Pink Blooms

Author: Dan Archibald

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a very nice template....i wanted 2 know something though...can i change that "style" written in pink 2 sumthin else?
i mean i want it 2 show "minx" instead of "style"

Is that possible?

Hey, I made that! How exciting to see it making its own way out in the world. In celebration, here you go.

Oops, I forgot something in my url. That's what I get for not previewing. Well, maybe the blog owner, which approving my comments, can combine them into one meaningful message.

We try again.

Well done, but if you can do something more 'universal' i.e. like "My Blog", "My Diary"... it will be great.

I'm totally digging this template but would also like to change the "Style."

My blog is called "/rant" any chance you can whip something up for me? Or at the very least have it say just "Blog" or something??


Sure sure: Here (you'll need to rename it to "head.jpg" before you drop it into the directory with the other images). I would ask, if its at all possible, if you could stick a link back to in your sidebar, maybe right below where it says "powered by blogger templates".

The style was created for six apart's style contest, and is still hosted at (the header originally was "the Style Contest"; someone just erased the other two words). The distribution I prepared included a photoshop file to let folks change the header on their own, but apparently it got lost somewhere along the way. It is now available at this address, so anyone who wants can feel free to adjust it to their own needs.

Thanks so much for the new header! I put a link in my sidebar for you! :o)

Yay, I'm using it also. Love it all with the exception of Style at the top as well. Creative Style would be cool... but I'd probably have to bake you a pie or something right? Heh!

Now let me see if I can figure out how to put my own links in. Jeez, I wish I were a rocket scientist.

thanks sooo very much dude!!! ur a total genius, man, better than a rocket scientist.... i hope u dont mind my puttin a link 2 squibix on my sidebar....awesome, totally!

This one looks very nice!

lovely template... is there a way i can change the words "my blog" to my blog's title?

That is a very good template.

Could you please make me a style that says "Mary Margaret's Blog"

I would really appreciate it.

I like the template also but I'm having trouble with the side bars for some reason everything is cut off. Thanks

I cudnt add this template!!
it gives parsing error!!
any help please??
not good wid html/xml

I couldn't add the template to either! I got the same "parsing" error.
It says: "Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly."

hey, i put up da minx thing on my blog, n it was workin all fine, but 4 da past few days, its not showing da header. its just blank instead of da usual minx.
n trying ur previous link says dat its unavailable..i'm confused.

For the XML errors - Go here... I was getting those errors too, and I followed every one of these steps and it worked! Woohoo!

I love the template. Is there a way to have the title changes into your own title?

I am using your template as well, and would like to know if you could help me change the title to "Blog for Life"

Hi. I can't change the title of the blog. Can you help?

i want to use this template... but I want to make some adjustments... how can i change the MY BLOG into my blog title PINK STRIDES? Please help me...

Kudos for this template!

Blogskins from squibix design.

Go there to get an updated version of this template--that is, one that was laid out for Blogger by me, the person who designed it in the first place. You can also put in your personalized header requests.


I downloaded the template update you gave, but it looks nothing like the template on your page. Help! I just want to replace "My Blog" with my own title in the same style as "My Blog" is. Is that possible?

Also, my picture is freaking huge and I don't know how to fix it. I've tried copying a different URL into the template; nothing works. Can I please make it smaller? Thanks.

I tried it times without number, its not working for me!!!
it says "Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
XML error message: The system identifier must begin with either a single or double quote character"

that is so annoying!!!
I'm frustrated right now!

It's giving me an error!

"Internet Explorer cannot download Doc from Internet Explorer was not able to open this Internet site. The requested site is either unavailable or cannot be found. Please try again later."


hi! Is there not a way for the user to change the title? I'd like the words "my blog" to say "The Knot". can you help me since I can't change it myself?

How do you make this one for XML?

How do I make it XML so it will work?? Help!

Ok so I am really not that HTML oriented. I tried to copy the template and paste it on the Edit HTML and it give me an error. How can I get it to work! Please help, I really LOVE THIS TEMPLATE! my email is


How can I replace "My blog" wiht my own title?
Is that possible?


can u pls reply dis message ASAP
it says MY BLOG
the title of my blog is

how do I change that? I really want to use dis template, but I want it to say LIVING IN THE MOMENT...pls HELP!!!

this is a new design, nice work... i think i will bookmark your page


Can the sidebar be moved to the right side of the screen?