Star crash

Author: Mario Carboni


I like it. I wish the templates were more detailed though, so I could play w/ them more.

It doesn't seem to work for me. It only dispplays bits of it. to bad, it was a great template.

like it so much!

All of my Blogger friends are so jealous. This was easy to use. My Blog looks awesome. I owe it all to you.

it's so cool, but the $BlogArchiveURL$ don't work for me.. i still have the old theme

Awesome layout. Thanks

Please, please, please help! I've got this on my site and looks awesome but some of the Imageshack images are corrupted...
I know why, because I've got a "porn" word in my blogname... they're so straight!! je!
Could I edit the CSS so It wont need the one hosted on your server? Host myself the images?
Any ideas? I love this template to pieces! =)
Thanks a lot

Awesome template. I'm using it. Thx to Blogger Templates and Mario Carboni.

I´m using it ( but, sometimes, it doesn´t load good. FOr example, the black part doesn´t appear o the star... Why?

Oh, your layout is so the BOMB!! It is so hot~ I love it! Not! Fuck, get it together - linkware - you link to it, and it works. This site is ranked #1, but for how long. Either offer your stuff up for credit, or forget it. Nice site, nice design, great usability, but you make ME look like an asshat when the fucking site does not load properly. To much traffic? Then don't do linkware - provide the images for download... gaaah. And to all the clowns who are like , thanks, I am loving it, I am using it, fuck you! You arent!! It isn't loading properly.... This sucks. yay Web 2.0 user goverened internet... you are so out of the top rankings as soon as people realise your site is full of shit.u

You can find the pics for this template there :

And .ccs and .htm files are there

Very nice design... Nice colors!
I like it and my friends like it a lot too:)
Nice work!

Well done. Minimalist, but fetching!

I can't see it correctly with firefox...

same here, doesn't work well in firefox


In fact, none of these codings seem to work on Firefox. Maybe some inherent design methodology of yours that is conflicting.

Since >85% of the traffic uses Internet Explorer and it loads correctly there, this gives us time to rectify the problem.

With regards to all

Thanks for this cool template! :)

My works 98% in Firefox; it's just that star.jpg, though I have the adress correct and have it uploaded to photobucket, doesn't show up. However, when you right click on where star.jpg should be and select View Background Image, it shows up! Is it because I pasted all css in head rather than linked it?

Awesome template. thanks much!!
Mine shows up perfectly fine in firefox.

it doesnt work for me either...i use firfox, maybe thats the problem...this is the only template i could agree on, so help me please.
the main problem is that none of graphics show...

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ok, the solution is to upload the pictures to your own server, modify the css image links to the address of your server and then download the css and insert it into the html template page.

OR you can use the template page i have modified to use the images on my server.

Follow this link to get my FIX for the starcrash template:

mail me for design and css problems related:

mario carboni

thanks for the layout. I love it very much. It look great in Firefox but look difference in explorer.
please, help me to fix that. PLEASE...:-<

the link doesn't work anymore

can u change it ? (I found it here :


It's so pretty!
Thank you so much!

I downloaded this theme from the original Blogcrowds website, and I've posted a fix to make it work in Internet Explorer here.