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Unlimited, jpg, gif, png, bmp, swf, max. 250kb.
It even has an auto blogger post function ..

I have never tried those serivce, but also does the trick for me. Autopost function is very convenient, especially for those not familiar with HTML.

very easy, images & movies. no registration, but no history of files uoloaded, tend to 'lost' the link to file somehow...

how abt,,it allows the user to blog directly from the image uploaded in this website.. i do have id in this server....too good..


ok, flickr rocks.. in fact im using it now... the problem is it put a link over the picture u post (from ur mail or from flickr).
Im wondering if is possible to post without that link ova tha images...

I also use, they are the best!

Since I been using them, they never let me down, like my big brother does when he pulls my chair back, because I then fall on my head, which does not feel to good, because that hurts as I know!

I don't like bandwidth limits, so I dont use photobuket nor flirk for that reason.

Why dont use, from Google, which gives you unlimited bandwith and unlimited space, and the hability of a "chat and transfer" app? :P. It creates a thumbnail and full picture view. And it doesn't create a special page to see your original picture. No FEE! It also posts directly to your blogger.

But if you don't like what Google does ... you can try all those all other services.


photo-hosting: 100Mb
month bandwidht: 1Gb
and the registration is very very fast really

(i'm sorry, don't speak english very well) : 2GB storage, full blog support

Try - it's free n ezy n fast! 250Mb storage - no bandwidth limit - UK base hosting. You can upload your picture thru FTP if you prefer.

See my galery for your study

how about ico extensions ?

You cannot upload and host the images on the google hello service? Free Image Hosting

100k file size limit, jpg, gif and png support. Possibly one of the easiest free image upload services out there.

thank you and here is a link of a website, where you can find so much webspaces (with informations):

One of the reasons that some people don't use Hello from google is because alot of people use linux (me) and Hello doesn't work with linux unless you have WINE. and WINE does not work with AMD64 architechture proccesors so people with good computers can't actually use googles BULL SHIT! is the best
max 2Gb, no limit per photo, no limit per month and it's FREE

Another great image-hoster is
Max. file size : 25 MB
Pictures are saved for 100 Days.
Perfect for Ebay-Auctions.

Another German image hoster is
Its said, that its completely free. Max filesize is 1 MB.

Does anyone knows how to post a photo (s) direct from iPhoto to Blogger.



Look , 20MB of space


I have a question, in fact 2:

1. Does have a "Control pannel" to see & manage all the images that you uploaded to their server?

2. Does thaey have a limit regarding the uploaded amount of pictures?

thanks !!!

1= no there is no controlpanel
2= yes the limit is 300 mb.

Good Templates I find here! Thank you.

Thanks, but look here, here are more good image hosts listed:

Keep on good Templates

Hi all
I want to add a slideshow with images but also with short text below each image and background audio while slideshow is running....any ideas? I've seen working but not sure if this is the best way to go.


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You should all also try newest one, and for me the best one.


why dont try

Hmmmmmmm, what a dang lot of advertising. zzz. If you want photo hosting, photobucket does the job nicely. I use it my self and everything I need goes there. My forum images and stuff are all hosted there anyway. If you are too lazy to even type in a couple of words in your address bar to get a few images hosted for free, the only alternative i can find is use the uploader the blogger has (very inefficient in my opinion, fails half the time for me.)

All the site above are good the problem is some of these doesnt index their images to search engines Like "Google Image Search", anybody know the any phot o upload site which index as a mentioned plz let me know you can find my email address in my blogspot profile..

I want to change the header image in my blog, but I don't know where to put the other image (that I have changed) to linked it to my template. All storage website change the image size. But I need the original size.

Have anybody idea for this?

The Best Site ...

You Save-me Brother
Thanks for this information

Wow! I've been looking for information on free image hostings such these. This is a great source.

How do you make the pop ups on the homepage previews? I really would like to know

Try to use this one guys.. no expiration time..

Great list : )

i try FMPICS.Com
its the best for me :)

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Unlimited, jpg, gif, png, bmp, swf, max. 250kb.
It even has an auto blogger post function ..
Ignorant Cow, on 10:56 PM # ]
Not true, maximum limit per free user is 100mb. Flickr is the best as you can have 100mb worth of photos UPLOADED each month with not storage limit plus you can licence your work and create flash slideshows/badges.

Forget about flickr, photobucket and the others. Try you won't be disapointed. It's the best alternative I have seen on the web and it's free (at least, right now). It let's you embed your Slidez gallery in your website or weblog, and you can upload more than 100 photos at the same time in just two steps. Slideshows look great!. Trust me, visit
You will need Firefox2 or IE7 to login. If you are Win2K user and only use IE6, try Firefox2. It's a small browser and it's better tha IE. Visit

If you want to share files or images with friends either via email or in blogs and forums, i suggest these ppl. 100mb free unlimited uploads/downloads for free unlimited file and image hosting is shutting down soon. also seems not working.

Another new kid around the block is ImageSpar. We provide unlimited hosting for most image types with unlimited bandwidth.
You don't even have to worry about your files getting deleted due to inactivity as the images are never deleted.

i recommended photobucket. because its cool and unlimited ever its free and need registration...

fastest image hosting site. provides free web hosting with no-ads at all. They give you 300 MB disk space, 10 GB monthly bandwidth/traffic, PHP 5, 7 MySQL databases, unlimited POP and web based email accounts, custom MX, .htaccess, password protected files, custom error pages, FTP and web based file manager, automatic script installer, SSI, 5 add-on domains, 5 sub-domains, 24 hour technical support and lot more. Sign up now for free hosting account with Pink Paper at

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Website is Free Image Hosting - Free Images Uploading - Free Photo Sharing. We having a big promotion for you. Register Friends Plan images hosting for free. Please go to , register an account with free plan, then email for me that account to my email with subject: Join Friends Plan. I'll active for you account immediately with Friend plan.
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Flash Gallery.
Thanks for your reading is a free image host that is very easy to use. Really fast and very reliable. is closed.

ImagesUpload.Com.PL is a free image hosting service for anyone wishing to post images on message boards, MySpace profiles, blogs, or anywhere you want to post an image!
You can easily upload your images and share them with others. Just click the Browse button, select a photo, and click the upload button to get started with our free image hosting service!

-File Types Allowed: gif, jpg, png
-Maximum File Size: 1 MB (1024KB)


I have used many image hosting services on my website so from my experience i can say that the best ones are..

Best regards is a very easy to use free photo hosting website

This is an amazing list. I have used,,, and many more image hosting websites to upload both pics and videos on my website i.e So with my experience i should be able to tell you that these websites are just Gr8. They work like a champ. This is my honest review.
Hope I contributed something that was worth sharing :-)

i came across another free image hosting site

check this one,

I have been using ImageLuv for a while and love its reliable service. Very fast in uploading multiple images.

4mb filelimit, adult content is allowed, unlimited bandwith

easy and quick

think u
Very usefull post
here is another great site for pictures and photo uploading and it give u the html code to put it in forum or blog

If you want to share files or images with friends either via email or in blogs and forums, i suggest this brand new website. You can share files up to 25 mb , and it's also FREE:

Cerzo Free Image Hosting - Pictures Sharing is a great free photo hosting and image sharing website.

you can find it here : - up to 10 mb files you can store there !

I would recommend ,its great!