Kubrick for Blogger

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I like it very much ^^

Thanks for the awesome template. Just when I was regretting not having kept a backup of the old template that i had customised to my whims with a lot of love.

Thanx a lot for Kubrick.

well, can i personalize the header too? since 'kubrik' really meant for someone else named after kubrik? and i want a header with my id on it, how's that? and how can i do it, i am a bit blindfold on blogging stuffs. thanks...

awesome, thanks for the template

How does one get the sidebar to display on pages other than the index page?

Choose the template with NavBar

This template rocks--just installing it right now. But it seems that the comments are jacked up because of the recent blogger comment code change...any chance we might get a kubrick update?

Yes the comments are not working :( I was hoping it to work because I wanted to try to not use Haloscan.

Thanks for this, have adopted this very nice looking template though I've tweaked it a lot and use Haloscan. One suggestion: the text for the blog description doesn't wrap properly if you have a long description and extends beyond the margins of the header image. I therefore added to the template this:

.description {
padding: 10px 0 20px 0;
margin: 5px 0 0 150px;
width: 450px;

just before this, or thereabouts:

.widecolumn {
padding: 10px 0 20px 0;
margin: 5px 0 0 150px;
width: 450px;

You might consider doing that for your base template too. Thanks again.

Hi there excellent template and yes the comments are all messed up they don't work! :-(

This is a very nice, clean, and professional looking template. This is just the look that I like.

Thank you for your hard work!

anyone got the comments to work after blogger made the recent upgrade? please let me know! :)

All the thing about Java comment doesn't work!

so you could delete all Java comment code first

and add <$BlogItemCreate$> into your code!

how to get comments work caus it says bad characters and stuff

You have just r0x0red by b0x0r. Thank you.

I really enjoy the "next" feature, but i'm looking for some kind of "previous" feature. Do you have one up your sleeve or can you point me in the right direction? I love your templates.

Sorry abt that. I had a problem with displaying the "posted by blogauthor" portion at the end of every comment, but have now fixed it.

Is this bloggertag missing? <$BlogCommentAuthor$>

I couldn't find it anywhere on the source code to be copied-and-pasted.

All tags are here.
Just add the code where do you want between the <Blogger></Blogger> tags (2 times):
posted by <a href="<$BlogOwnerProfileUrl$>"><$BlogOwnerNickname$></a>

Thanks for the template - I went to the original site too, and picked up some tips. I played around with the format too, but anyway - thanks again, so are you going to putting up new ones again soon>

A great template I will start useing!

Thanks for the great work....


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Could you send the cubrick code whitout navbar to this e-mail:
I couldn't get it by your link.

liked this template. i would like to have

<< Home | Next >>

appear just after / below

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Similar to this page. I hope the author of the template can answer this!

Very nice, I am now using it myself, a million thanks for the nice crisp design!

Very nice...this template brought me into the world of blogging as no other template I'vo found has satisfied my needs.
Just wondering though...are there a way to remove the dark grey line/frame outside of the main frame?
Thanks anyway.

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Hey, thanx for the template! I really liked it and now I'm using it for my new bogsite. Come and visit here -->

I like your templete very much! I want to change the header gradient to a dark colored one. Is that possible? Thanks a lot for good design. Also, I liked! It is so cool!!!

You can add a "previous page" link using
<A HREF="javascript:history.go(-1)">previous page</A>

The comment feature works fine for me...

Alexander's Blog

How do you get rid of the grey line enclosing the body??

thanks for the layout, i played with it a little though..

check it..

Great template! One problem, though: the white box in the middle ends before the visible posts do. I've had to put a couple hundred "breaks" in to extend it down to the bottom of the page, and the effect still isn't ideal

Thnx for the template, stylish and minimal. Like it.

Hi there, great template, but I cannot see the little envelopp icon in the comment part.

Am I doing something wrong?
Thks for any help

i love this template too~~

hey really thanx for such a profissional look template
i've try it on my blog , the comments is working fine and ur java script code is so helpfull

i need some help from u if u can
as my blog in arabic and its use (right to left direction) i managed to modify the code for the posts and the comments but i try alot to customize the side bar and i couldnt do it right ( even it became too small , or it go out of the frame) i try to assign (dir=rtl) to the side bar div , but it also didnt work for me ... i really would be soo thankfull if u help me to fix this out
my e-mail is hassan79[at]gmail[dot]com

thanx alot again .... and keep going with this such a great work

It's a great template.
Thank you.

Me gusto... tah bueno... pero ya tengo uno hecho por mi mismo... cuando cambie esta va a ser una buena opcion!

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Nice work; I may have to look into implementing some of the elements myself...

Herm, nice template, simple but elegant...i like it...keep up the good work

Love the template. Two quick questions...

How can I show more than just the last 10 postings in the POSTS column on the right?

And is there anyway to make the blue tittle box on the top shorter - half the height will do the trick.


It appears that the posts come up on the main page in the wrong order....

Hi! The Template is great!
I'm using it for a german blog:
But i've got some problems:
When a single post is open the "next" button doesn't work and the names of the commentors doesn't appear.
Need some help at this points.


I can't get commentors' names to appear either.

I saw an above comment that said that the "<$BlogCommentAuthor$>" code was missing.

Where would I paste this code?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi! Nice design. Hope you guys can help me! My blog is at and my problem is with the comments. You can't se who posted the comments. Anyoone help me? Send me an e-mail for the source-template.

same probs with the comments.. but its a great template

I have modified this into a photoblog - will send you the source code if interested. Here is the blog Photo Lucida

Hey ! I actually installed this one on my blog... with a tweak ! Check me out !

Ive played around with the template a bit, you can check it out at PiNKS

where is the difference in the html code between the nav bar and no nav bar templates?

@ jiminy: have a look here:

Got someone an idea to the problem with the comments? (some comments higher...)

nice, thanks!!

I have altered the syntax to allow usernames but not the picture.

Code is at

I put the Blogrolling code in the sidebar, but there's this little square that appears just above "by Blogrolling". Can anyone advise on how to get rid of this little square to get my blogroll to display as it should?

Here is where you can see it: Test Blog.

Thanks in advance.

Jon Whitelaw,

Could you post the line of code that you're talking about to fix the commentor's name thing?

Thanks in advance.


Hahaha... figured that the comments didn't work. And should read this instead of the earlier posted by YE$

Posted by <$BlogCommentAuthor$>

This is the best template ever. I am playing with it and making it my own (more so in function than looks right now). I got the comments to post my people's name. It rocks. Thanks so much. :)

Hi Michael!

I also used your webdesign for my own blog but a used my own HTML codes. As you can see at my Blog the header doesn't exactly connect to the body. It still has a white line running through it. Can you help me by looking at my source and then tell what the problem is? This my Blog:



Ps: And do you now how to get the background grey? In combination with that image I can't get it to work...

Love your template! Thanks so much!...I had been struggling with the look of my blog for a few months now...stubbled accross you Kubrick template...and the rest, as they say, is history!

Wonder if someone could quickly point me to the line in the code where I can change the colour of the header and the labels colours on the side bar?

This is an awesome template! I'm using it for a new blog I'm trying to get off the ground.

One question--I'm having trouble making Google AdSense ad units show up anywhere. I've tried putting different units in a bunch of different spots in the layout/code. Has anybody else had this problem? Suggestion?

Ok, I give up! How do I get the code that will make the authors of the comments appear?

Thank you very very much. It is clean, neat and smart -- exactly what I wanted!

Great template. I've adapted it somewhat using reds rather than blues and a few other changes. If anyone's interested, please visit

it's a great template..
but i'm facing many problems like-
1)How to add authors name with the each post.
2)How to add picture with title..
3)how to have comment posting system like this one...
4)how to make different category for different posts..

can anyone help me out..or post me the refined template..
Rajesh Kumar Rana

Nice template but im wondering, i you add 2 side bar? thanks

I got a question.
How can I remove that invisible bar on the top?
It's kinda disturbing me :(

just applied. Thanks a lot!

will try it.. thanks 4 kubrick :D

I have always loved the Kubrick simplicity of design and think I will set this up on my blogger. Thanks for making it easy.

another 2 column wonder! wow. wonder why these 'designers' rarely think out of their 2 column boxes. I think you need general intelligence and logical skills for that. Seems like specific IT skills and intelligence do not give people general intelligence skills. No wonder revolutionary innovation is very sloooow in the IT line.

Very pleasing on the eye and on the screen when displayed; your hard work is much appreciated. Pete/UK

how do i add the blogger navbar? when i use the code as is the nav bar is not there and i would lke to have it on my site.

Thx so much!! Currently, I am using this template, but I don't know how to edit the template as the format is different from the blogger provided. Do u have some solution? I wanna add my profile photo in the side bar and rearrange the squence of the items in the bar.
Would u mind helping me ?

how i can be a ramdomized header on this template?? i'm trying but i can't!!!! help from spain!!!!

i want changed the kubrickheader.gif for other ramdomize header, called ad example kubrikheade1.jpg,kubrikheade2.jpg.... etc!

THANK U that all

how can i get peoples names to show up for their comments?

how can i get peoples names to show up for their comments?
can anyone help me out..or post me the refined template..
or email to

yeah, i can't get kubric to work with the NavBar but i really need to have NavBar and can't use this template unless i can get it to work with NavBar

how can i get NavBar to work with this template?

many people asked about how to get back navbar, well here is the trick....

============phase I

find [/head]

just remove the following tag from your style style sheet


you'll find these tags with triangular brackets

============phase II

after getting back the navbar you'll face the problem of space at the top of the blog..

you can solve that by-

just find the following tag at style sheet

[#page[background:#000;text-align:left;margin:40px auto;padding:10px;position:relative;width:760px;_width:720px]

and increase the margin:20px to 40x or more as your convenince

============phase III

you can also change the colour of the navbar to suit your blog

just go to template there you'll find Change the Blogger NavBar and choose according to

colour of your blog

SaCreD MaTriX

there is something wrong with the comments ... when i click on the comments it leads to page with my old theme ... this is confusing ... i did play around a little bit with the theme so that i could get my old sidebar but i still need the comments


Hey when u change something.... don't forget to republish whole blog.... not just index...

i did do that ... still same thing ... if you want you can check my blog out ... click on comments from april 13 or earlier

nvm just alignment on pages post pages that is a little queer ... wtv i can live with that ... thanks Rajesh


Appreciated your info. Thx.

Steve @

hi guys! how do i change the background? and the header? tnx!

my theme now bugs things arent alligned i have some random crap that i dont even know where it comes from ... any help please it might be easier if you look at my blog most of the bugs are when you click on comments;

where is the code? my template suddenly f*cked up and i lost my back up and now i can't find the code!!! arrrrrggggg

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I can not do it. Could you tell me how to get the name of the author who posted the comment to show when you click on each individual post? please
look my blog

Please i need help. This is very important to me

really nice template for blogger...
Actually, how can i make 2 side bar like this:
content | sidebar1 | sidebar2
what is the code? can someone help me?

thanks for the template

link? where?