Curves in Red

Created by Bryan Buchs

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Thanks a lot for the template, I really like it.

I really love this template.

However, I was wondering if someone might be able to help with a possible modification.

How do you add a picture.custome title in the header, or how do you change the title font and increase the size of header?

Please email me at if anyone has any idea on this.



does the bandwith problem of your site is the reason why the template is not working rite now?

thank you, great template btw :)

Was great.... for a while. Until the bandwidth problem occured and the template disappeared. Wouldn't it be better to let users have the option of downloading the graphics and using them on their own webspace and changing the urls to match?

when this bandwidth problem will be fixed?

Oh no... bandwidth problems. Hope this is fixed soon.

By the way people, you CAN host the images by yourself.. just upload them to your own place and change the URLs in your template to match. Too bad you can't really download the images at the moment though.

Ok, so can you please tell us what to do, what to change, where to change... after we'll download the images and upload them at our place

try this: download the template. Paste it into your blog (after, of course, backing up your current template)

Copy the contents of this url

Paste directly under [style type="text/css"])

tada! now you can edit the css to your heart's content.

why i see the images only in the ie-browser?
but not in the firefox?

the same is with the backgrounds, can you help me?

Same prob here... pics ok in IE but not in the fox... can some1 help?

This is beautiful. Thank you!