Author: Dave Shea


not work why?

suddenly stopped working. the css hosted in googlepages has a bandwidth limit? HELP! :o

not work!!!!
please, vao toma no cu seus filho da puta!

Vaya mierda...

ademas de kitar diseños anteriores ahora resulta que no funcionan los pokos ke han dejado.

Realmente deleznable.

Me voy a!!!

extremly wonderful and nice....THE Preview.....but it doesn´t work :-(

a mi me funciona todo bien ;)

cambien la URL en el código de la plantilla y listo.

Luis Mendoza

for some reason this template stopped the use of comments, as in the comments couldn't be clicked on or viewed.

a mi tambien me funciono muy bien, sin problemas ni nada. y eso que no se html.

I can't find the coding that determines the font colors and such. How do I change them?

I've been trying to modify the background image and have had no luck, even after copying both .css files associated with this template. Anyone got any suggestions on how to modify such a thing?

Very unstable template. Sidebar and banner margin borders not appearing on some occasions. Stripped my original and inserted the orginal template, still the same problem, so may be something wrong with the external CSS file. Tried to view blog in Firefox and Internet Explorer and still happening.

I see Luis Mendoza and Perea's site has the exact same problem.

I'm using this and it's working beautifully--comments and all.

Thank you!

Works nicely for me! :)

Works fine for me. I checked the comments and it seems to be working fine. I would like to change the background color, though. Any ideas? Let me know.

hum, very, very ugly...

Pos yo la tengo y sin problemas..
Si es cierto que se ve diferente segun trabajes con mozilla o con explorer

I am using this at:

It is very functional, quite attractive and relatively easy to modify. It also responds well to RSS and ATOM feeds.

Does not work correctly with Firefox. Need a Hack?

I'm using this template, with some light changes.
Very nice!

I found a way to make it work. Email me at if you want the fix.

Doesn't work...
"The content of elements must consist of well-formed character data or markup"

And I've followed the instructions... I've read Luis Mendoza's post about changing the URL... which one? change it with what?.
Please help

I have the same problem too. This template looks great and I would love to use it but it doesn't work in Blogger Beta.
I get this message:

We were unable to preview your template
Please correct the error below, and submit your template again.
Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
XML error message: The content of elements must consist of well-formed character data or markup.

A ver: ¿cómo que "sólo" hay que cambiar la URL?. ¿Dónde está eso?. Porque yo sólo veo códigos y más códigos y no sé si tengo que borrar los que tengo en Blogger y sustituirlos por estos o "sólo" la URL que comenta L. Mendoza y no se dónde está...

Your templates aren't working on the new Blogger

In the new blogger, none of the template work because (and I quote) "The XML elements are not closed properly." I love these templates (especially Folio), but know nothing about CSS. Could some Good Samaritan please fix this? Thanks!

How to make it work:
On the template page, before you paste the new code in to the text box click the 'revert to original template' button. (i forget the text, it is something like that, right below the text box).
This will load up a new editor window, where you can successfully paste the code you got from this site.

Does some one have this template in beta form? If someone has it, could someone copy it to me ?