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awesome job! love it very much! can I download it?



Quer transar!?

excelente plantilla....

I was wondering about the possibility of receiving the whole code for this template, because just copy-pasting this code is not correctly displayed in IE6

You can download original file templates here: .

As you can see, the layout is cross-browser.
There are bugs and incompatibility only with Blogger-Templates files.

See you soon.

Images are no more base64 encoded, just paste the code, it works fine.

wow, great template. thanks!

Thank you for this lovely template - just perfect!

oh this is iritating as crap -- rar down is useless, temp code doesn't work in IE6

i use this on my blog, thanks for this great template

Вот эт да... - awesome! great! - зе бест :)

this's really kewl I love this template so much can i use some of your CSS for my next template thank's keep the good creative always

what's up with the bandwidth issue w/ googlepages? Will it be fixed?

very nice templetes

What happened? Why didn't my blogsite look this way?

I'm not sure whats up with this template it has to do with blogger, mine was looking just fine yesterday and then last night the template just disappeared. I have emailed blogger 3 times so hopefully we will hear something from them soon. For now I keep getting a bandwith error....Tina

Yeah, I lost it too.

Yeah, I lost my template too....says bandwidth exceeded!!!!!!! now my blog template is all white and blank!!! What should we do???

Same here,

sez bandwidth exceeded, it was fine last night

what to do....

It's very fine that you guys put a new link up to where to get the code, but that doesn't help as long as the page ( that the code refers to still isn't accessible.
Do you know if it's possible to get the images and so that is needed for the template, so we can upload them ourselves somewhere? That might solve the bandwith problem...


"The bandwidth limit for this site has been exceeded."

This message...

Yep, I've got a blank page, as well. I'm sure it will sort itself out eventually, so I'm not gonna tamper with it.

Anyway, thank you for a lovely template. It was easy to modify, and including tips within the template itself really made my life a whole lot less stressed.

I do agree with the others that having the images elsewhere (or on our hard drives) would be so much easier. I'm sure there is some sort of place other than the initial link where we could store them.

Thanks so much for having these templates around!

ok...blank page for a couple days now. Is it going to come back or do I need to attempt to change my template? I think I'll go along with what drago is doing and just let it be for now until it works itself out. But it would be nice to know if it will or won't. Thanks.

THIS template no longer works ... my page went empty. Please use a wide broadband please let me know when it is back on!!! It looks great on :

I hope the page fix (above) works for the rest of you. I gave up.

could someone please post the html for the layout.

My page went blank too. I agree with some that since the badnwidth has exceeded, we simply should find another site to host the css style. I did this and everything's back to normal now. Using my own host so do not need to worry bout sharing bandwidth anymore. You can find the .css at
Simply edit ur template and direct it to the new location of the .css file and u're good to go.

Hope the author dun mind me hosting ur style sheet on my own personal site. Thanx in advance ;)

previous post stated this:

" My page went blank too. I agree with some that since the badnwidth has exceeded, we simply should find another site to host the css style. I did this and everything's back to normal now. Using my own host so do not need to worry bout sharing bandwidth anymore. You can find the .css at
Simply edit ur template and direct it to the new location of the .css file and u're good to go."

I tried to use the link to your css
But for whatever reason it would not work for me.
So I downloaded the zip file with all the gifs from the URL you gave above, uploaded EVERY file in the zip file to fileXoom, changed the URL to the css file that I uploaded to filexoom and VOILA! I finally have the magic paper template! Thank you so much for the brilliant idea!

In case anyone wants to try and see if my URL to the css file works for you, I have placed it below
I am so not a css or an html person, so other than doing what joemoralez stated earlier about changing the link to the css file in your template to the one below, I can't help you. I do hope it will work as easily for some of you as it did for me.
Good luck and God Bless. And thanks joemoralez for a most splendid idea!

link to my css file for magic paper:

well, I tried to post the template here but commenting system didnot accept the html thing. so I uploaded it which hope wouldnt bother the author. just download the word doc in the link below:

hope it works with all :) by.

I believe I made a mistake and gave thanks to joemoralez for the template idea.....while i still sya ty to joe, I believe it was actually Anonymous who first posted the template
My bad!..... desole, lo siento, sorry!

Gülçin!! Thank you so much :* Finally it works!!!! :D

I'm sorry- Harley thanks :*

Gülçin!! Thanks....its works!!!

From the comment above a few threads, I changed the to the one as advised and that worked out really well for me. I'm back up and running!

you all are very much welcomed.

P.S. our names appear after our comments not above 'em ;)but never mind. bys.

thanks harley, i used ur css code thingy and it worked. i cant for the life of me figure out these codes and have been trying for days to fix my blog. Thanks so much.

yea thanks Harley!

I love this design! *heart*

I've noticed that there is no footer image in the main index page, while other sub pages have it present, how come?

gone again??? ahhhh if it's not going to stay up for more than a few days at a time can someone please let me know??

whoops it came back..sorry

I use it on my blog it's great.

This is an awesome design, but at the top, it cut off my title, and the left margin is nearly cutting into my sentences, to where they can't be read well. Gorgeous design, but needs some adjustments.

this is awesome. I'm so glad I found it.. and now that everyone's perfected all the imperfections it's ready for use :)

Thankus so much for this!

God bless.

have a look here:

Thx... that's a very COOL template .. I have changed it ! Thx!!

Best Template I've Ever Seen! Thanks!

How do you install this on LiveJournal?

wow! that's great!

I adore this layout apart from one tiny thing. Every time I have an image in my post, I end up with a border around it and 3px of padding. Is there any way to modify this? I've stared at the CSS and I thought I removed the code that had been bothering me, and instead I ruined the layout. :(


This template is absolutely wonderful. I've been searching for something classy, with that wow factor. I love it. Just a few things:

I have no idea how to do that catergories thingo, where I can file a post under a catergory, and clicking on 'tag' will bring up all the posts to do with the tag. Is this even possible with blogger?

If you could do this, it would be absolutely wonderful.

The blog:

i've been looking for a template for days. magic paper is exactly what i've wanted. thank you so much.

Does anyone know how to make the font larger in my posts?

Hi love ur template.

Juz a query how do I get rid of the ticks that appear after I access the links, e.g archive July 2006? I guess it means that u have visited the link. How can I change the colour of the fonts in the side bar?

Love the template... I need to change the color of the font thoug. too light.

I love this template. I only wish I could get it to work. I published it with blogger and the main section of the template is blank. The title and side bar area are fine. Any ideas on how to fix this. I'm a newbie and know very little coding.


thank for this such a cool template

Wonderful template. Thank you.

thnx lots for this template! reeeeeally really nice! :)

This template is pretty nice. I am having problems with it though. It was fine for a day. Then all the css and images disappeared.

Is there any way I can get the html/css/images files? So I can host them on my doamin.


I downloaded the css and images from I uploaded it to my site and things seem to be well now. :)

can u change the commenting system and have the
NAME, URL, EMAIL, COMMENT Format? instead of having to cling post comment for each post?

Doesn't work with Blogger, unfortunately. I'll try with the original css.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

this is sooooooo cool. i use it on my blog.
is there anyway i could increase the width of the main coloumn? and where do i get the code for 3 coloumns?

hi... i have a problem, i installed this template in my blog but i cant see it properly with Mozilla... however i do see other blogs using it with this browser. I see it clearly with IE though. Wonder where the problem is?

ok it works now...

Great Template! I am using it on!
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Have a nice day... :)

no anda esta mierda para que los muestran re lindos si despues no tienenn nada de lo que se ve!!!!!!1

It doesnt work.
I've tried through opera, firefox.

I'm trying to see through IE, which I hate by the way.

No quiero putear pero la verdad es que uno se queda con las ganas de tener un blog bien chuchis...

Muito bom. Very good.

try here...see if you like what I have done.
If so . you may get the files here and upload them to your own server:

oh By The Way.... a great place to serve your template files THAT NEVER GOES DOWN !!!!!! is Ripway

oops. I for got the url to my blog with template that I modified slightly in my previuos post for you guys to see if you like it. Sorry ablout that. The previous post only has the link to the modified template.
Here it is

For afew hours today only ( August 3rd 2007 )
you may download the following template zip files directly from my own server.

here is the addy

navigate to to the SERVER
then navigate to the folder named FOR Sharon

after you download and unzip the files
go to :
and sign up for a free account and upload your UNZIPPED files to your new account.
Then place the link to the uploaded file named
.css in your template on blogger. Voila! You will never lose your template again. Host the files YOURSELF, do not rely on blogger or google.
Too many BW probs.


The template worked great in firefox but suddenly i can't see any of the backround images and the basic images of the template. I uploaded elsewhere but still the problem is there. Any suggestions?

In Ie the template works fine. In firefox nothing.

Great template! Finally a template with some oomph and personality! Just what I was looking for.

if anyone still needs these template files from here...I check every day...I will make them available as need

HELP! I love this template and do not want to change it but I need help! Is there a way to extend the length and width of the sidebar? Some of my items in my sidebar are moving to the bottom of my page and I can't seem to get them to stay in the sidebar! I am not great with html, so I don't know how to do this! Can anyone help me?



Hi, this template is absolutely gorgeous. I'm quite new to blogging and I had a very specific idea of a great template and this was it! I looked around alot before I found this but I'm so glad! I was just wondering, do you have one where you have two sidebars? I would love to have two sidebars because it'll add such nice symmetry to my blog. :) Thanks!

I like this but for some reason it doesn't show up quite like this on my blog. Instead of the beige magic paper in the middle, all I get is the whole brackish brown background, and the ribbon on the bookmark doesn't show up either. Help please.

I just tried it on IE and it works fine there. Why doesn't it turn out the same on Firefox? Also how do I add my profile and stuff on the bookmark?

I also am fine on IE7 but it does not show up right on Firefox. I am just in love with this template. Can you help? I would be more than happy to rellay plug you. My newest blog is an Advice blog and is already taking off,"Ask Aunt B." Thanks very, very much!!


I've downloaded your template and it works fine in explorer. The only problem I have is that it doesn't allow me to add any pictures in my posts. Probably I do something wrong. I would really appreciate your help here. Thanks a lot!

I really like this template, but I don't how to make it into 3 columns. Can anyone tell me how to make this into a 3 column instead of 2 column? Thanks!

Hello there. I am -very- new to coding of this variety (though I know enough to have obtained image hosting) and had a few questions about using this particular template for my blog.

I was wondering how I take the file here:

(the THREE column lay out) and turn that into a template code that I can use?

Absolutely thrilled with this template!! It is so ME!! Thankyou, and please, please create more antique-look, designs!!


Like Johny, I can't seem to make it into three columns.Could someone explain how to do that?

Bonjour, j'espere que quelqu'un est francais ... Je ne sais pas comment remplacé mon model par celui ci ...

Does anyone know how can i change the sizes of the sidebar? I would like this look bigger on screen,like if has just one column.
Cna anyone please help me out with this?
Thank You

Hey everyone... I really love this template but i can't seem to get the full .css code or something... I would really appreciate any help at all = S

Now i just saw my blog doesn´t show the template in firefox like in IE. Why? Can anybody help me with this please?
Thank You

I really like this template, but I don't how to make it into 3 columns. Can anyone tell me how to make this into a 3 column instead of 2 column? Thanks!

o dicho en español:
Hey me encanta este template pero Como hago para que aparezcan las 3 columnas?

Caballero aqui no es que te ayuden mucho pero yo puedo decirte por experiencia con este template, que me encanta, que no se puede ampliar a tres columnas y no se ve en firefox Grrrrrr

Great Blog

Great template!

hum... I also want to make it a 3 column, though...

i can't see it

hvery nice

beautiful template...makes me happy! thank you template fairy!

JMAGIC PAPER DOESN'T WORK IN THE NEW BLOGGER,WITH GOOGLE...WHY?I COPY-PASTE IT BUT IT GIVE ME A MESAGGE:''Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
XML error message: The content of elements must consist of well-formed character data or markup.''

I apologize for some of the comments that I have read, not those that criticize, but those that insult.

So many angry people, Simone.


Hey, this is a GORGEOUS layout and I would love to use it, but I am getting the same error as anon above...apparently it can't be parsed, and it's a bit too difficult for me to do on my own...has a solution been found? you can contact me at

I use this theme on my blog. But the footer image isn't display. anyone know how to display it?
my blog is -

I'm in love with this template, but today i have a problem, it doesnt appear, after a few days workin on it, today doesnt apppear, i just a white backgruond...

somebody help me please


the problem is gone...

thanks anyway


excuse me...

is there any "older post" link in this template??

I couldn't find one...

can someone help me?

I would love to use this, but following the instructions on this site for installing it did not work at all for me. I just ended up with no format at all and lots of text as a result. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I'm not technologically savvy at all, so if it's not simple, I can't use it. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I followed the directions to the letter on downloading an HTML file, and that didn't work. Then I tried doing it without reverting to classic template, and that was even worse, since it wouldn't let me do that at all. I tried pasting the new template at the beginning of the old template in classic blogger; I tried deleting the old and pasting the new. Nothing... Please help me. I'd like to use this, but I'm inept.

your work is so cool, not many have that talent such as you ^^

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this is exactly what i was searching for thank you!