- Dynamic CSS Menu
- Great to post large images

#content {
  width : 454px;
  margin-left : 205px;
  padding: 20px;

this is a fix for safari


Hi, I liked the black one and I've used it on my blog.

Thank you for the nice design!


i like the clean lines of this code. :) very simple and easy to navigate.

Thanks - I used the "white" one @

Thanks for the great template! I'll give you props on my site:

Odd Todd 88

i use the white one for my blog @

this is the best. so far...

Hi, I like the black one very much. In the example the photographs are on the right, when I use this template for my blog the photos are on the right, I would like them on the left. I have studied the code and cannot see where/how to change this. Please help. Thanks, Jim.

this is a neat design...but can i get comments to open in a new window...i mean i tried in the dashboard settings...there it says 'yes' to 'open comment in a new window' but in this template, there's no new window... anyone know how to change this?

Thanks for this top template. I'm using it for my blog

Nice clean design. I've started using it at

Thanks. Nice template used this in my blog.

Hi! Thanks for the template, I´ve used the white one. But I have a problem with my links, they do not open new sources. Could you help me to correct that??? Thanks...

Is it possible to have this code with the blogger toolbar? I have tried to put it on and it was too close to the title of the blog.

Thanks heaps for posting this service. Your templates and guidance are a real delight. I now have a good deal of comic material posted at Ask the News-Hound. But it has always at the back of my mind to be sure I drop back to thank you.

Wow, Thats a nice template.
I Love that
Thank You

i love this template!

i used it on my blog, thank you :D