Created by Liz Lubowitz

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hmm, stars. exactly what i was looking for, big thanks x

Im using this for my blog...

Thks sooo much


Perfect! Thanks for designing this.

i've got this on my blog! thanks!

Me too! Thanks!

Let me add to the thank-yous!

I needed something a bit special for a blog I'm setting up featuring movie and theatre reviews I do. This works a treat.

Thanks for your html expertise!

Cheers, Natalie.

I have this template on my blog but today is all withe!!! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Help me!!!

I also have this template and it has lost all color (it's now white) and the stars are gone!!


Same thing as above happened... what do i do??

cool and i'm taking it

What happened??? why i cant use the template? my blog is white right now :(

Same thing happened to me. My blog went all white - apparently, the website bandwidth exceeded.. whatever that means. Sucks large - Had to go find myself a backup template.


me gusta, esta buenisimo

i had problems with this template too..

why i cant use rawk?

Thank you!! i love it!!

Any chance of making a green and black one?

Thank you! I liked this and I'm using it now in my blog :D You rawk Liz!

I like this template. Dont mind me experimenting with an orange variation? :)

Good work Liz!

cool, i think
anyway, i'm using it

Rawk is the coolest!
I' ll use it for my Erasmus blog...

This blog is really cool, sure gets everyones attention! But why is it that since I've downloaded it, to write a comment, you have to either be annonomous or havea blog. For 'other' it says it needs a web page, but what if you don't have a web page and don't want to be annonomous!?
Anyone know?

Excelente diseño.....te las mandaste.....

I want to edit the header image but their is no path for the original image or code to edit easily like the K2 template could you possibly send some revised code to I will make it worth your while.

i love the template but is there ne way i can change the pink2 suttin else

How do you ad a profile???

Its really coool...I would use it but it doesnt quite match the theme of my blog, even though pink and black are my fave colors ^_^

WICKED. I love the pink.

I just put this one on my blog.

I like it, thanks!

Rocks dude!!!Lurve it sHooooo much..*MUACKZ*

I totally LOVE this template, thank you so much!

Love it! Thanks!

Hell, this issue of everything turning white is really anoying... The design is great, but isnt there a way to fix this?!!

it was working fine for a few weeks but now all of a sudden it won't show the stars!!!

i love the stars!

help me!

I love this layout!!! very unique... wild... and yet simple... currently using it for my blog. :) Would you mind making one with blue stars as well? That would be great. You really have a gift for making templates... :D

the stars and other graphics (quote mark in block quotes etc) don't show up in firefox ... is there a fix for this?

it's so awesome! thank you! :D

I can't see the stars now, what happened? :'(

omg i cant see the stars...wat happened? can anyone pls help me with tis? i'm using firefox by the way.. >_<

and the profile picture..its half gone >_<" sry for double posting.

i love this template. thanks.

It's a brilliant template...but for some reason the side bar has joined onto the main part of the blog? Any advice would be much appreciated :)

I LOVE it! Black and hot pink is my favorite color combination!

I love this template!! it's soo perdy!

Thanks Lily

nice man!
its cool

i have this on my blog and its just perfect the photo i put its just the same size than the space.
I still making the blog now i gonna start posting.
Take a look

this template is great but is wrong in firefox. any way to fix this? thanks

i try to put this on my blog and i put it in template and i click preview and its working fine.. but when i type in my actual blog it just comes up with the writing and not the blogger template! its weird. cna you help me?

The main header doesn't appear in my blog or any other which has this template.

What's wrong???

Please, help!

I tried this in Blogger Beta and it won't hide the blogger bar. does anyone know how to hide the blogger bar in blogger beta?

I love it!
I get for my blog.

Maybe more templates with stars? ;>

I really love this template, but i want to make some changes to make it original, somehow. I want to know if it's ok and i want to know why because the CSS looks kinda weird and can't find the images and some other things :S

: )

This template is really cool- I love it! I agree with movie-man2000, green and black would be really good looking. Or orange and black... might have to make it myself! Do you mind if i change it up a bit?

nice templates.. but something wrong with the coding..

Hi, i have converted this template into blogger beta here here

I wish to distribute this template, please contact me at c_stavanger[at] or Blogcrowds

I love this template! I'm using it for my blog... check it out at

fia x

es muy hermosa! BUENISIMA

how do you download it when I click download, a seperate page with a bunch of no wors(numbers, symbols and random letters) come up what do I DO????

How come I see no "Vew my complete profile?" How do I get that to work?

thanks so much for's really nice:)

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thank you very much for template.

I wanna thank you for your template blogspot. I put it to my blog. Would you be add my link as your partner? Maybe I can help you to sells your template. email me or visit my blog soon. Thanks

hey, I have had this template for ages and it just disappeared, now my blog is all white too! Do I just re-paste it? Also I found you can't see the stars when using Firefox.


Is this template no longer valid...Now my blog is all effed up! Looks like shite! Is this going to be fixed or is the template gone for good?

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i like the title of this template :D
very cool and creative at the same time