Author: Lilia Ahner


this template makes my picture huge and only shows 1/2 of it...what can i do???

Hi, it's a nice blog template.
may I use it for my own blog?
thx b 4

Hello author of this site. I am sorry but I don't know your name. My name is Lohan.

I was using your Travel template but apparently the css hosting URL for it '' is over its bandwidth limitation. Would you be able to email me the css file so I can upload it to myself so as to bypass the ‘’ bandwidth limitation?

Also, I would need the "player.js" - "" so the template can operate properly.

The Travel template is my favorite, thank you.

Thank you so much for your help.

Lohan Roberto -

PS. All the files under '' return "The bandwidth limit for this site has been exceeded."

In case anyone has happened to notice, they exceeeded their googlepages bandwidth and moved their .css templates to a different site. Bad news? They haven't updated their templats yet.

9 lines down, change the "googlepages" to "pagetastic". This fixes the problem with this template at least. Sadly, the MP3 function has been lost as of right now.

Lovely template! Am using it now - thank you!

I've a problem with firefox from linux... not load images.. With konqueror or mozilla it's all ok.

Thanks,It's a nice blog template.
I am using it.

I am attempting to use this template, but I too am unable to upload my profile picture satisfactorily. It is huge and cut in half vertically. I tried reducing its size in Photobucket, but it made no difference. Any suggestions?

good template, how do you increase the font size for a couple of notches?

Is it doable without changing other stuff?

why won't the pictures show, i.e. the skyline picture on the top of the page?

how do i make the comments have the default blogger pop up when using this template?
thanks, its a nice template, but this seems to be its only downfall, hope someome can help


I'm using one of your templates. I'm looking to improve my fotolog but I don't know how...

I'd like to appear something like this:

Can anyone help me?

i love this template! only it doesn't show up in firefox... any way around that?

i can't see the pic

Hello...I really like this template. Can I use it for my blog? THANKS!!!

Did anyone ever figure out how to increse the font size?

ii love this template! only it doesn't show up in firefox... any way around that?