Powerbook Blog Template

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I would very much like to use this template - but, alas, it doesn't seem to work. It sizes incorrectly, and cuts apart the image.

What a cool template! I just tested it and it works for me. May use this one in the near future.

I am seeing errors in both firefox and IE.

For some strange reason, the screen stops displaying as soon as the blog page ends.

I am trying to figure out why, although if anyone is a coding expert their help would be most appreciative.

Found the fix for this! Follow instructions below! Also, because blogger doesn't like many tags, all > and < tags will be replaced with ] and [ so remember to change it before you republish!

I have found the fix for the skin. If you know a little html, all you have to do is four things to get the image to show properly.

1) have to find the background image link in this section...

[style type="text/css"]
body{margin:0px;padding:0px;background:#ffffff url('') no-repeat;font-family:"Trebuchet MS", Verdana,Arial}

2) And then copy+paste the background image to a notepad file (will use later).

3) Delete the background image html stuff. Translation: Delete this part

url('') no-repeat

so the coding should now look like this:

[style type="text/css"]
body{margin:0px;padding:0px;background:#ffffff;font-family:"Trebuchet MS", Verdana,Arial}

4) Last but not least right before the body tag (this one: [/body] near the end of the page) past in the image code like this:

[img src=""]

This should go in between the [/body] tag and the [/div] tag.

This will fix the laptop problem. Also, it will make your page look funny, so in order to remedy this, remove the Nav bar by following these instructions.

1) Find the style tag


and replace it with this:

[style type="text/css"]

#b-navbar {


Now your page should look fine. Let me know if this works or not. :)

One more thing!

It works fine in firefox, but IE may give you a headache!

You must put in commands to adjust the image. I am using ] and [ for > and < so remember to change them when you are finished!

Put this image code right before the [/body] tag which is located at the end of the page:

[img align="left" src="your image url"]

So now it should look like this:

[img align="left" src="your image url"]

That's it! Then your done!

Very cool! I'm gong to customize this and use an image of a MacBook Pro! Thanks!