Personalize the comments link



In the template replace the line <$BlogItemCommentCount$> comments with the code below.

To personalize the "Post a Comment" text, see here.

I was just wondering how to do that. and here it is! THanks! 

Posted by Ray Stuckey

you had a code for haloscan ? 

Posted by darknemesis

wow, thanks for the codes.

as for haloscan, i believe you can do it in the "settings"

Thanks for that, I used it on my blog. Cheers!

It works fine, until I go to my archives in which it goes back to the old "0 Comments" format. Any ideas?

wow, this IS GREAT! self-explanatory and easy-peasy, thank you so much!

To Antonio, he should make sure that he didn't put the script inside of conditional tags, like <MainPage> and </MainPage> or <ItemPage> and </ItemPage>.

Neat trick. Thanks.

Thanks a lot!

It works to change the text on the main page, but the comments page ignores it. In fact the comments page doesn't seem to care if I just strip that line out without replacing it with anything! It's hosted on Blogger; does that make a difference?

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I'd already fiddled with my comments section so the comments do this show-hide thing. So I ended up needing to add this altered coding in two different places.

It worked great. Thanks!

thanks for the code.
but i am wandering if I have to change all the parameters of the "Post a Comment" line. I mean should I do this for all of the blogs and its comments or just a change in the main template and "Post a Comment" will be renamed forever.?


It worke. Thank you! *happy*

Hi, may I know how do i change the comments box to something like this? Any code?

If I wana add another line that ask for email, how do i do it?

This is a very useful tool. I changed it a lil bit and made it kool :)

Thanx for such a great site




n some of the tmplate, the comemnts don't pop-up diectly,, It first goes to show the parmalink..

How can I cahnge it to pop-up
I am referring to the powell street template

Thanks for the code, it was easy to put in and worked fine :)


worked for me! thanks! :)

very nice, thanks!

I'm using K1 template.

I tried using the code replacing <$BlogItemCommentCount$> span>comments /span> instead of <$BlogItemCommentCount$> comments.

The personalised comments now work but the hide and apear when mouse over functionality is lost.

What can I do?

Hi! I find this a very informative sitE!
My question is: how do I go about making comments appear in the sidebar like in Am using blogger.


You have a nice blog!
I like it!