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I really like the template, but can u tell me how to change the picture in this template

I loved this template but there is an error. If I keep just one page post on the home and if the post is smaller than the right side bar seems to go out of the boundry of the design and that looks bad. Can someone fix it?

check out this link to get an idea

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Where is the old templates????

Yeah I was going to ask the same thing. What happened to all the ones you had up here?

Thank for inspiration on

yes please someone tell me how i can change the picture....i do love the template.

Why has the bandwidth been exceeded, some of my blogs have lost their templates.

How can this be amended??


I want this template.
Can you send it to my email address nmjlopes(at) ?!


yes i noticed that mine has lost its template as well....please advise!

For anyone who wants to change the picture, you have to open the jscript file. To do this, copy the url address which ends .js from the template file. Open it in notepad and then just change the image address to where your image is. You will now have to host the .js file somewhere else and then in the template file change the .js adress to where you have stored it.

Howdy, I would also like to change the picture. I tried the steps mentioned above, but it does not seem to work. If anyone has better info on how to do this, please comment. Thankyou

great template you got here

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This comment has been removed by the author.

I copied the css and modified the path to point it to my own pic but doesn't work. Need help changing the picture. HELP HELP HELP

i have problems with firefox to see this template
¬¬..just i can see it in IE
and i dont use IE ¬¬

I managed to change the picture!!! but this templates only seems to work on IE and not on firefox =( =( =( can anyone help me with this!!!

To change the image:

1. Open the file "" with your notepad.

3.Change the first line for "@import url(;"

2.In this same file search for "background:url(" and change the URL for the one of your hosted image.

3. Save the file as "example.css" and host it at some server (ex.:

5. Go to your blogger template editor and search for the line "@import url('');". Then change the URL for your file URL, in this case ""

And voila!!

Now, can someone help me with the firefox issue =(. After doing all that i discovered that with firefox you can't visualize this templates! Only if you're in the tamplate editor and click on preview...that's strange.

Simple and clean template. I love this one. I'm gonna use this in my future blogs.

Simple and clean template. I love this one. I'm gonna use this in my future blogs. 

: )

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Thanks, this is a great looking template. Love it! :)


The templates are only showing up in raw html when I click preview the site? What am I doing wrong?

Template Anda tidak dapat diparse karena tidak well-formed. Harap pastikan bahwa semua elemen XML ditutup dengan benar.
Pesan error XML: The reference to entity "postID" must end with the ';' delimiter.

wow...this is an awesome template itself. You're an awesome layout person!