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wow,c'est bien!

This my dear friend this is what I wanted to have for my blog. And for this template I waited almost a year. Thanks a tonne!

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thank you very much

The distance between lines are too much. Thus it gives the page empty look. Please make the distance shorter some what like THIS.
Thank you
Great template.

This template is excellent.

But the title is not showing up on the pages ? What could be done ?

(Email: redshot at gmail dot com)

Finally Some Real Substance! Great design, very strong spaces

How can I add divider images between my posts?

i hope u don't mind if i make some changes do u? tanx

I've tried to use this template with Haloscan comments; however, the comment link only appears on the main page, and not the individual pages of each blog. Does anyone know where to add the Haloscan code?


This template's coding is a bit wonky. I just tried to use it and a lot of the code is exposed raw HTML.

Yeah, I've tried all the suggestions given on the Haloscan boards, and can't get comments to work properly with this template, unfortunately.


I also tried totally reinstalling the template from scratch, then using the Haloscan automated install. Now I don't have comments are all. Weird.


I fixed the problem. It was extra spaces inserted in the code. Probably my fault. LOL!


I love this template. It's great. I really want to use it -- but I am also having trouble with the title. How do I make it show up?


You can email me at gurdy_pi at yahoo dot com

Sorry, ignore my last comment. The title does show (just not when you're using the preview mode of blogger).

can anybody tell me how to make it so the individual "post titles" come out in bold type. i find them too faint. I need them to stand out enough. Please?

Nice template!


Thanks for this beautiful template!

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I have a little problem.. how can I change the witdh of the template..?? my whole sidebar has gone to the bottom and i dont know how to change it!! can anyone help me?

I was wondering if there was a way to change the font in the comments section?

thank you! i am using this because it is clean and perfect!

I love this template! Thank you.

I hope you don't mind small adjustments made to code.

I'm looking at it and trying to adjust the size of the main entry space to 500...

Any help would be appreciated.

Simplicity is the best.. Look so clean & beautiful.... Thanks so much...
I'm fiddling around with html code (yes, I'm a newbie), I hope you don't mind me making some changes - that is if I could & not screw things up.... :)

thank you for the template.

excellent template. im using it for my private blog. however, how do i lessen the space between the text lines? i just want it to appear slightly more compact. thanks :)

It is really simple.Thanks

aku pengen minimalis template, satu column, tapi yang tampilannya keren trus dibukanya ga pake lama...
pesen satu ya mas???yang spesial pake dua telur...hehehe