Newsline Miniblue

Created by Carrie Petri

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Cool template.But can you make the sidebar a bit bigger?

This is a very attractive template, but are you aware that all the blue text in it functions as a hyperlink to nothing?

I should clarify that anything in bold type automatically becomes a hyperlink to "Not Found" at Blogger.

Thanks for the template- I like the way it looks. The only problem for me is that my comments no longer appear in a pop-up window, and no longer have the commenter's profile pic alongside their comments. Any fix to that? Thanks!

Nice template, however now the site hosting your css files has reached it's traffic level, causing all kinds of hell, and the templates are not working as they should!

Either include the css in the templates, or host somewhere that can handle the bandwidth! :)=

I agree with Mr. J. My blog looked fine at 7:30 this morning, but now that your site has reached it's bandwidth limit, my blog looks bad (mostly text, the sidebar info is at the bottom of the page). Why not just include the css info inside the template like you did with the old templates?

Yeah, I really hope this clears up soon. Don't get me wrong, i really love your templates, and i use them on several of my blogs! Problem now is these several of my blogs look like, well... "poo" ;)

I hope You can post the css-files somewhere else, and tell us, or let us download them from here, so we can change the css-url in the template and we should be fine.

I'm really sorry if I come out harsh, I don't mean to but as you can understand this is really annoying.

best regards
Mr J

Thanx for the css links! :)=

Thank You thank You thank you!

Guys, just to let you know... It is not my host that has exceeded bandwidth, so please do not email me about this issue! I created the template for the style contest, I don't know who is hosting it for blogger! (I didn't even know it was here until today!)

Hey, That template is PERFECT. I love it.

Hasn't someone just copied the css and hosted it somewhere else, like blogger? Where can I get it?

Thanks for getting this great template up and running again, and for fixing the problem with the unintentional links.

One big problem remains, though: unsightly gaps between words both in the links and in the archives. Any way to get these fixed?


Interestingly, Newsline (with the red) doesn't have the problem with the spaces between the words. But I like the blue better.

I think I've figured out at least part of the problem.

Would a full-sized, non-"mini" Newsline Blue be possible? Maybe with larger titles for the entries?

Can someone email me the css links? It would be much appreciated...

thank for such a cool & simply template.

This template is very beautiful, my web is a newspaper's blog. But i need do that the column be more width. How i can do it?? Helpme please. Thank`s. Congratulations by this web...

Hi everyone !
Im using this template for my blog but i have troubles visualizing de white background image on the Mozilla Firefox browser.
Anyone know how to fix it ????

Thanks a lot!

hey, can anyone email me the css file??

Any word on the Firefox issue? Seems the same thing happens for both the Newsline and Newsline-Mini templates. Shows up fine in IE, but FireFox won't show the background... everything's solid grey.

For those who are using having problem with Firefox:
My *guess* is Firefox does not allow recursive inclusion of css. The solution for this is to include the imported the CSS directly into the original template. For example for this template replace the following line

@import url('');

with the CONTENT of Follow the same procedure for all such occurrences after inclusion.

For those who are having trouble with new IE7:
If your blog header text comes down on the blog header underline delete the very first line:

*...!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" ""...*

from the template.

When I try to save the template, it gives the error:

"Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
XML error message: The content of elements must consist of well-formed character data or markup."

It looks like it would be a good template, please let me know when you have a working version.


Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
XML error message: The content of elements must consist of well-formed character data or markup.

Oh, please, the "post title" is wrong, it desapeared in all templates, do you can help me?




what edits can i make so that the archives are acending instead of the current decending list? i'd like the current posts on top instead of at the bottom of the list.


It's a good design, but it simply doesn't work. In IE 6.0 there is problem with header. In Opera there is several problems, and iz only shows properly in Firefox. Comments page has several errors. Etc etc etc, I have lost several hours trying to make it work properly :(

I really like the template. Unfortunately it contains some errors: hte title and the blog-description move into the blue line in the top part. In the lower part an empty gray line appears. This can only be closed if the length of the site is extended, e.g. by adding some entries in the link section. But even then the upper part does not properly meet with the lower part. There is a 1 or 2 pixel difference.
These problems only occur when I use IE7. Firefox and Opera work fine. Any ideas how to fix it? (please, other comments than "IE sucks, Firefox rulez)
I already deleted the first row of the source code as some suggested.

I highly appreciate your help. Best,

Thanks for this template!
I have used it for my professional web page.
Just a problem: it looks perfect with Firefox, but with iexplorer, if you open it in a big window, the "footer.gif" appears at the bottom of the window, "disconnected" from the rest of the diagram.
Any idea about how to fix this problem?

I really like this template and used it for awhile. It really complimented the "journal" format of my blog. However, after awhile the background graphics stopped loading, even though they are hosted by Blogger. I went through help groups but was never able to fix the problem, so I changed templates again. In fact, in (Firefox at least) Carries's miniblues template blog, the background graphics still don't load.

To Lars and anyone else with the IE7 issue with the title/blog description issue, here's the fix:

- Go to the "banner" section.

- Four lines down from that note/line, locate the "banner-description" code.

- add a paragraph tag (aka "p" tag) right after the $BlogDescription$ code.

You then should be golden in IE7, FF, Opera, and Safari. Untested in Netscape, IE6, and other earlier versions.