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Original Design by Lilia Ahner for TypePad

love,love,love this template! i couldnt wait to use it!


simple yet beautifully done!

thank you so much for this template. :) just wonderful. keep up the good work.

I cannot get the code and I DO WANT to have this template

how can I get it? please

thanks in advance

very good my friend.
ı like your templates.
go to
your template+my template.


Thanks! I like your design. (⌒∇⌒)

Great going!...I am using this!

with regards

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thanks! it's working now.

Such a nice template :) Thank you for keeping it free :)

Why have you ripped off this blog design from TypePad? You know you don't have permission to use this design. Why don't you try something novel and actually design something yourself instead of ripping off other people's work.

Great blog you have here I will deffinitely be back, I have a website that is about restoring wooden boats : complete wooden boat restoration guide

Can we adjust the size of the fonts for this (and any of the other Typepad inspired) templates ?

I took this template...Thank you...

Thank you, this is a great template!

waiting for this template

really good template. Thanks a lot.

I really liked this template.
Where can I download it? I tried but couldn't do that.

how do i download this template?