; si alguien lee esto y habla esta lengua, sería de gran ayuda que me respondiese en castellano. Gracias.)

Hi dreamweaver,
if you have Adobe photoshop then you can set image size ove there
but you din't have PS then you go to >>ms paint>>Ctrl+E>>set attributes to 760x200 pixels>>then resize it>>that's it

if anyone have problem with storage of pix then he can go to>>creat post>>click icon for uploading image>>uplaod it>>copy the path>>that's it

SaCreD MaTriX

This is a team blog. But somewhere in the transition, I lost the neat list of contributors. How do I fix it?


real nice work, and easy to use

I am using this template, and I like it, could you help me figure out how to get a list of my blogs contributors to appear with links to thier profiles?

The comments won't work....

Jason @- to get the contributors name jus follow the following steps -
I'm using regular brackets you have to change it with triangular one
Just find the about me place replace

(li)I'm ($BlogOwnerNickname$)
(li)From ($BlogOwnerLocation$)(/li)

with following codes-

(!-- Begin #sidebar --)

(div id="sidebar")

(!-- Begin #profile-container --)


(!-- End #profile --)

KI @- to have comments

follow the steps are:

1) Make sure your settings permit everybody to comment.
2) Turn off the picture for the commenter's Blogger identity.
3) Turn off verification.

If any of these are omitted, comments will not work on any of the templates in this series.

yoooooo wazz uppppppp!!!!

follow the steps are:

1) Make sure your settings permit everybody to comment.
2) Turn off the picture for the commenter's Blogger identity.
3) Turn off verification.

If any of these are omitted, comments will not work on any of the templates in this series.

I hace make that steps, and dont work properly :(

I really like this template but it just doesn't work with my system.

I hear ya it gave me problems too, which is too bad I liked the set up.

great template.

quick question though
when people post comments the page does not automatically refresh. does anyone know what i can do to make this happen?


I realize now that I was hosting on my own FTP.
So when I post a comment I have to physically refresh the page.

Any ideas if there is something I can change so as to fix this?

How do I get rid of where the number of comments is? Right now, it's up at the top beside my posts title, as it is on the K1 black template. I want it at the bottom of my post.

why can't the author fix all these bugs you mention and release a final version?

i agree. im not going to turn off word verification and allow anonymous commenters just to have the blogger templates comment system. its too bad, really. other than that, its a good template.

I love the format and took it on as my own, however I've got two questions.

Some people have suggested that the type is hard to read, so is there a way to make the text on the main page 20-30% larger?

Also, I use a comment service instead of blogger's and would like to disable the default comment system in favour of the TheirSay! system.

I'm sure the first is easier to correct than the second. If need be, you can email me at hacksandwonks-[nospam]-gmail...

I can show you the exact code I had to replace to make TheirSay! my default on the main page.

It's only the permalink pages that I still have the other comments.

i love this tempalte.. i'm using it ( but how do i remove those crappy blue clour of the links??

i mean .. when u put an image instead of text for the links

Love this template. Am planning to use it too. I would like to change the fonts though. Where do I change them?

Plus, can someone teach me how to put borders or line breaks in between entries and sections in the sidebar. Something like the ones in Minima Black would be nice. Thanks in advance! :)

I used your template and when the window to write the comments appears in the place where we leave a reply in the NAME and WEBSITE windows appear:
BSUID=1; FRQSTR=18881986|18881986|18881986|18881986|18881986; WIDYMD=#31061:EKY#; KIDYMD=#203064:EKYA#
May I do something to fix this?
Thankx :)

I love your template. I have a little problem when I pass the mouse icon over the title image it flashes and sometimes turns to white

Great Template!

Comments fixed now, mostly.

I would also like to add word verification (or at least combat comment spam and viruses).

Is there a way to have comments emailed directly to me, like in blogger?



Apologies. Email notification works fine (though slowly, I think).

I may be the only one with this request, but can the blogger bar be added without causing too much trouble (and still be functional... searching, etc.)?


I want to increase the size of the page background. How do I go about doing that? Please help.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Hi there! Your layout really caught my attention and now I have changed to this. Btw, my site is @ Would really like to see more new nice designs coming from you. Tc!

I'm using it in my blog but the black background doesn't fit with all the messages.

Where is the script error?


Cool blog layout, using for my site.

i'm also using it in my blog!

The Blog

anyone knows how to put a white border around the bckgrnd of the main page? the black bckgrnd that is. thanks

@ faridz7 :

just find #page{background:#fff;text-align:left;margin:20px auto;padding:10px;position:relative;width:760px;_width:720px;border:2px solid #ddd;}

i'd written in bold.... i think u know now what you have to do....
just add ;border:2px solid #ddd;}

SaCreD MaTriX

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

yup that is, i didnt put the colon thats why it didnt work earlier. thanks very much rajesh

HELP! I really like this template, but the blue links are killing me. I tried to find the bit of code that was suggested to change, and can't find it anywhere. anyone else know how to do this?

hey, awesome template, so simple i love it. played around with the links abit, added my own banner.. its gorgeous, thank you so much!

I know this is GETTING WAY OFF THE SUBJECT! but does any one her know how to add a videos to blogs?

You can also make a smaller picture fit by using black, instead of white where you paste the picture jpeg. Thanks I have used your template twice, God Bless.

how do you add your banner?

1.) Any idea why my sidebar keeps getting bumped to the bottom:

2.) How do I remove the comment counter by the headline?

@ Brian : hi... happy new year..

1. Any idea why my sidebar keeps getting bumped to the bottom:
Ans: well if use bigger picture in your'll get bumped to the bottom.. i don't know the exact size but my experience syas that it you use more than 400-500 width of picture then it'll bumped downwards... well to avoid it just reduce the width of the picture..

2.How do I remove the comment counter by the headline?

Ans: to remove it just find the following codes..

[BlogItemCommentsEnabled][span class="metalink"][a href="[$BlogItemPermalinkURL$]#comments"][$BlogItemCommentCount$] [span]comments[/span][/a][/span][/BlogItemCommentsEnabled]

i've used "[" brackets instead of trangular brackets,you will find that with in triangular brackets.... just find it and remove the whole code....

Rajesh Kumar Rana
SaCreD MaTriX

I'm using your layout at my blog on

I would like to know why is that the images I insert appear with a white border line?

Is the layout code or just my unexperience?


well there is a code for border in style sheet which you can remove if you don't want any border.....

I'm using a modified version of this template on my site.

The only thing I would like to know is how can I make "comments" appear next to the comment number. Thanks.

never mind, I found it.

Hi where is the code that lets me add the word comments next to my posts like pablo was asking?

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Makasih ya...
Aku coba nih!!!!

Aromas, Senora: I have the same problem (in the boxes for comments and e-mail this posts) There's a text in the box for name and website or email.
And I have the same question. Any fixes?


hey! i love this skin cuz it's so neat. i did a bit of tweaking to the comments (under your 'personalize comments' tip), but now i can't see any comments!


if you can please mail me at chocolatebubbles {a} gmail {dot} com

thanks a million!

[the blogskin is on]

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

On my sidebar, every line begins with a bullet. How can I remove them?

Does anyone know how to add the blogger navbar back to the top of this template?


Is ist possible to integrate the

I put the code in but the "links to this post" function is not working!
Thank you in advance! :-)

well, I'm loving how this looks except for two things. I want to make the "comments" text smaller, I'd love to put it under each post AND the actual word "comments" dosn't show until you mouse-over in Mozilla, rather just the number. My blog is here.
Any help would be much appreciated!!

Best template ever!

y try to post on mi site but i cant,i use this template, i hope some body can help me. thx.

i can't get my haloscan comments to work. help!

Ryan, I had to undo the auto0install and redo it using the step-by-step version.

HOWEVER, it seems that a few people are still seing the default comment link, rather than my haloscan ones-- any insight there, anyone?

link seems to be down for a long time now been waiting for it to go up but no luck :( would like to request if its possible for you to post the code somewhere else. hope to see this template up and running ^__^

can i fix the comment adding to be just the normal way of instead of that lame easy faked way

how do you drop in a music player???

I love the template. But I do have a couple of questions. How do I turn on word verification? It doesn't seem to work with this template. The other is how to delete comments posted on the site. I'm so lost! thanks!

this template fitted exactly with the look i wanted
i've hacked the layout and added some RSS stuff and it works a treat
thanks to the coder

This is an absolutely wonderul series of templates. They look great. I've used them for some time.

But I'm about to stop. The problem is that using them forces me to turn comment moderation off.

I have no idea whether this feature of this series is an inadvertent bug, or whether some sort of cockeyed free speech statement is intended, but there are just too many malicious and hostile people, and too many spammers and simple idiots, to leave onesself open to them. As great as this template series is, and as much as I've loved using it, the price is just too high.

I apologize for my earlier comment, which I can't seem to find. I'm staying with this series a bit longer, since it appears that maybe spam can be controlled by removing posts. I think.

But how restrictive can the comments settings be, anyway, if the comments are still going to work? Or, to put it another way, other than letting anybody comment, are there any comment settings that will prevent comments from working in templates in this series?

The whole thing COMPLETELY messed UP my podcast to the point where the sidebar had HUGE fonts (when & where there weren't links) and the actual posts were NOWHERE to be found ANYWHERE on the page.

This template DEFINATELY needs to redone.

I'm sorry... :(

i think it's cool.. used it and loved it.. =D changed the header to a red on ^^

^0^ this template was a lifesaver when i screwed up my last template

i love it! thank you so much...

Nice blog! I'm adding it to my favorites!
This is the coolest layout :)
Greetings from Portugal

So far my new templete works AWESOME Thank you, only thing I would like to change is putting the comments and trackbacks at the end of the post. how can I do that. any ideas?

This template is awesome.

I just hope I was a little better in drawing or photoshopping cause my top image isn't really good looking but still. That's the one I am using and I will keep for long.

Simple and good looking template. Congrats and Thank You !

if someone want to check what it's look like.

great layout! i use it for my c++ programming site

my questions is how i insert keyword and meta tags since i see this fileds in template?

is it positive to add this and how?


ok i dont like how it doesnt say comment on there unless u mouse over to the number comments. it only shows a number!!! how to fix this?!

if ppl visit how will they know where to comment or even kno that they could comment to the post? gota think about the ppl that dont use the internet a lot.

other then that i love this template

just one more problem, now i have some unwanted comments on my blog how do i delte them? don't see no delete link??

I'm totally diggin this template and I'm using and crediting it. Awesome job. :)

Thanks, I used this template for my page, I love the banner.

first of all thank you for the template, It's very nice...

I have the following error in my blog and I don't know repair it. By
default, the name and website on the comments are:

Can someone help me ???

My blog is Historias del
Dia a Dia

Well, I tried to drop a cbox on the sidebar and I don't know what happens. Sometimes the cbox does not show. Sometimes the problem's in the banner. Sometimes are both. Is it a problem with the code or something related to my security settings?

Anyways, I made some minor modifications to the template when implemented it on my blog. It's very nice, congratulations.

ok i love this template and i have gutted it to go minimalisitic but i cannot find the code for the little "home" link right under the banner. Could someone pleasedirect me to it -much appreciated


I switched from a ported version of Benevolence (wordpress theme) to yours as it worked much better in different browsers.
I may do some more editing to make it look more like the original, but you did a wonderful job with this template.

Beautiful theme! I'm using it on my personal blog now.

Hi there,
Loving the 'K1 Black' template, and many thanks for publishing it. I've adapted the header for my own Blog-in-Progress and find that it displays perfectly well in Firefox, but in IE the left and right-hand sides of the header panel are cut off, and partly obscure the lettering I've put there:

Anyone got any idea why this might be?
Best Wishes.

I found this template broken. After adding a comment and pressing the publish button, the page reload but the comment did not appear.
I am using Firefox on mac and it didn't work on PC either.

I found the problem and disable the captcha on the comments setting. Now it works !

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

comments don't seem to work. and i don't have the captcha on mine so i'm not entirely sure what's up. I use firefox, a mac, and blogger.

other than that, i love the template.

Hi there! I'm using this template in my blog, but the side-bar justwent crazy and now it is a bottom-bar, i wonder why is that?
Please give me a hint, tks

I also wasn't able to get the built-in comments here to work in either Firefox or IE, so I pasted the template into Notepad and removed the sections containing the comment code (the two sections, each containing lines between [BlogItemCommentsEnabled] and [/BlogItemCommentsEnabled]).

Now, you can paste script from a third-party commenting service like Haloscan into the desired portions of your template. There might be a way to employ Blogger comment code from another template in a simpler way; I'm working on that right now.

Note: As a safety measure, keep a copy of the original template in case anything goes wrong.

I've just upgraded my blog to this template today with some personal modifications, and have been getting positive results so far.

My blog is:

HI! Using a Mac, having the comment problem that others have mentioned, but haven't seen a solution on this yet..? (Maybe I missed it.) "Comments" only shows up when you mouse over the counter. How do I enable comments to be seen all the time?

Love the template, BTW!

Does anyone know how I can get the links to turn a different colour when the mouse is rolled over them??

I loved this template, I am using it on my blog now. I only have one question if anyone can help, how do I add the title of my blog? When I transitioned to the new look I lost the title. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks for the template! I need to increase the font size of the text in the posts. Currently, it's smaller than I want it to be. How do I increase this every so slightly?

Any update on the comment issue? Can I add the word comment so that readers know where indeed to comment?

I'm using your template and when the window to write the comments appears in the place where we leave a reply in the NAME and WEBSITE windows appear:
BSUID=1; FRQSTR=18881986|18881986|18881986|18881986|18881986; WIDYMD=#31061:EKY#; KIDYMD=#203064:EKYA#
How can I fix it?

Is there a way to add the blogger search command back to the page? It's great for readers to be able to do a search of my site based on keyword. Now that the blogger nav bar is one this feature is no longer available? Please help!

absolutely awesome.

this template's gonna stick around for a long, long time.

whoever you are, you're a genius. thank you.

Why is it that:

1. the header image will flick off and on (being replaced with the background colour when "off") when I move my mouse on and off the image? How do I just get it to stay permanently there?

2. the link for the header image can't be set. (I host my blog on my website, not blogger, and I think it's causing problems).

How can I image map the header..?

I tried to send code however - blogger comments won't allow.

EMAIL me at and I'll send it.

Can't seem to get rid of blue links, archives, and contributor text. Please help!

Also, there are multiple contributors but my posts come out in blue. The others do not.

Does anyone know how I can put a line between the description and the beginning of the blog? I'd like to separate things visually. Sorry, not too versed in HTML yet, but I'm learning slowly.


hi love this template, got the links and everything customized for my colors, but for some reason I can't add new posts. after i write them and publish both the post and the entire blog, i see nothing. what's wrong?

To the person whose comment is just before this one: how did you get all the colors customized, away from that darn blue?


i want to ask how i can put the comment thing AFTER the post, instead of it being on top of the post?? can somebody help me please:)

Comments portion sucks... how do I remove the number and replace with the word "Comment" so people actually know how to leave a comment? Hope that makes sense.

Awesome colors, thanks.

i have a major issue that makes my blog look absolutly ridiculous. When I try to post an entry, there is no title thingy!! Since im using this template, you can imagine it looks ridiculous whith just a number where the title should be. If someone could help?

Great site and a fantastic template! Here's what I've done with it so far

Is there a way to add a left side column without starting all over?

Thanks again!

I insert the code and all and then when I go to "Save Template Changes" and then it says "You must Republish your blog to see the changes".

So I click "Republish" and it goes and does it stuff. Then it says it was successful and then I click "Republish Entire Blog" and it only works for the Index still.

Awesome Template!

Check out my USC Football Blog using this template... looks great. How did you get your links to a color other than blue?

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

here's the comment link code to search:

.secondary .metalink a,.secondary .metalink a:visited,.secondary span a,.secondary span a:visited{color:#888;font-weight:400}

here's the code to search for the rest of the links:

h2 a:hover,h2 span a:hover{color:#27d !important}
.itemtext a:visited{color:#b41}

change each of those color codes to the color code you desire.

Just wanted to say that I've been using this template for a few weeks and have had no trouble with spam comments, even with word verification off.

I have it up and running at

Thanks so much!

As many others have asked here, how do I get the comments to be at the end of the post rather than next to the title? I was able to move them to the bottom, but then the date of the post disappeared. Please help!

This template is really cool... I am using it for some time now ...
but the only problem is that the comment section is on the top and readers get confused while posting :)
They read the post and comment at the comment link at bottom, which actually is the comment link for the previous post ... can we do something about this? For a few posts I provided link for commentin, but cannot do that everytime...looks odd, as if I am forcing them to comment!
Please do help


Hey, I have put on alot of cool yhins on my template. Can I have those on even if I get a thing from your blog? Also, I have NO idea how you get those boxes for peple to Copy-And-Paste. Leve a comment on my blog here.

I'm using the template at it looks great but would love to know how to add the word "comment/comments" after the number representing the comment link. Anyone?

how do i cahnge the your image here text to a text of my own

I really liked the theme.
But i got one problem....
When i use the funktion "backlinks" åäö shows like ???

Its a swedish site and we use åäö a lot.

Please help...

many people asked about how to get back navbar but nobody answered well here is the trick....

just remove the following tag from your style style sheet


you'll find these tags with triangular brackets

after getting back the navbar you'll face the problem of space at the top of the blog..

you can solve that by-

just find the following tag at style sheet

[#page[background:#000;text-align:left;margin:40px auto;padding:10px;position:relative;width:760px;_width:720px]

and increase the margin:20px to 40x or more as your convenince

you can also change the colour of the navbar to suit your blog

just go to template there you'll find Change the Blogger NavBar and choose according to

colour of your blog

SaCreD MaTriX

Thank you so much.. It really helped my blog. Check it out:

Thanks for putting this blog now looks much more interesting than the generic templates out there. Thank you!

For everyone trying to fix the comments issue and/or roll back to the way you posted comments with blogger before, replace everything between the (BlogItemCommentsEnabled) sections with the following code. replace the rounded bracked with the triangle brackets.


(a name="comments")(/a)
(h4)($BlogItemCommentCount$) Comments:(/h4)
(dl id="comments-block")
(dt class="comment-poster" id="c($BlogCommentNumber$)")(a name="c($BlogCommentNumber$)")(/a)
($BlogCommentAuthor$) said...
(dd class="comment-body")

(dd class="comment-timestamp")(a href="#($BlogCommentNumber$)" title="comment permalink")($BlogCommentDateTime$)(/a)
(p class="comment-timestamp")



I tried that code but it won't work. :-(

Any chance to get the complete code including the code above?

I'd be happy.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

OK Sebastian, most of my code is listed here:

How do I change the color of the titles of my posts? Also, how do I change the background color from black to a blue color??

Hi there
I used this template in my blog,Personalized some features, and it is awesome
Yet, when clicking on a separate topic It keeps showing the following code
Links to this post:
<\$BlogBacklinkControl\$> <\$BlogBacklinkTitle\$> <\$BlogBacklinkDeleteIcon\$>
posted by <\$BlogBacklinkAuthor\$> \@ <\$BlogBacklinkDateTime\$>

take a look @ this link for instance

anyone can help me figuring out what's wrong??

the logo 'flashes' when hovering over it in Internet Explorer ? also It doesn't fit ( 760x150 ) in internet explorer, i'm missing +/- 20 pixels ( left an right )

In firefox everything looks just fine...

I fixed the flashing logo problem by removing the cursor options from the line beginning with #header-k2

I removed
and now it's working like a charm :)

Thanx a lot for this great template !

I'll be using it on my weblog

Does anyone know how to place two pictures side by side in the header?

thanks for this work here, nice template. Everythings working for me, except that this black table in the background stops in the middle and is not going to the end of the page....

anyone has any hints ?
tx :-)

How can I get the code for this, your actual site, not any of the ones you've listed?

Here you have an electronic music blog :D with downloads...

Great templates and I adopt it in my blog. Really thanks!

i will use it for my blog. Great template

i will use to for my poetry blogs
Poetry Collection

i just started using this template on our group blog and we love it! thanks! it really makes us stand out once we inserted our logo! everyone check us out at:

it's about missing pop stars, a where are they now type site :)

how can I have the Profile Icon (thumbnail) to be shown ???

Thank you.

excellent template! I altered it a bit for use with blogspot, and fixed the 'comment' issue. Thank you for designing such a flexible and attractive layout!

shameless plug:

I managede the other "problems", but I don't know where do I have to change something to change the colours of my hyperlinks and tho erase the picture borders,or change their colour to black, or whatever it's about estetic :)

And something else. Can u create a help for this(and others) template? Something like "this do that...this do that" and pictures attached, when needed. Or if there is already something like that created, can u direct me to it?

Thanks to Rajesh, Tony and Navi8warrior for sharing their findings with us. I doubt this template would have worked without their help.
Why was this put up so very incomplete?
Thanks Guys!

I had the same comments issue many other bloggers have. But I found that the issue is caused by the way you save the template. DO NOT SAVE IT AS A TEXT FILE. Save it as Rich Text File instead for editing.

The biggest problem with this is that it shows different in mozilla and IE, some of the things that can be seen in mozzilla cannot be seen in IE for example in mozilla, when you hover over the number beside the title the word "comments" pops up. No such thing in IE.
Also in IE the secondary part gets cut off in IE, whereas in Mozilla the proper page breaks are done.
To this minute I cant get it right in my IE.
Pretty template but there's so much you have to do to get it up and running.

I took this template and like it but I've had some complaints about people having trouble commenting. Could someone point me to what I need to do to correct this.
My e-mail is

hi! great template, looks amazing...

just one problem: i can´t get it to work properly on internet explorer (works fine on firefox). do you think someone could give me a hand? my URL is

thanks a million!

I have a question regarding FEEDBURNER

I replaced the ATOM code with the Feedburner code after the "links" in the template. Nothing happened, the ATOM still shows under the links. When I went in the 'Site Feed' under Settings, it shows the Feed Link URL same as before and there's no way to change it.

Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks guys.

Does any one know how to make just the pictures or the text scroll down and the image in the background stays the same .. u know it dosent scroll down /w the page
appreciate ur help

How do you move the comments from the header to the footer? I've seen the question posted many times but kind find the answer!!!! Thanks.

Hey all,

Can anyone tell me how to adjust the comments field size? I would like it to be a little smaller, any ideas???