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Wow! This is a GREAT template!!! Thank you!

I just love this template and I use it for a long time, but I have some problems with CSS when adding a third column, it's all messed up with 800x600 resolution.
What can I do?

I love this blog template. Thank you thank you thank you

This is an awesome template, thanks!!!

This was pretty cool, but I had to muck around with stuff to install new running boards along the right and the left. It clutters things up a bit, but it's nice to have more real estate if you want post ads and stuff. I have it on both my blogs. I wish I knew more about making up the templates because it would've taken me less time to muck around with it.
Thanks for the template. Hope you don't mind I customized the hell out of it. Cheers!

I like the ice bubble template, using it for my blog, Jabberwocky. It is working out great. I enjoy all the skins being developed here, really adds variety to my blogs. Good work Blogger, looks like I see the name John frequently, so good work John!

Posted by Wonderwander

Nice template! Its really hard to find what you want. Especially since theres no 1 site that has them all catalogued. mybe I should go do that. 

Posted by Pstubb

Funny, it looks different than my blog using the same template code. I can't get those header bars to connect to the other side of the screen and the comments option is missing. The preview shows everything right, but when I apply the changes, it doesn't show up right.

Does anyone know why?


Posted by ChaosBlizzard

I got it to work! Found out you have to have the email post option turned on in order for it to show correctly.


Posted by ChaosBlizzard

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Is it possible to download the .swf file and load it onto our own server to save on your bandwidth? 

Posted by Ed

Wow, this is a great template, thanks so much for making it

This is a great template! By any chance, do you have the .fla file for the flash header? I would like to be able to customize it a little bit...

You can download the .swf but I haven't the .fla file.

Great template but having 1 problem with it, when you do onto a post for comments the sidebar is longer but the image runs out after the post so the sidebar looks out of place, but the first page is fine. Have a look


I wanted to customize the .swf would that be possible, If you could please reply by email, that would be great ( I tried looking for your email but couldn't find it.

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This template is cool. I like it! Thks!

I love it!

Awesome Template. I hate to repeat what everyone has said but yes, thank you for making it. I just wanted to let you know I apreciate your work.

Comments are working now.


To answer my question- post a comment on

how can i put in a section on the sidebar that says contributors

Great template. Thanks!

Thanks so much for a great template. I began using it in March of '05.

Awesome template, small problem though. When I view the comments on a post, I'd like to have a link at the bottom that returns people "Home" to the original page you know. Anyone know how I can do that?

Hello I make changes about your templates.

i loved this template.. though i made changes to it.. so much tweaking and phutzing but it turned out alright thanks

Great template. I'm using it now. Thank you.

Great!! Thank you so much for sharing.

Great! :)
I'm using it now. Thank you.

I'm using too, since few months, with some changes... anyway, you did an excellent work, congratulations!

I'm still study blogger layout and template but found the wonder thanks to Blogger Template team. I used it and good thanks.

Thank you for the template, i tweaked it a little bit. It works great.

Hi, is it possible to customise the colour of this template. I would love to use it on our Blogzil but we need it green. Anyone knows how to do it?


Sir V

This is very nice but there isn't enough contrast between the text and background for entries.

This is more of a question then a comment. In this template, how would i replace the titale area with this picture "". For some reason, it only covers part of the title area.
Can someone help me with this problem?

I have a question for you. I used this template here

As you can see the template leaves a LOT of space after a post to make it match the length of my links on the right. But I am showing 3 posts to a page so why is it moving the other posts down instead of including them? Is there a way to fix that?

Also if anyone knows how to make it full page instead of just the strip down the middle I would appreciate it.

I have the sam problem as Jon without an "h". How do you get rid of the blank area? It does not show up in IE, but it does in Firefox and Safari.

I'm having the same troubles as jon w/o an "h" and nunya. I'm running Firefox and there is a large blank space in my first post. Looks great in IE though.

Check it out at

Anyone have a fix?

This is the best!!

To fix the long gap in Firefox:

Go to your Settings> Formatting> scroll down to
where it says Enable FLoat Alignment- CLICK "NO" Then
Save settings and Republish blog.

I love this template!! It is simple, neat and cool. Never had any problem with it ! A real life saver :)

Holy Sh##$

Awesome template

Keep up the good work

I love this template, but do you think you could make another one with possibly a dark green theme to it instead of blue? If so, thanks in advance!!

Really a great template. Thanks!

I'm using this template atm & I love it! Thanx!

You're welcome!

hey nice template. One of my favorites

I love it! It's by far my favourite one on your site! Nov 05

I like this template a lot but its not working on IE snifffff. Is there a way to make it work either in firex fox and Internet Explorer?

Hey This Is The Most Awesome Blog Template, Please Make MOre of these kInd, [FlAsh Powered Kind]! Keep Up THe Good Work And God BLess More POwer too

Pues a mi con Firefox esta plantilla no se me ve correctamente.. en Explorer sí.

Alguien sabe por qué puede ser?

I love this template, but i have a problem, there is a big space at the beginning, does anyone know how to remove it? it's very annoying. Please e-mail me if u do know how to.
my e-mail:

Hey Danny . . . THANK YOU for the Firefox fix . . . I had searched and searched the code and really never thoroughly looked at the formatting settings on the dashboard. Thanks!

By the way, does anyone know of a modification to allow comments on this template?

i need code/download link for ice-bubble template
if anyone can send me:

thanks thankyou very much