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I like this template, am using it for my blog, Blue Tones . I changed the picture at the top, liked what is already there so put it back.

Me too, this is a nice template. I used it for my blog here:

Most really waste a lot of horizontal space, which I hate since I don't like scrolling down. This one uses the whole space which I liked.

I am using this template and have done some pretty cool stuff with it. Check it out. I love the space allocation.

How can i replace the sky image with one of my own? I see the spot in the code where it says "change image here", so do i need to have a web site where my image is posted - or can that be somewhere on blogger?

Are there sizing issues as well?


Discovered your blog from someone using your templates. Wow, you're good. Think you can do something that's suitable for librarians who blog? Well not just images of books but we're pretty hi-tech too :)

I like a few of your templates but this one is my fav. Maybe the right panel could be narrower... hey, I'm not complaining! You do great work. Thanks.

This is a terrific template. We're using it for our cycle club web site at

Question, though: I built everything out viewing it in MacOSX Firefox and Safari. When I look at it today in WinXP IE6, it seems broken. The page won't scroll past the last link in the right hand side of the page. Reload seems to get it sometimes but not all the time. Maybe I deleted a tag accidentally when I did some of my mods?

I looked at the posted above in the same XP IE6 browser and all his right hand stuff is pushed to the bottom of the page.


Apparently doesn't play well with all browsers. Looks great in Safari and Firefox for OSX, however.

Some things I like: stable handling of Previous links, lack of clutter, fairly forgiving of dodgy HTML, the picture framing makes photos looks great.

Thanks for sharing it.

I like this template. So now I use it for my blog.
But I have a small problem. When I tried to make "image opacity" on the sidebar, I can't scroll down my blog. It got stucked.
I'm a beginner, so maybe I did something wrong on the code. Well, before I can solve the problem, I decided not to use "image opacity".

Great template!

very nice work all over this site! i'm using this template at i'm sure i'll tweak the colors, just because i'm itchy-fingered, but it really does not need any tweaking at all. thanks for sharing your work!

I have been using this template my entire blog life, but Blogger just recently changed their server so that now individual posts don't get their own page, so now I cannot use the template anymore. :(

hey, wonderful template,i owe much of my visitors to your template i admit,though i did make a few changes here and there.
i got a formal request,i write in persian(mother tongue) in my website ,i would like to change your tag line in the blog to persian language,while it is still your name and your address.would i have the permission to do so?

Love this template. One question- when I put Google Ads on my sidebar it does not allow me to scroll down past them. Do you know why and how I can fix this?


Great template, thanks! I like the customizability.

One question (so far): how can I make the previous post section more clear, easier to read? I currently have titles of articles listed there and would like them to stand out more (bold) and have space between.

Thanks for your help!

This is just a gorgeous template. I even had a perfectly matching little image to add!
Thanks for sharing your talents!
One question, which bit of tag do I need to edit to change the colour of the time stamp?

kiki use this template too.
It's look better in firefox anyway ...

hey.. how do I change the font and the size as well? I think it's a little too small.. especially for the dates.. how can I make them bold and big? and maybe change the colour?

Just turn the "font-size:small" in "font-size:not-small" or "font-size:not-very-small" or maybe "font-size:please-make-it-like-i-want", good luck.

Can you change the colors of this?
Also, I had big probs with not being able to scroll down further than the distance the sidebar went. There isn't any 'see previous posts' link at the bottom either, which I rather missed.

Its a great theme, though! One of my fav's so far. Thanks and good job!

plz help urgent,, i use this template, it's the first time i use a new one,, and when i click the link to comment the template that apears is the first that the blog had.. i don-t know why... my blog is

plzplz help,, this newb

I just added your template! I've been blogging for 3 years, and this is only my 4th template, but it was the easiest to integrate--by far. Thanks for making sucha beautiful template! I love it!

Love the template- for some reason my PREVIOUS POSTS links are not functioning.

They change to white when hovering- and make a "click" sound when clicking- but they do not hyperlink to the given page.

I know this is easy to someone out there. Any suggestions?