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The fonts from the sidebar get bigger when I put a new section. Here is the example. Please help me to solve this problem...

When will the bandwidth problem be soted out? I cannot use this template at my Blog.


dude cant i host this on my tripod or something?
I'll still give you credit.

I'm having the same issues as everyone about the bandwidth. It is possible for me to host the template on my own? Will credit, of course! Thanks!

I just switched my blog template, advertised to everyone and now this........when will it be fixed? Soo? If not Im switching templates.

LOL! I wonder if the real mr brown ( use it. Ahahahahah!

thanks for the codes, love the minimal look.

Any chance I can get the image for the top orange area? I will host it myself. It is the only think that is not currently showing on my blog, possibly due to high bandwidth on your site, let me know!

Thanks! ;)

I was able to get it to work, and I am happy now, I saved all the images and am hosting them myself, with no problems now! My site now works perfectly in IE and FireFox! Rock on!


I'm currently using this template for one of my blogs, but there's two glitches that came up: one, if I enable the navbar to be displayed, then it pushes the description text a little bit below the brown/orange area, making it hard to see. Two, when I tried to put a hypertext link within the description, it caused some white-colored text to appear at the top of the screen. Other than that, it works fine, but can you fix the glitches that I described here? Thanks.

I can't get this to work for Firefox. The background is all black. Any ideas?

know there is probably a simple solution to this. works wonderfully in Firefox, but sidebar jumps to the bottom in IE. Any thoughts?


I am using this template in one of my blog. I want to change the header of the template. Any possible way to change the header of this template. If any body have idea please let us know. Thanks in advance.

Will you be designing any more templates for everybody to use? If you do, could you design some more templates that are say, dark around the top and side menus, but with white or yellow as the background for the entry posts? I sure hope there'll be more to come! Thanks.

Beautiful template. Thanks a lot, it really spiffed up my site.

Hey there,

I just stumbled upon this template yesterday (Sept. 24th, 2006) but am concerned as well with all the problems. The banner/header yellow/orange area will not load on Firefox. What's up with that?

So, my question is...are these problems going to be fixed? I love this template but I don't want to get started with it if no one is working on fixing the problems.

Let me know...


Lovely template, thank you very much for allowing my blog to be more aesthetically pleasing.

Why does the gold bar at the top randomly not show up?

When it's not there my blog name and tag line turn to black text on black b/g.

That's now kewl.


Otherwise it's an awesome-possum template.

hey guys. i love this template. i'm interested in removing the gold top bar though. does anyone know how i can do this or if it's possible? please send a PM to ttaperecorder at hotmail . com


Hi I love your templates is there anyway I can host them myself ofcourse credit will be given , it just that today I when threw and updated about 5 of my blogs with your templates but now None of then are showing up all just have white backgrounds with my blog hanging inthere ?? I think its something to do with your images , Please email me at wellingtoncaveman(at) lookingforward to sharing these with a few others I myself have about 20 blogs of high pr I want to try these on :):) Just found your site today loooks amazing ..(October 11 06 ) cheers Rob

this is a very cool template. but it's not showing the brown/orange strip at the top with Mozilla. It only shows for Explorer. Anything I can do to fix that?


it says i cant save it or preview it bcoz the "XML elements" aren't well formed. wot do i do??????? im not using firefox

my sidebar is on the move and its killing me. Anybody know how I can fix it without a Masters in Computer Technology??

This template is terrific!...all except for the problem with the orange banner at the top. May I, too, host the image on my server so I can make it work?


I solved the problem with this template . Look for the @import ...line seen below :

@import url('');

/************** REMOVE THIS TO UNHIDE THE BLOGGER NAVBAR ****************
Delete that whole line, and replace it with the whole code on this site :

Well, I'm full of crap about this template.

I'm not full of crap.

Colorado Bob


Is there any way to use this template with blogger beta?

Maybe other similar?...

Anyone can convert it to work in Beta? No lable gadget in classic way.

how can this template be used in blogger?

ciao.. mi sono permessa di scaricare il tuo bellissimo template. volevo solo avvisarti che avendolo postato su un Blogger italiano, ho modificato le parole chiave del div nella mia lingua madre. spero non sia un problema, in caso sai dove contattarmi. grazie mille per il tuo lavoro! simona

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