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I really love this template. :) I was wondering though. Is it possible to get a version with blue or red instead of the green on the template? Sorry if that is a strange request. I was just thinking that because some templates have more than one version for different colour patterns.

I make templates for blogger! How can I contact the admin of this site so he can take a look at my templates and add them to the site if he likes them? My templates are also really good.

Do we depend on your site for our blogs staying intact ? will change template host soon ..Please sort it

Hey, I just installed this template today. It worked for this afternoon but now, it has stopped. When I access my blog, all I get is a text layout with no graphics or design setup. what happened? I've viewed this on three computers so I know it's not me.

The same thing happened with me... All i get is the template layout... Will it be fixed or what?

I'm assuming since this site has exhausted their bandwith it might have something to do with it? I don't know how but I still haven't seen or heard anything yet...

I copied the source for this site, I don't know the real author and cannot find the original site... maybe it closed down because I also use the templates on it and it fails to show up.

hi..u design beautiful templates..i was wondering if you could design tmplates with two side bars and with meta tags
two side bars would give a blog professional website like feel
I will be waiting for such a template from u

It's cool, but when I add a flash(from www.youtobe) the flash is so big,and the alignment isn't center. Anybody help me???

very nice design. I used it for a while. It looked great. I tried reducing the blog title font size and also in the comments section. It looked slightly better. May be a matter of preference. But you can take that as a suggestion. Nice work!

I like this template, but for some reason it doesn't work on firefox. No banner. Looks just fine on safari, though.

love the template, and website. will share with friends.

speaking of friends, new to blogging, how can I add the following to one of your templates?

"email this blog to a friend"

thanks in advance.


Doen't work with Firefox. Works with Internet Explorer.

I just used the fresh code.

Does anyone know a fix for Firefox?


are the template being undated to blogger 2.0 featues?

how can i do to make it function in firefox?¿?¿

In explorer and opera fine, firefox 1.5 neither 2.0..... if somebody discovers something mail me thanks!!!

Can't find original comment...The default template that blogger offers diplay a list of contributors on the blog. How do I get your template to do same.

I love your templates BTW


This template is great!
Want to make your own blogger template?
Try my blog:

it doesn't applied well in Firefox.I always get missing color and some icons or pics when opening in FIrefox

it doesn't work with Firefox!?!

How come?
Is there a way for making this template work?

Great template, even though I had to make a few minor adjustments. Thanks!

Great templates :)

A simple template, but easy to work with. Recommended.

Thank you!


Its really fantastic but the combination will ideal if it was in blue

I liked this better than all the other temps. But it won't upload onto for my blog. Does this have anything to do with me working with a (damn) Mac Powerbook?

very cute....

: )

Thanks! :)

aww...where is Tropical Dream? You didn't keep all of the templates you had :((((( or did you just keep the ones that people were downloading the most?

example at this site

When I try to add this as my template i get this message. Am i doing something wrong?

Please correct the error below, and submit your template again.
Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
XML error message: The content of elements must consist of well-formed character data or markup.

Hi, I used this template on my own site (not blogger) and i dont know how to get the rss and email and comments to work. Can u help me//?

I like the simpleness of this layout. Haha...

check my blog out..

this is a nice blog, i got a hang of checking your templates, every now and then... i already downloaded 5 i think... credits to your ingenuity :D

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