Blogger Template Tabacco


I wanted to use this template, trying it out, but the blogger bar across the top covers the title. Is there a way to lower the title on the template so that the blogger bar remains at top but also that the blog title shows on the blog and is not covered up by the blogger bar?

I have to work on it much more, Here it is

Thank you John, for being so prompt and providing the template code. I am still working with it some, and I like the template, just not sure I chose the right one to express what I want to express. I appreciate your help. I'll sit with it a while, see what I think..

blog = FUBAR

This is truly a gorgeous template. Will use it with pleasure if you finish it.

hi there..
I'm using this template now.
I also have added some modification.. see, i put comment-link there.
But i have some problems, mostly coz lack of knowledge about html and css:

pls do check my blog.

1. why does the picture of my article (titled: Ruwet) put like that?
2. How to wrap the profile data on the side of my profile-picture?
3. I want to add a nice line between the header and the beginning of post.
4. I also want to have an area, on the very bottom of the page, which will consist of footer message such as: copyright, etc..
5. I want to put the comment-link in the most right of the line. is it possible?

thx in advance for your help.

Nice template. This is the third one I'm using from your site (With PowellStreet and Stevenson). Thanks for all of them, they make my blogs look nice in spite of my posts ;)

I've used this template for a while, and modified it quite a bit (set up a header box, set it up for 3-column, etc) at

Check it out, and if you have any questions over how I implemented anything, let me know.

hi! does anyone can give me the right code for this template??

I really enjoy the templates on this site! I ended up using this template and made a VERY simple modification by inserting 2 HTML breaks at the beginning of the main page and at the beginning of the side bar.

My final product can be seen at:

In case anyone comes back here to check, it would appear that the background image used for this template is currently missing, presumably permanently. Here is the old image URL. I noticed the other day that the subtle background image that I've been using on one blog for a while - Mudhorny: Tobacco - was not loading.

I guess I've learned my lesson to always download and reference important image files like this locally rather than remotely. If I find I have a backup copy somewhere, I'll post it here.

Found it:
Serendipity :: Spartacus - Serendipity Plugin And Repository Tool Access Customization/Unification System
Though it appears to be a revamp of the template for a different engine and not Blogger, it contains all the images. Unless this post is updated soon with the code for the template itself, I will post it for anyone that is interested.