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Cantik euy .... :) 

Posted by From Indonesia

Please oh please wont you fix the link to bloggerbanner10? It is oh so pretty and I would have saved it to my HD......well I promise I will if you fix the link.

Do you have any banners or buttons for your site that we can post into our templates by any chance?

So where in my template do I place this HTML to have it work?

thanks for the button...
use it on my blog... :D

'Site Feed' button

dangit! I used the fairy one in my fairy-princess template but it's gone now!

great, thanks.

may i ask what is the font you used for the first blooger button?

What happened to the fairy???? Ive had mine forever and it is suddenly gone! Im freaking out.... ???

Yup my fairy is gone too...where did she go????????

Where's the other Blogger buttons that aren't official?

Penny, which inofficial Blogger buttons do you mean? have not seen them.

Why has the cute blogger button gone? Why oh Why???? Please can you put it back up somewhere. The other ones are so boring

I also love the cute fairly blogger button. I thought I had saved it to my computer somewhere but I guess not. Can you e-mail it to me at ? Thanks!

I meant fairy, not fairly

All the official Blogger buttons are here:

And the non official are here:

Now is 3D world ...
Can you change those image to 3D. I will used it to my world

its was very funny templete but it was notr acceped.

zqcantik, menarik, tertarik

zqcantik, menarik, tertarik

nice templates.
I'll might use one for

may i know how u changed the icon which is shown in the tab like for u it shows the shining b even i want to change it plzz help me

really nice templates, but i was wondering whether somebody could find me the template of ???

Best Regards,
Eliena Andrews

..And a Blogger templates buttons?!

I am not able to find how to contact you & that's why posting here.
I have generated a widget to add orkut profile in blogger.Please do check that at
I would like to have a link back from you.
thanks in advance,

I don't get it, what is "Button"

Great blog, lots of useful stuff here!


I have made a template for wordpress as well as for blogger similar to you can check this template out at and

labnol blogspot is not a template it was created by amit

useful information