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Why am I not able to see the background when previewing?

yeah he is right the back ground aint appearing vasily


How can I change the background blu? I wanted a lighter blue... can you help?

Great template- but there is an "M" in the middle of the top of the banner, whether or not I use the blogger bar. Any way to get rid of it?

template works great! good work!

Found the "M." I have no idea how it got there, but it was next to the meta data bracket!

Everything is now under control!

I really like that template it so wonderful keep up your good work


Thank you very much for the template. Thanks a lot!

Thanks for the great template. I was wondering if there is a way to remove the images of "coral" and "starfish" and replace with my own images?? Can't seem to figure out where the code is for the pics in the template.
Thanks again.

nice template just put it on my blog;) luks gr8
i have a request-can u desine a template especially for bloggers who use google adsense..plssss

hey there is some thing wrong with the template-some of my google ads aint appearing in the template please fix the problem cuz i just love this template.please inform aftr u fix da problem

Thanks for the template... Great stuff!

Congratulations for your great template! It's really cool ;)

But I wonder what happened to the template's css. For the last 10 hours, it just gives the message:

"The bandwidth limit for this site has been exceeded."

Is there any possibility to download the .css from another site or have it in my email? I 'll then embed it into my template, so I won't have the same problem again.

My email address is:

Thanks in advnance,


What happened to the template? Since last night my template has disappeared... and the same has happened to all the users who haver chosen the template... what is happening???

I've been having the same problem. Since a few nights ago (today is the first of June, 2006), my blog appears all boring, with standard colours. I didn't change a thing; everything is the way it was before the fiasco. But yes, it's now just the standard white background with black text, white links, and no divs.

What happened to the template? Since this morning my template has disappeared... and the same has happened to all the users who haver chosen the template... what is happening???

I'd also like to download the that possible?

How can I host the template in my own page? This situation is simply ridiculous... If I knew this would happen I would never haver chosen this template!

Will I have to change my template? This template was so beautiful...

Same thing happened to me. I thought it was a blogger problem.

Any way to get the CSS into the template? I'm not anxious to rely on something stored somewhere else.

Can we have the full version of the template instead? Including the color, text, background, picture, etc. In this way, we wouldn't be consuming your bandwidth. We promise, we will be giving you all the credit that you deserve.

Would it be possible to get the images and host this myself? I really liked the template.

The template worked great for two days. Now just like the rest, my blog is all white and boring but I didn't touch anything. How come?

Hey Vasily,I agree with Burugudu....We can host the templates on our own servers say like Googlepages, yahoo, msn spaces, etc. butgive credit to Blogger templates. That's a cool idea and there would not be bandwidth problems like this.

Where are you?

hey i used this template for over three weeks but now everything has dissapeared man the back ground color is now pale white
and the side bar is below the footer?????
please fix it sooon
and please make sure that we can be able to place all types of google ads on this template....please

Hi, I habe the same problem with the disappearance... worked fine and then poof all gone... what should I do?

Actually I didnt ever post my template to blogger-templatesso so called "team". They just took my template from style competition, and used it as they liked. Dont know if theyve stolen it, or they did it legally, I said it just because I want to tell you that I cant help with googlepages page, because I never used it ;-) Its simply not mine. So better to complain to their "team".
By sure, if you need original styles, I can email it to you and you'll find a host for them.

And thanks for the attention to my theme, on you can also find my another theme, "Oriental Dream".

I have actually inserted the CSS codes before the body but columns were not recognized.

Do you have, by any chance, any fix on this? I would really appreciate your answer.

hey everyone, you have to re-host both the "nautica.css" and the "base-weblog.css" files in order to get everything to work. (at least thats how i got it to work!)

how do u do that?
cause like everyone else i'm havin the same problem

You may just go to here in order for you to copy the entire template.

Just go to View > Source to see the complete code.

I hope this could be helpful.

Grazie mille..è davvero un template unico..

Thank you so much..It's wonderfull..

Thanks to free template. I like it. You can visit my blog at http;//


The template is much appreciated and perfect for my blog

Thank you for a great template design that gave my site a custom look without additional expense!

is there a way i can download this entire template and host it myself (images and all)???

Please post back and I'll check again

you can change the background by viewing the css. then download that picture and change it. Replace the picture with your link.

you will have to upload the css.
then you will have to change the HTML.

you must first, talk to the author about copyrights.

Just dun know y my photo suddenly disappeared and the visitors can't check my profile thru my blog..

Can anyone pls lend me a hand?

Where and how in the html of the template can I change the post background color?

The background is down -- has been for two days -- in fact ALL the backgrounds I know of from this whole site are down. Reposting doesn't help. What's up?

Ok -- now my friends tell me they can all see their templates. I am the only one who can't -- so the problem is mine and not yours, but help me out here. All my friends use your tmeplates. If I cannot see them I cannot interact with my friends. How do I fix this?

con firefox, se ve mal

I love this template! Thank you! It's exactly what I was looking for. i added Flikr scroll picture bar and it's great.

Firefox can't "read" this template :S

I am currently use fire fox, I try use IE and yes the template show up.
So why fire fox can not read this tempalte.... :(

Thank you for the pacific template. It goes well with my "blogger aura" blue and the peace I find keeps my posts in check.

i like this template..I'd love the color.

I have been looking for a template like this for a Diving blog. Is there any way to get the images posted? (the sea star, and the images at the top)
Thanks a lot

el modelo de la plantillA es muy atractivo.



thanks - and its a really good template, other templates Ive tried have ahad coding probs, this one is perfect straight away and easy to track down the code for edits

Nice one


How can I add an about me section to the front screen? I am very new at this, this is my first blog. I love the template, thanks :)

Anyone else not able to view the header graphics and the search box with Firefox? Problem just began last week. Very frustrating. Fine in IE, but with Firefox the compass, water, coral & search box are all missing!

Beautiful template! Just what I needed! Thanks for the hard work, hope you will continue designing! you are really talented!

I'm having problem in using this template. I'm in beta and I have this message:

"Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
XML error message: The content of elements must consist of well-formed character data or markup."

Suggestion please. Thanks.

when i try put a new template it gives this message-Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
XML error message: The content of elements must consist of well-formed character data or markup.what can i do

si me gusta

si me gusta mucho



I used your wonderful template on my blog :
Jusqu'au bout du rêve.

Thank you !


I cant seem to get this template to work. Same formatting errors. Help!!!!

ya, I'm finding the same errors that other people have complaining about, is there a way to fix them?

If you can't use it on your blogger account, switch back to classic templates when editing your html. It's a link at the bottom of the page.

Mine is working now. See

I like this template very much and i am using it from the day first of my blogging.its working very well and i even add categories in it and make it more organised.
Thanks to Vasily Leytman for doing great job.

Hey I am unable to install this template . The msg say XML error plz correct it I even removed those bars and lines but still error Help plz

Thank you 100X. Now, I do love my blogs.

This is a wonderful template. I have had it for about a year... it goes with our family theme. Maybe who ever made this one can make a similar one in xml for the new blogger. That would be so cool.

I'm kind of an idiot when it comes to stuff like this. I just stuck this template on our blog and LOVE it. My little girl loves it too. Quick question, I wanted to include links in our family introduction (it's under our family title), but when I add the links, it includes words at the very top of the page. Is this something easily fixable or should we just accept that's how it will be?

Thank you - it's great;-)

Thanks for the template but....the text is black.How to change the text become white? I use fiereofx.Please answer through my email :

Mine template is still not fixed.........The background color is gone, and my right sidebar is now showing at the bottom of the template.

It is a very nice template but i always get an error with css which has been changed by its owner I think. All pages are disordered. Not a good one. I donot recommend anyone to pick this one.

This template not works at all with me :-(

Lamentable no poder instalar tan bella plantilla, todo está en blanco. me pregunto quien puede ayudar ??? mi correo es:

More kool themes can be found at :

Enjoy :)

Thank you...