Curves in Blue

Created by Bryan Buchs

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love it love it love it love are awesome!
keep up your work..

what happened to the old templates?

I was SO HAPPY to see new templates today! :) Thanks so much! :)

I LOVE IT!!!! But the "search this blog" function doesn't seem to be working. (?) ...

Let Google crawl the blog first...

1ijack> Old Templates are still online (Upgrade in progress)


Hi, thank you very much! It's a really great new template!

Greets from Bochum / Germany


this is really a very nice template
i have used it on my blog but i was unable to understand whats da meaning of da link"subscribe to the blogs feed"
neways keep up da gud work frend
hope i will be seeing more gud lukin templates from u;)

wow very nice template Vasily,, i love this one, actually i download ur blog template and use it in my blog site Thanks! Glenn

Loved it, but a problem.

In certain offices bloger photos pages are blocked. For them this theme will be just blank. How about if u you could upload the images to google pages. Or create another one (carbon copy) with google images. This is a small suggestion

Thanks for the templates. All of them look wonderful! This is a great service that you provide (since it seems Blogger doesn't want to offer new templates). I just wish you had some three-column designs. Great job anyway!

Hi, I tried to implement this one yesterday but there seems to be a bug: the top and bottom of the page looks all messed up, what is going on?

I like this template, too, but the blog title and blog description at the top have white backgrounds rather than being the same color as the image. Both Firefox and MSIE.
These are all good.

This is the best blogger template I have ever seen or used! I have repeatedly attempted to make my own blogger templates but I have had anything that I liked. Thanks!

I figured my problem out: my blog desription was too long...

I really love this template.

However, I was wondering if someone might be able to help with a possible modification.

How do you add a picture/custom title in the header, or how do you change the title font and increase the size of header?

Again, love the template, just want to modify header a bit.

Please email me at if anyone has any idea on this.



hey i simply love this template...its on my blog.. yipeeeeeeee

bandwidth exceeded for this site???? WHATS GOIGN ON???? i use your blue curve template...all images and styles in my site are disabled...the css and images of this template dont show up....PLZ DO SOMETHING!!!!!!

what's happening???? i'm using two of your templates and it's all dissapeared, they are disabled. Everything was taken away...can you fix it?

Cheach this out thanks to Oropher

entry-body URL:
Not Found Error 404

WTF?! These templates were all created for The Style Contest (, and build for use in Movable Type/Live Journal.

Glad you like mine, but it wouldn't hurt to ask before you swipe them. At least you put my name on it.

All you have to do is copy the CSS files and the .png images to your own webspace... change the links in the HTML and CSS files accordingly... republish. and wala. That's what I did.

I have one problem, i can't access the "Download" link, it says you have exceeded your bandwidth limit. I really like your template, so please get it working quickly!

None of these templates look good in IE7. I suspect it's IE's fault, but I wish something could be done about it.

How do you use this template in livejournal (curves in red)?

Has anyone found a way to get this template working in IE6 or IE7? It works fine in Firefox.

I got the top header to sort of work by editing the blue-curves.css file to include the height/width of the top middle bar. I haven't figured out a solution for the bottom bar (it's still missing).

Anyone else know about this?

I dunno, but if you get it to work, I'd love the code.

Look for this part in curves-blue.css (you need to download from and host on your own site like google pages):

/*red fill color above the curve*/
background: url(banner.0.png);

That code is near the top. Change to:

/*red fill color above the curve*/
background: url(banner.0.png);
height: 50px;

That'll fix the top bar for IE7. Not sure about IE6 or the bottom bar. Everthing else looks good in Firefox.

I've hosted all the required files at and changed the template and various files to reflect the location update.

I really like how clean this template is. Does anybody know if I am allowed to tweak it a little bit?

for some reason, since yesterday the template is not working on mozilla. any problem? it works on ie

Hi! For some reason, the layout doesn't show up when viewed on Mozilla? (But it looks fine on IE) Is there something I can do to fix this? Thank you!

Beautiful template, but it's not working too well...some tables seem to be out of line. Using IE at work...figure I'll check it at home too.

Please... this is the second template I got here that seems to have corrupted ( stopped working right) what is going on? the other was the girl and guy pulling down the sky on the beach with the purple background........ HELP! Please


I confirm that this template is not working properly in Mozilla.
Someone have some way to solve this problem?!
If not I will be obliged to change it :-(

Ok I have found it has something to do with the antivirus programs....??? I dont know why... BUT NOW My NAVBAR is back and I did NOT remove the lil box up top that says remove to unhide navbar... how did this happen?

Never mind i fixed it... I had to put the another code in there... Go me!

nice template! good work.
used it on my blog.

Great template! It really changed my blog up.. made it look pro! thanks!

is there any way to adjust the size of the side bar?

I really like the design, and I want to use it, but somehow it doesn't come out right.

It looks fine in the preview, but not once it's been uploaded to my server.

Why, oh why?

hi...great templates here but very moody:( am using this particular one but the layout hasnt appeared for the past 3 days..
any suggestions/reasons for the same?

This template doesn't seem to show up in firefox. Yet it does in IE6.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


I love your templates, but some are a bit buggy and not inter-operable between web browsers. In particular, I think there is something wrong with your CSS.

I suggest you get acquainted with the W3C Validation Tools such as the CSS validator. That will put you on track to perfectly interoperable code.

I love your templates though!

This template is pretty good.. I currently use it... here's my blog :
It doesn't work well with Firefox.. Too bad!

Coolio, but the "search this blog" function doesn't seem to be working?

wow very nice template

This template is great!


This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

I get a white space instead of the header and footer. What to do?

Other than that, great design!

I'm having the same problem as everyone else I guess, but don't know how to fix it...

the bottom and top header don't appear...

Can anyone give some simple instructions on how to make them reappear?


nice....i'm using this too right now hehe

I want to change the existing template of my blog with this one, but i'm having this problem:

the bottom and top header don't appear...

How to fix that?

: )

Same problem as others have mentioned. I like it but the header doesn't show up.

Does this template work for Blogger Beta?

this template still works in beta.blogger, but no longer seems to hide the top nav bar

nice template. kudos to the creator and the nice fella who hosted the files. thanks.

Que pasa con la plantilla, ultimamente no esta funcionando muy bien que digamos.
Es una muy buena plantilla, por favor arreglenlo. Gracias


I can't get this template to work. It is just what I wanted, right colours and style and is very attractive.

I get XML problems saying it isn't parsed or closed etc.

My HTML and XML skills start with copy and end with paste.

Can anyone help me? my email is and my site is

I am using the new blogspot.

Any help greatly appreciated.

guys this template doesnt work on my blogger ... i use the new blogger .... can u please help me

doesn't work in the new blogger for me either.

We were unable to preview your template
Please correct the error below, and submit your template again.
Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
XML error message: The content of elements must consist of well-formed character data or markup.

Great template, clean and simple.
Yes I like it, thanks