Author: Lilia Ahner


Good template!!! I like it very much...

i love this template - but as of this morning, i have lost all of the bullets and title pictures. blogger was down for maintenance, so i'm not sure if that's a factor or not, but do you have any wisdom for me?

I've also lost all of the bullets, title pictures, and the background image. Just wanted to let you know and find out if there's anything I can do to get them back.

I'm assuming that it was you who came to my blog and told me that I had to host my own images. It was an anonymous comment, so I can't be sure, but I would assume.

I have no problem hosting my own images. What I do have a problem with, however, is the following: 1) nowhere on this blog does it say anything about template users having to host their own images; 2) nowhere on this blog do you link to the images so that we can download them and host them ourselves; and 3) nowhere in the code are the URLs of the images listed. How, therefore, do you expect us to host our own images? Am I supposed to look into my crystal ball and find the location of the images myself?

I have stopped using the template because I have no idea where the images are or how to host them (and even if I did, at this point, I don't think I would). I had downloaded another template from a different site, but it doesn't work right with any posts that are shorter than the sidebar. As plain and boring as they are, I am going back to Blogger's predesigned templates because every time I use someone else's templates something inevitably goes wrong with them. I realize y'all are doing this for free, but if you're going to put templates out there for other people to use, please at least have some standards.

The template is great, but when activating the auto-generated Google Adsense, the ad frames appear on the lower side menu, instead of at the top of the page. Can you please fix the template so that it works properly with Adsense? Thanks.

Wait, I think I may have figured out what was causing the problem I described here: it could be that, because I had a manually installed Adsense frame fitted in the side menu, so it was getting confused with that, and that could explain why the auto-generated one wasn't appearing at the top of the page. I'll check later on to see if it was because of that that the problem occurred.

Other than that possible flaw, everything works fine.

There, I was right! It was just a minor hurdle with my own CP options that I was able to overcome on my own. Everything works fine now, and, as I said, the template is wonderful. Thanks for designing it.

I can't figure out how to install Adsense on the sidebar.

I was doing fine adding my blogrolls to the sidebar, but at one point, it decided to start putting them at the bottom of the main body, not in the sidebar. Any ideas?

hi guys ,

i really like this template however there seems to be a white space between the navbar and the header ,

heres an example :

does anybody know how to fix this problem .... it only appears on blogger beta ,,