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Hi! I found this easy to use. However how do I change the background and font colors?

Great! Can you add more functions with this Photoblog? Like, put free counters for each picture, automatically detect the properties of the picture, etc. Thanks!

hi, i was womdering on how to change the size of the blog title (at the top of the screen) thanks.

Is there a way to add EXIF data to the photos like Pixelpost?

Thanks in advance...


how do I apply this to my MT weblog?

how do I change the comments on my blog like you have here on this template? I would like to stay within the blogger domain and don't want to go through the "trackback". What I am trying to do is change the comments to say "0 comments"; "1 comment" I would like the comments to change as the numbers change. I know that there are ways to do this, but haven't found any sites that explain how they did this. Thank you!

The pictures I upload are very small compared to these ones, why is that? How can I make them to be as big as here?
(my pictures are 1024x768)

hi, i really love all your templates, but the recent one don't appear on my blog--I don't know if it's the template or blogger, but I've republished several times and the new template doesn't show.

I love this template because I can use the larger size photos. There is a problem though. Comment functions are not working. I tried to work with the html and also got support from Blogger Help, but it is NOT working. Help! I want to have people leave comments that I can delete if necessary. Thanks, Alida

how do you insert larger pics into the entries?

Hey, I love your template -Photo blog.
But, I don't know why I have a horizontal scroll bar in my explorer. Some of the article doesn't, but some does.

I have modified this template to my own. First, I deleted all the comments so nobody will be able to comment, that's because of spam. And only for 1 articles for 'home'. How's it look like?


Hi this template is perfect , but i don't now how do I change the background and font colors? please hellp :)

Can I use this one even if my weblog is using their default (friendster.blogs) How am I to do that?

How to add a previous posts list as thumbnail in this fotoblog template?

How to make the pictures appear larger, my photos come out much smaller

Hi! I have the same question that a person before me had.
The pictures I upload are very small compared to these ones, why is that? I made the upload choosing the option of larger image, but still the picture is smaller than here. How can I make them to be as big as here?


how do you insert larger pics into the entries?

excelent template! i'm using it right now and i have manage to do some modifications, but i'm still trying to delete the line under the blog title. how can i do that? thanks in advance. greetings!

seems it only works for some. I cannot getthe large photos to show either. With the exception of that bug it's great! Wish I can get it to work

I love the template but i can't figure out how to change the title font without changing the resto of the page's font as well. Can anyone help me with that?

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Yes, the photos are smaller, even after selecting "large" for the image size. Is there a way to correct this? Thanks.

been searching forever for a suitable template. thank you so much for this.

In reply to the hit counters. just place a NEW counter code in the post from your favorite hit counter provider. Yes, it may take some time, but if you book mark the site, and have FireFox (if you use that browser) rember your Log-In info, it could be easer than you think

looks neat, almost album like.
pics are slow to load to large?
even on broadband

where's the code to download this template?

how do i download this code? there's no download link...please do tell

Where is the code for this?

it seems that comments do not work for the new blogger. Is there a problem with PHOTOBLOG template to function correctly with the new blogger?

if not, where can I download again the template?

thank you in advance.

where is the code?????????????????????????????????????

i agree, any way you could repost the code?


where can i find the code for this photo blog?

This template SUCKS.

can i put a tagboard?