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So...You will make a MSN model,too?
It's very funny template! ^_^ 

Posted by TWOer

Yes... A MSN model i's good! 

Posted by Alberto

Good stuff john.. keep up the good work! 

Posted by Abe

i LOVE your work! 

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Posted by ld

I don't understand. The templates of "Blogger Templates " are very good! 

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Posted by kristine

wow. you made it! awesome! you are so talented. keep it up! =D
do you do requests? 

Posted by kelly

Great job! Maybe you could do a blog template based on Slashdot. 

Posted by Bassguy

neat..GOOGLE!!...its nice, and not as cluttered and 'busy' as yahoo.

keep up the great work!

Wow! You really do fabulous work!!!

You do some beautiful work! I've been looking for new templates for my sites, and most of what I've found is crap. I'm glad I found your stuff.

Hey! I am using some of your blogs! Come see how I've manipulated them to fit my world (not much, but a little). I was writing to tell you something that I noticed with the templates I'm using of yours. You remove the standard Blog Meta Tag from the head of your templates, and that is what eliminates the little "email post" and "edit post" icons. I like those icons... I hate having to dig and fish with my mouse to find the invisible link. Anyway, not sure if you had put those two things together, but it's worth a mention in your blog so people will be able to add/remove that tag as they prefer! Anyway, your templates are beautiful! Thank You Much!

Hey, I still love your work, but I thought you might want to know that several of your templates don't work in Firefox/Netscape/Mozilla/Safari (including your homepage).

sic: not true! They work just fine for me in firefox (the offspring of netscape) I think there is a bug in your browser. Get it fixed!!! :p

Great Template, I've just put it up on my new blog.

Awesome an avid blogger, using blogger too, i love these.

Though can I ask, how can I swap the "links" part and put that above the "archieve" part on the right hand side, as the arcieves will build the links will go so far down.. is this doable?

I keep trying in template of blogger, but I cant get it right.

Can anyone advise?


Great stuff..consider this site bookmarked. ;-)


hey i used this google template for a month...
and then when i applied for google adsense, google told me that it is prohibited to use this template and some if i continue using the template, some 'representative' from google will contact me soon...

i thought i will let u know...

Hey, an a9 template would be great--it's a great search engine.

nah, enough search engine themed templates. Some media based ones would be a nice touch...

i like this. what about a spring flower themed page? :) for easter or mother's day.

your site is definitely on my favorites list!

love this! but part of the "google" pic is broken at the bottom. you might wanna fix that...

Thank you for these nice templates. But the google and yahoo ones are clearly infringing their copyright and trademark. I hope you don't get into trouble.

You are lots of fun and very useful on tips too! Thanks and keep up the good work :).

Nice work!
I'm trying a blog with your template.

Hi there. The template is simply a masterpiece.
I use to put a weblink on the title line and this template does not let me do!
The permalink could be right at the bottom!
How could I fix that?

Hey to fix the -gle go to the picture link and copy the one that says current on it then paste it in the wierd picture link and replace the current with next... it works i tried it

Wow, for a minute I thought I made a mistake and went to Google, but I guess I thought wong, I think.

You have some really great ideas, who ever you are, but I think I'm just gona stick with my blog, but not to the screen like the time my big brother glued my monitor and left a note saying touch me, so I did, which was not a good thing, because I got stuck to the screen on my blog, but my mom got my fingers off the screen after she kicked my big brothers butt with her big foot first, which hurts as I know!

Anyways, I like your work! I hope you and all your friends here have a nice weekend, and don't do what I wouldn't do, whatever that means.

Awesome~~~ (",)

interesting blog entries...

keep on bloggin'

carpe diem!

We've found that you are improperly using Google Brand Features on
your site. Google policy does not permit Google Brand Features,
including Google trademarks, logos, web pages, screen shots, or other
distinctive features, to be displayed on your site without prior
consent from Google. We therefore kindly ask that you discontinue your
use of Google Brand Features (Google design, logos, UI).

Thank you for your understanding. Once you've made the necessary
changes, please reply to this email so that we may review your account

Sergueï says it's ok

cool work

Excellent! I almost thought this template was a search site and wondered what in the world it was doing in the blog. Then I realized that it was a Google Template.

Guess I should read the titles before reading the posts. ;)


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I tried you template too !

great templates!!

awaiting new ones. :)

Hey man...
Wonderful work... Congratulations
But I´m winth problems...:
In this address: is hosted the "-gle" part of the figure at the botton of the page... But in my page this image don´t appears...
Can you help me??? Can you send the image to my email: ??? Please ???
But with exception with this little issue, your work is GREAT !!! Really Great... COngratulations again...

Renato Siqueira

I'm pretty sure this goes against Google Trademark usuage. However, you are very talented and you do a great job! When's the next template coming out? link.

WAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I love it!

great template...but theres no space for the description...could you add that?

Beautiful piece of work. I borrowed it for my new blog Googleholism.

That is really nice template. Can I use it in my wordpress?

Salut ¥€$, je suis le seul qui parle français ici ? :D
merci pour ce template
je vais remettre ton lien ;)
@+ !

I like this! I'm using it for my blog, okay? Cheers! :)

I loved this. Google and blogger. Only thing with this I should do something better on the internet and scribblings. Thanks a lot.
my latest
using the google template. Thanks a lot.

Very Very Good template ! thanks

hey did you write to google to get perimission to use there logo? i want to use this templete but dont' want to do anything wrong...this is an awesome templete! here a link to get perimisission from google:

don't know if its a black hole or not...

nice template dude!

Hi Looks nice and exactly what im looking for but:
it looks like this:

Can somebody helpmeout?

Esta SUPER!! lo pongo en mi blog

Muy bueno para mi blog de descargas gratis

tambien para

gracias por esta platilla

I've been using this skin even before there were all these comments but I still think it's briliant, briliant, briliant!

how can i have this template please contact
vic_n_msn @ yahoo . co .in

How do i get the template for My Google Blog?

nice template dude what's next yahoo?
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It's simple and cutie templete ^^ Nice..... :thumb:

just hat
. .

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I am rooting for wikipedia template for blogger.

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