The Hobbit

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Love the template, but can't get it to work - only html comes up on my preview.

Aha! Finally the OS Hobbit Team has submitted their version for Blogger template. Great going! Guys I hope you'll have tested this many a times before submitting. Bring in the Nautica's pretty soon.

yup, it doesnt work at all :) only html view. i hope it will work soon, 'cause i like it!

beautiful template!!!
working just fine on mine..
looking forward to more templates like this...

Good! I Use it.

Some errors with YouTube movies:
See here

Love it, but like mia, can't get it to work. I only get the html too in the preview. What to do?

Its great! Thanks for the template, but I can't seem to find any subscribe/feed links (blogger elements) in the xml template! I'll try to play around with it, I'm afraid to mess it up though.

Good site !
Also you can visit

hey, love this template
and just works fine with me :)
thank you :D
this is my blog

great design! really liked it
but as I was looking at the css,
i got confused by the navigation section. was there a custom navigation bar? if so, how can i add it? if not...please also tell me how to add it, really appreciate it.

either leave a message at
or my email -

thank you

Yes ! Finally, great works pal !


very cute template, i love it :))
thank you for sharing

i love it, it looks so beautiful. i only have one little prob and that is the letter and pen pic is ascew, not lining up right. can you help?

thank you for the template i just love it!

sorry to bother you again. it looks great in firefox though. guess it's fine. different browesers and all, the one that messess it up is my yahoo browser.

i can't get it to work ...can someone help me out pls?

Yes worked for me! Wes iso nda... apik tenan blogku dadine :p

Btw for you all, don't forget! This template use an xml, not using html again. You must upgrade your template setting to layout mode. And then upload the script. Try it!

BTW, can anyone tell me, how to add "read more" trick on this script?

I can't get it to work , i just read that I have to upload the code but I don't know where in my customize page is that feature.
Can you explain that?

OK, is there a way to install these templates without dumping all your widgets? That's what I did, and I ended up not liking the template, so I did all that for nothing!

Thank you for this template. I think it is stunning, and looks great for my blog.
Great job on it! I'd love to give credit where credit's due though...the designer should come up with a button to place on willing blogs.

This template does not work with YouTube Videos. Video box is to wide for the template content area.

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I 've tried this template and I found it too narrow to add any google ads. So I tried another templates which is great.It is here:

I added the link list and nothing, The bgcontainer.jpg is just not functioning right. I really love this template please help!

I had a couple of problems getting this to work to begin with. The XML wouldnt compile correctly because the copy I received had notes inserted at the top and there were no instructions to delete them. I had to figure that out for myself. Also, as someone has mentioned before the pen icon in the top left doesnt line up in IE. I edited the graphics in Paintshop and uploaded them to my own server. Now it all works fine and I love it. I'm glad I persevered with it. :-)

I loved this one so much! Its got such a fairy tale feel to it... can't thank you enough for this template, its simply beautiful!

nice, i like and using it on my blog.
but can't configure the size of the title of the side bar, i want to decrese the size but cant't. though thank you

Hi... ahm... does anyone else miss the "date" on each post? Because... ahmm... I kind a need the dates and I REALLY LOVE this template... Please let me know if you can help me with that. Thanks.

I'm with you Alvaro!! I really really love this template and it works great for me EXCEPT for the date on each post.

Please, can someone tell us how to add that feature back on??

Oh I've found the fix to get the date back(or rather my friend found it for me).

The fix is:

1. In your dashboard, go to edit html.
2. click on the box saying expand widgets.
3. scroll down till you see:

/* Posts */
/* ----- */ {

4. Change the above so it says:


And that's it!

The Hobbit artwork you've used in this template is copyright Ted Nasmith; at the very least you should be giving him credit and putting a link to his web site at:

Get your unique templates at

Have a nice day :)

This one matches a theme that uses called Hobbit.

okay, so i got it to work partly. I get just the plain green background, but for some reason, the images arent appearing...anyone offer some help please? And keep in mind...I have no clue what im doing, so please use simple words lmao. Thanks =D

really nice template