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how can i get one of the old templates, i dont find a place for the code, just have a message, right click at the example, but here?

tks for help


The "Ice" template (in your archive" does not work... When I click on it, i see only gray background.... Please help!!

I really like this template but I want my profile picture to show, not just the "about me" link. Is that possible? I can be reached at

It's nice you finally updated your blog. Thanks for the dream template! I linked you on my site.

Comments are reworking now!

This template is absolutly stunning, thanks so much!

Cool layout. Is that the picture that was on before?


hi there.. nice template u have there. i am using it.. really nice! thanks! will link u up!

I love this template!!! It is awesome!

i am using it..thk u

I love this template, I'm currently using it, but does anyone know any other free template sites, that I can just copy the code, not download it.. like this site has..?

I recently found this template and I really like it but I cannot get it to show who posts a comment. It just shows the comment. I have to click on post a comment to see who has posted the comment. Is there any way to fix this?


i used it and changed all the graphics to different polka dots but that wuz a while ago :)

nice design! i'm currently using this template.

one question though, the comment part of the topmost entry only appears after the last line of the sidebar. any idea how to fix it?

thanks a lot.

All my frens just luv my design!!!and i luv it the rox!

Hey, Im using this design. However there appears to be a huge ( really long) gap between my first post and the rest of the posts on my main page. How do I correct this?

Nevermind. I fixed it. I have also linked back. Thanx again.

i have d same problem as kc. hw do i rectify it?

am using this template!

using a modified version of this template :)

I am currently using your template. I think your template principal is simplicity. That's why I like it. They look professional. Thank you.

yes it looks very professional, thank you

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I love it. I use it here American I D and I want more. Thank you.