Embed a Flash Slideshow from Flickr


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Wow, really a good idea, but I am wondering where I must post this code?????

^ It depends on where you want it to be :D

You can post it in an entry named Slideshow or My pictures and make a link to it from your sideBar ;o)

you can also put the html code in the html portion of a new post. save it, and the slideshow will appear on your blog

is it possible to put only the pictures you want in the slideshow? or does it take ALL of your pictures in flickr and show them?

Yes you can, just make a set with the pictures you want and add the set ID to the address.
to display the set "" the address of the iframe will be "...user_id=XXXXXXXX@NXX&set_id=123456"

I am so confuesed and so new to this so in the world does this work? I tried copying the code with my screenname for fliker and making a post but it doesn't do anything but put a few lines with my screenname in the post? Is there anyone willing to explaing this to the dumb one here?

What is your screenname?

I tried copying and pasting this code to my blogger template. It works, but it doesn't flash my photos from my flicker account. It displays other random photos from who-knows-where.

What am I doing wrong?

Ok, I've got it to work. Except that when I log off of my flicker account then the slide show on my blogger won't work! It only works when I'm logged on to Flicker.

Your pictures are private.

Ok, yes, they are! duh! what was I thinking?


when i posted my slideshow a big blank space comes up at the can i make that go away?

In the code of your template turn:

/* Page Structure -- */
#content {
width:700px; --> 800px


#main {
width:450px; --> 550px

i can post it, and i get the black screen where the slidshow should be, but it says no photos found...i don't understand what to replace my username with...i put in heartthrob_thirteen...but in the code about it has XXXXXX@XXX what needs to be after my user name to link it to my flikr account?

I dont know what code i gonna enter? My user id is: heartthrob_thirteen
but only black screen appeared and no pictures found. What i gonna do? help me please!

This is a great idea! My problem is this: the slodeshow is so big that when put up in a post, it drives the sidebar contents down to the bottom of the page. Is there a way to reduce the size of the slideshow? I tried just changing the width and height numbers in the code above, but this cuts parts of the photos off.


The Flash animation cannot be reduced.

I know I'm not being helpful, but as far as i can tell everyone who knows how to do this has just gloated even if they couldnt get it to work to the full extent (i.e. viewing photos)

Look its not that difficult bar one section the author hasnt explained and I am to lazy solving.

Go to make an entry right? click on view html. Paste this guys code in there. Then you have to enter your account. Now I have no idea what he wants pasted here and Yahoo dont want to help. so the XXXXXX@XXX must be something. Now it isnt you
Primary Email
Posting Address
so if the author could maybe explain it. For all we know he wants the user id number, how would one discover that, having deleted my account 7 minutes after making it, I couldnt care less.

One more thing, if you always want it to be your first entry (therefore always at the top) just set the date to like December 31st 2006...

If you dont want to have it as a post just put the code into your template before the blog entries start.

wut if my bloghost has the "no >iframe< " policy?

i can't seem to get the code for my user_id.

ok now i understand

first, go to flickr, login into your account. Go to > your account. Then under 'personal information' go to > your screen name. Copy your screen name and past it into the box up there and it wil generate the user_id

This is totaly unrelated to the subject but is there a way to put a calendar on my blog? plus how do you keep the flickr slideshow center in you post cause I tried it and its too big for the blog.

If someone can tell me how to paste the CODE without it coming out as the slide show, I can pass it on! Like YES has said, all you need to do is replace the user id with your flickr account id number. However, the code I have is slightly simpler than the one here?
I have tried to post the code at my blog but the slide show keeps coming up! I would like to learn how to post HTML in my posts... any one help me please? I pass the flickr code to you!!!

I dunn how to get my user_id!!! Help! I am so blonde!!!!!

I really don't get this thing!!! Can somebody please explain to me how this works???

Dim Wit..... log into Flickr. You will see your user id in the address bar.
Edit the code from here into your blog/web page and replace the user id in the code (all the XXXXX's)
get it?

Having a little trouble getting a "link" setup on blogger so that I can use my slide show.
Set up an entry where named "whatever"; on flickr or my template?

can i change the size of the module and it still work?

This works great! Is it possible to loop the player instead of getting a prompt at the end of the "slideshow" that asks to restart it?

I got the code to work out alright, but instead of the nice clean looking black slideshow I was expecting, I have a bunch of text and whiteness from the Flickr website included with the flash. How do I get rid of that?

It works fine.

Is it possible to do the same thing but whit a GROUP? How cna i know the "user" code?

I tried copying and pasting this code to my blogger template. It works, but it doesn't flash my photos from my flicker account. It displays other random photos from who-knows-where.

What am I doing wrong?My pictures are public

Is it possible to get more than 60 photos on a sldieshow? I have 125 photos in my flickr album, yet only 60 show up once I publish the entry...

Oh and hell of a job on this fantastic tool!

I'm showing other people's photo's. why why why?

One question: have you sign up to Flickr with a Yahoo! account?


no yahoo account

Hi, great stuff this slideshow !

Just wondering : any way to add more than 1 slideshow to the same blog ? I've tried, but it seems that only 1 image folder can be used to generate a slideshow...

Thanx in advance,

awesome work. but i have the problem that it shows up the pics of someone else :-(

Please advise!

hey! i think this is a great idea, but how do i get the slideshow to display my own pictures from my account? it displays some others which arent mine, and my photos are public. HELP!!!!!!!

Hey i wanted to know how i can do that for mine put i slide show and get the code for me and my pics

excellent! had to custom css my layout a bit to fit the 500 width
but the old width definition was being a large pain in the but anyway..
thanks for the information!

Doesnt Fit???????

Just edit your template under the contents section increasing the #contents width from 600 to 800.

see sample sample below.


/* Content
----------------------------------------------- */
#content {
width:800px; <<<---This from 600 to 800
margin:0 auto;
#main {
#sidebar {

is there any way to change the background colour from black to.. white for example?

is there anywayz to changes the size of the pic to smaller???

and howcome,my friends told me.."they hardly open my blog b'coz of the pic's"??

Despite all above..i think,this tool really cool..tx!!!

Thanks for the great help...I did it and the pictures are in my blog... Not easy to do.

How can I center the slideshow once appears on the web?? thanks!!

how do i use photobucket to create a slide show since i use that to upload

How do I can open the slideshow in a new windows only with a close button?

Can I adjust the window to the slideshow?

Any idea?

Nice tool, bit i cant figure it out ither
I posted the whole Html out in Flicker and in blog Posted photos..Changed the user name then hit publish, and all i get is a flash saying no photos are loaded every time : |

Nice hack! I was wondering if I could use this with say, Picassa/ (from Google)? Flickr has limited usage for its most basic (read: free) plan. If it doesn't, anyone would be kind enough to point me to similar hack using Picassa/ account? Thanks.

I did a page with the Flash Slideshow which worked fine until today (about 5 days after). Then it has this message "Tag Slideshows are Temporarily DIsabled". Is this usual or is it because of this code that FLICKR has disabled the show? All my groups have the same message now.

Please advise


Thanks for a really handy 'hack'
It took me forever to get it to work, just fiddely, but it works a charm now...



Very neat hack!
One question, You showed how to use it for sets - what about for pools?

I have followed your instructions and my blog shows a slideshow but with no picture content.
I want to display my set "" I changed the link and the user id and I added my set id and it doesn`t work.
how does the code vor correct implementation look like?

I used the above tags “HOW TO Quickie: Embedded Flickr Slideshows” and successfully post my flicker slide show.

I posted second slide show in a new post, a small problem - the two slide shows/post and blended togeather - two slide shows on on post.

Now I need to know the basic html code to:

1- separate each individual post.
2- post both a small amount of text along with the slide show. Nothing fancy, just a slide show and a breif discrition.

I am willing to pay some one to help me work around this html code issue/work around. Any one want to step up and help me work around this? I have a Pay Pal account,



I would really like for the slide show frame and boarders to be white as well as the the menus. How do I change that?

I put in my id, and I am getting everyines pics but mine

This is great! I seem to have an issue with the gallery not being displayed in the centre with Firefox. IN IE6 it is centered. IN firefox it's on the left, how might I go about centering it please?

Is there a way to move my sidebar and all the content in it? I want to keep the pictures and stories in the center of the page but I can't get my sidebar to the left....chack it out;

Thanks in advance!


This function is soo cool!

Got it working on my blog~ Thanks everyone!!

if you want a smaller pic just do this

width=300 height=300 scrolling=yes>

how to loop the slide show???
is tehre any way to do it???

hello i marry u

It it possible for me to add two accounts into one slide show?

when I put it on my blog it appeared smaller than the example could you help please

What if I just wanted to post a slideshow of a specific set? I tried to play around with and while the template worked, my slideshow was just a site within a window.

it's possible to link any pool from flickr, as you can syndicate any search, user photostream etc through rss

I think that most of the people's problem stems from the fact, that in the code, there are no quotes around the web address.

is there any possibility to make the screen smaller .. so that i can just tag them on the side of my nav bar?

i want them to be under my Archives.. is there anyway to tag flickers there?

I got the viewer to appear on my blog...but didn't get my pictures to work. It says "no such photos found".

It works when I'm logged in to flickr though...but nobody on the outside can see the pics.

Do a google search for Rockmyspace.

Its very easy and quick to use. It generates the flash code for you, you can add themes and captions and have as many pictures in the flash as you want.

To do a once off presentation that you want to post/email somewhere, you just go to the site and upload.

If you want to keep track of your collection of slideshows you'll need to create a Myspace account to use as your Rockmyspace sign-in.

Its a breeze, loads super fast and looks incredible.

Got it posted fine... Except I'm getting random photos, not mine. Help?


Actually I was able to link my photosets to show as slideshows.

hello there
I've signed up to flickr, my screen name is wahadiftiradi yet when I enter it in the field up there I get this message
rsp stat="fail"
err code="1" msg="User not found" />

I'm confused !!
how can the user not be found ??

How do I get the ID # of the set I want to use? Thanks in advance for anyone who can help with this.

Nevermind, you get the set id number by opening the set and then looking at the url.

Not working for me... must be a template issue, because when I delete the post, which is showing a big black space on my blog, the "are you sure you want to delete this post" message shows the slideshow correctly! Frustrating. Maybe I'll figure it out someday.

That's graet! Thanks a lot

How to change the font size of the text ?

can somebody suggest to me an approriate template to use Flash Slideshow?

Because if I only resize my themplate (how ¥€$ teach) I don't obtain a nice result

thank you!

Why won't this work in a myspace blog?

Hey hey.
is there any way i can get this thing to work on myspace?

myspace doesnt like the *iframe*

is there ANY way around this.

i REALLY like this tool and really would like to use it.

I think this way is better here

I WAS WRONG, that link I put is lame, sorry. Got the original slideshow trick posted here working though, works great! Thanks for the tip.

Hey, thanks a lot! I got it to work without any extra effort. Now I can show my ego to the world! =D

My question is how can I have multiple slide shows that do not present the same content from flickr. I have seperated the content into different folders on flickr's website, but I can't figure out how to get this code to recognise the different folders.

The slideshow can quite easily be included in the Blogger templates by taking out the template code e.g. the sidebars on both sides. By also changing the background code to black you get a better effect. Have a look at - my apologies for the image quality - just an experiment.

Just wondering if there's a way to just display my favorites. *scratches his head* :(

It worked a treat for me.

Two points -
1. I pasted the code into the footer - well out of the way of my other stuff (did tell people at the top that it was there)
2. You have to replace the XXXXXX@XXX with the name of your slideshow.

When you look at your slideshow on Flikr, the address of the page will have a sort of email address in it( will have a @ symbol in) That's the bit you need to Copy and Paste for your ID.
You only want the bit between the slashes.


I was able to make the size of the player smaller, and also to make the photos within that new player smaller. (Without changing my templates size) I had trouble with my slideshow starting right when the screen opened. Instead I had to add /show/ at the end of my flickr link. Here is what I put in. Changes in bold.


iframe style="margin-top:1px" src= frameBorder=0 width=300 height=300

That was all great, but I'm still having the same problem as someone else above - where the slideshow seems offset and is going outside the border. I can see the white parts and text of the Flick web site in the back. Any thoughts anyone?

Great tip. I worked it into my new blogdesign and so far I'm pleased with how it works.

it is working great, however, I am not getting my pics, just random pictures of other people's pics. what do I do to only have my pictures show?

I found that

will give you the slideshow of my personal photos.

But Blogger wants to move the slideshow outside the border. I can see the white parts and text of Flickr as well.

Thanks for the neat slidshow hack :)

It must be possible to do a slideshow for a specific tag search...

For example:


The above code does not work exactly,, do you have any idea how it may work...?

The one good reason for the above solution is that non Pro users of flickr are limited to only 3 sets,, if we can make slideshows based on tag search it would be irrelevant to have many sets...

I have checked in flickr it is possible to view such a slideshow... I just don't know the exact code it uses to specify the tag search part.

Thanks in advance!



Use it to do your own slideshows with specified tag search included.

Use to find your ID.

OK, folks… seriously… This ain't rocket science.

Read the instructions at the top of this page carefully.First off, it says in red: <b>The slideshow is too large to be used with most of the Blogger default templates.</b>  That probably means that it can't be made smaller.

Second:  Before you cut and paste any code, look at the instructions at the top of this page again.  Below the line that says "You have to replace the user_id=XXXXXXXX@XXX with yours (use this form to find it):"  there is a box.  Type your Flickr user name in that box and press "OK".  They're not trying to steal your account or anything, they're giving you a way to get the Flickr code version of your user name.  When you click OK you'll see an XML page that looks something like this:

  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
- <rsp stat="ok">
   - <user id="69659043@N00" nsid="62578083@N00">

The part that says <user id="69659043@N00" nsid="62578083@N00"> has the code for your user name, in this case: “69659043@N00”.  Keep that in mind, or better yet, cut and paste it into a Word document…     or a text file…     or print it or something, just keep it handy.

When you cut and past the code into a post on your blog, make sure your pasting into the "Edit Html" window and not the "Compose" window.  Once you've pasted the code into the right place, look for the part that says "user_id=XXXXXXXX@XXX ".  Delete the XXXXXXXX@XXX and type or paste in the code for your user name, in this example “69659043@N00”.

Now, if you want a specific set of your photos to display, go to your Flickr account.  Assuming you already have sets of photos made, click the set you want to include in the Blogger slideshow.  Look at the Address bar of your browser.  You’ll see an address that looks something like this: “”.  Grab the number after the word “sets”, in this case: “720963294109874177”.  This is your set number.

Back to your code.  Remember the spot where to deleted XXXXXXXX@XXX and pasted in 69659043@N00?  Add to that an & and paste in the set number, like this: user_id=69659043@N00&set_id=720963294109874177.  

SO, in the end the entire code for your post will look something like this:

<style type="text/css"><!--
.dtop,.dbottom{display:block;background-color:#ffffff /* change the color of the corners here */}
.dtop b,.dbottom b{display:block;height:1px;overflow:hidden;background:#000}
.d1{margin:0 5px}.d2{margin:0 3px}.d3{margin:0 2px}.dtop .d4,.dbottom b.d4{margin:0 1px;height:2px}
<div style="text-align:center"><div style="background:#000;width:550px">
<b class="dtop"><b class="d1"></b><b class="d2"></b><b class="d3"></b><b class="d4"></b></b>
<iframe style="margin-top:10px" src= frameBorder=0 width=500 height=500 scrolling=no></iframe><br />
<a style="font-size:10px;text-decoration:none;color:#555" href="">Flash Slideshow</a>
<b class="dbottom"><b class="d4"></b><b class="d3"></b><b class="d2"></b><b class="d1"></b></b>

Now publish your post and voila! Slideshow!!   ………….no, you can’t make it smaller.

Other parameters include “contacts=”, “text=”, “tag_mode=”, “favorites=”, “group_id=”, “frifam=”, “nsid=”, “single=”, “firstIndex=”, “set_id” and “firstId=”. If you want to use one of these extra parameters just add it after your user_id or instead of your user_id separating each strings with &

Scott Offord

Thanks Scott, cool parameters!!!

Hi. Is it at all possible to change the background from black to white? I've tried changing the colours but it doesn't really seem to do anything.

All help appreciated. Thx.

Awesome thanks ya-all


I uploaded a batch of pics for the slideshow. The code works fine except it is showing the pictures in reverse order. Checking around Flickr I found I could reorder the pictures by clicking on the set it opened it and presented me with the options to rearrange them. However, after they are rearanged and I saved it, running the code from the website I put the code on continues to show the pictures in reverse order. Help?

Hmmm. Funny but like someone else here, the next day when I looked at the slide show on Flickr, the reordered version was working. However, when I run this script from my website the original reverse order plays. I do not understand unless when I first run this script perhaps it creates some flash script that does not change when you reorder the pictures? Perhaps I need to delete all the 91 pictures and start over? Anyone?

Help HELP how do I add photo's to the slide show - step by step. I know that is was covered but being the neophyte that I am I did not understand. Thanks!

i didn't get it.. err! what should i erase?! all "user_id=XXXXXXXX@XXX" ?! cause i tried to put my ID but it didn't work..?! err.! help please! thanks!

yay, i'm a rocket scientist! lol

i definately didn't get the "USE THIS FORM TO FIND IT" hint. it might be more effective to say:

ENTER YOUR "SIGNED IN AS..." NAME BELOW AND COPY YOUR USER ID. then bold the text that needs to be replaced.

my user name, email blah blah blah is not the same as my "signed in as" name. i don't know what else to call that sorry. but once i figured that out, thanks to the very nice and detailed description above i was able to figure it out.

now i feel like an ass... but not so much. lol

thanks for the code. it works great! i especially like adding the extra code so i can view a specific album because otherwise every single picture will show. EVEN THE PRIVATE ONES... i don't get that. no matter. :)

I am doing well, all the steps that anonymous say, my pictures are public...but in my blogger appear the slideshow and no my pics, in the center of the slideshow says "no shuch photos foun"... and my ID its OK, I dont know ehat is wrong...any can helpme? maybe this is "normal" and by ok and normal sometime

*what is wrong (sorry)

well i pasted it but nothins comping up wats goin wrong???
can some1 plz help me out
i have put it in a sample blog of mine but its not workin

welll i can see it but it says the page cannot be displayed wats wrong??

thank you for your great instructions.
It took me only about 5 minutes to set up following your guideline just to view one of my flickr sets. And I just increased the width of my template a little to account for the size.

Thanks for making it so easy to do.
You can see the result here

This is my favorite feature on my Blog. Makes it stand out a little more. Thanks.

Check it out if you like!

OK. I just saw this post, so i went and became a member at flickr. And then it hit me. Why not trying to make it work with picasa web album where i already had photos?

The only think that i changed in the code is this

src= frameBorder=0 width=500 height=500

I changed the with the link that picasaweb had for slideshow, and the values 500 to 550. I also removed the referal link to save some space (sorry pal) and because now it's not a flash slideshow as it claims. Picasaweb uses javascript for that.

It works great, with only one problem. If you press exit you see the ordinary page in the frame, which is a little lame.

You can see how it looks at my page

I`m having a stupid problem with this, the application is great, i managed to set at first try... but i have this just anoying problem that probably it`s lack of something.
I made the blog in a laptop, and it works fine. I got home and when i wanted to show it in our home pc thge blog showed up but not the flash app ... what is wrong ?? some people do see it and i don`t ... is there any update to make, any code to get? by the way, i have the flash 9 installed

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

gracias... me costo pero lo conseguí...

I just wanted to say thanks for giving such precise instructions for us dummies :-)
The set up works great!

Any I dea how to get flickr's badge to work?

So far I've set up the slide show on and which is actually


That's pretty nifty. Have you tried Slideroll? I'd like to hear what you think about it.


Okay, I'm so irritated. I have a set of photos uploaded to flikr, I have attached the flikr code to my post, , and placed my id code in place. However, each time I go to look at is it says there is an error and shuts down blogspot.
Someone please give me the "this guy has no clue" step by step getting my photos online.

Great slide show and interesting comments. It looks like there are lots of folks who can't seem to get it.

The 500 pixel wide slideshow wouldn't fit nicely into our blog either so rather than modify the blog dimensions, which I did not want to do, I simply created a new blog ( ) to link my slideshows to from my main journal. It all works great.. so whoever you are, THANKYOU for all your work in creating and sharing it with the world.

bill (in washington, dc)

AWwwwwSOME tool!

These are simply wish list items if you have a sec to review:

Is there any option of altering the default time lapse that an image can display for?

Are there any options to dissolve from image to image?

Any chance the slideshow size limit will ever be available larger?

check mine out

thanks again

Please, visit my blog in

This is really cool. and good help on the html as well. I managed to put the slide show up, with the pics taken from the set as well and provided a link to the side. A pity I do not know how to change the slide show size, whenever i change it, the pictures will be out of focus in the frame.

I have implemented your code- and it works, except it shows up in a very small window with scroll bars. The window is too small to see anything, width or heighth- I have tried changing almost every variable in the code with no changes- How can I make the window larger? Thanks

THank you soooo much! THats soo wicked awesome! Now everyone can see my art and it looks so professional! Thanks dude. You can see what it looks like at

Is the anyone out there that please show me an expample of how(user_id=XXXXXXXX@XXX) is used i.e.
john_doe=12345678@ZZZ or something like this so that i have a visual representation of how this code needs to be replaced!

thanx so much

Is there a way to scale this down so that it's contained in the sidebar? see Thanks.

how can we put the frame in the middle of the page..I mean at the Center?

Awesome! I did it and I'm not very good with computers.
It took awhile though. The first time i tried someone elses fotos appeared. I looked for an answer and found other people who had same problem but did not find solution. I had been copying and pasting and editing and window and then pasting to blog post. So I tried pasting and editing directly in blog post and it worked with my set of fotos.
One question...
If I add fotos to my flickr set, will it automatically update my blog, or do I have to go through process again?
What about if I cahnge templates?
Tahnks...this site has been very helpful

First, this is the amazing. Here is my problem. I resized it but the photos inside of it have not been resized. Is there a way to also resize the photos that are being shown? I think this has something to do with Flickr and well Flickr is a pain to use.

here is my blog for ref:

Hey, could someone show me what the code should look like with the corner colors changed? I think that's the part I'm messing up. Thanks.

thanks for this mate. I never fail to be impressed by clever people who are glad to share their skills.


Please help -I've used the code and it works like a charm but now it shows up in a small window with scroll bars??
I've played with the dimensions--do I have too many slideshows on the blog?

This is great thanks! Only thing is I can't get it to work in FireFox. It works fine in all the other browsers but in Firefox it says "No such photos found" - Any advice?

Looking for customizable flash slideshows you should check out You can add music, titles, themes, video and much more!

flickr themselves have a tool to create a dynamic badge of public Flickr photos to add to your website (external to Flickr).
You can run through a simple wizard on the flickr site, copy your code and post it anywhere on your external personal blog.
Yes!! It’s true, you can visit this link to learn more
…look for the article tilled “Can I put my Flickr photos on my website?”

please help me.

how did you do it? in ur blogger templates home, ur templates are shown in thumbnails. when i left click it, a bigger picture appears.

please tell me how. thanks.

when i post it i get the default pictures, why is this?

O really like this tool and want to use it. But.... I want to put it in may sidebar. When i enter it in, It puts my sidebar at the verry bottem of the page because the flickr slide show is larger than the side bar. Is there a way to make the slide show smaller (like 240px in width) so that it doesnt drop everything to the bottem? Would love the help


i can't believe I can't figure this out...
my id is right... i've tried tags, set id, renaming the photos, files... blah blah...
all i get is 'NO such photos found'

please help

If you can't find your user ID use this site. Works perfect!

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I think the 2 pressing questions here are:

1) Can this be set to infinitely loop - so it doesn't come up with the 'You've seen all the photos...would you like to start again' prompt - and
2) how can you get it to automatically cycle through all the header images for sets?

Great advice!

I've created a Flickr SlideShow Generator, it's a very simple application that allows users to generate the HTML necessary to embbed a Flickr SlideShow in their pages or blogs based on differents options (user id, group id, set id, tags)

There some popular pages that teach how to do it, but Flickr SlideShow Generator provides users with a more intuitive method and allows them to preview the resulting slideshow.

Hope you like it.


Rather than a blog post, could this be used to rotate through banner images at the top of my blogpot blog? How about a background image slideshow?


Every time I add my Flickr user ID (, it tells me User not found. Does anyone knows why?


i love this slideshow and i've found that it works great. but could someone help me figure out how to change the photo dimensions in the viewer? i can't seem to find this parameter in the code.



My only problem is that you have to click on the picture to know the title of it. Is there a way to get the see titles of the pictures all the time? I saw that we could write "title=" somewhere in the comments, but I don't know how to use it exactly. Is it possible for someone to give an example?


Thanks, very util this tool

Thank you very much. It is very helpful. I love it

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guys, how to turn in black the white around my pictures?

how to do an automatic repeat slideshow?? how to sort images?

I use Flash Slishow Maker to create photo slideshow and use it in my blog.

ppl plz help me....when im pastin my user id in the box and cickin on post this on my blog there a black space comin and in that its sayin no photos can b found!!!!!!plz guys hlp me.....plz mail me at

Really very nice.Thanks for it.I have also made some diffrent slideshow.If anyone interested in slideshow plz visit -

is there any way to make this work with safari? i run firefox and it works like a charm, never had a single problem, but just fired up the website in safari and no dice. check it out here and let me know what I can do...
try it in firefox and safari. very strange.

That's a nice slideshow.
The problem is that it's rather slow to load with a slow connection.
Just to answer some of the comments, another solution to have a nice slideshow working under safari, and starting again at the end is to use the slideshows from comboost
You'll get a similar code to copy/paste and the result is a very nice flat screen slideshow.

This script doesn't work with the new Flickr slideshow - they have updated it. Instead of the user id code, just paste the URL of your actual slideshow in the src link.

well, it was working for a minute...not anymore...

This slideshow was automatically placed on my blog , not only does it not work but I can't remove it!!!

How do I remove it?

I've been through the HTML in settings and can't see it and it's not on the layout page either??

Ok figured it out, it was installed as a 'post' so I've removed it. Meanwhile, I've chnegd settings to public and still it says 'photo's not found'?

Wow! great! it's so very usefull. I love it!

we just developped a clean and simple horizontal slideshow for flickr, codename:
Could be usefull for some of you who wants a clean and quick photo preview on their blog or website.

Have fun. Best.

Where to find the FLICKR site..???
iam unable to get the code..
Please help

Dude I totally have no computer savvy. I just want to know step by step how to add the new slide show feature in my blogg. When you go to blogger it states new slideshow feature. I can look at lame photos of other people, but I can not get mine on there. It asks for the key word? I just want a simple explanation of how to get my slide show feature on my blogg with my photos. Thnx a bunch!

Wow! I love that! Some photos are so mysterious! It's really beautiful!

where is the full code? i can't find it on this page!! :(

im qoing to mad. im doed everything. i cant do it pFFS. pls help me i'm reaD. all comments but i cant do . "user_id=24692393@N04&set_id=72157604123598053" im going mad pls help me ..

Where is the code???

Code can be found here...

click the (?) next to user id to find the info that you need as well.

Can anyone tell me how to set the slideshow to keep looping?

I think this is the code.

< iframe src= frameBorder=0 width=500 height=500 scrolling=no > < /iframe>

Found it by looking at the page source.

Thanks to Fabio upstairs, his Flickr SlideShow Generator is really work and user-friendly!

Greeting from Taiwan

hello there!

i just want to know how can i put my photo slide show on flickr to my blogsite?
please give me an instructions

plz reply me

Super cool, can you get a transparent or white background?

Hey. Ive managed to put in two slideshows using PhotoBucket but aligning them on my page is a problem.

I want to place them side by side under the heading so i figured id have to merge the two codes together or something.

Please help.

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what a good job !!

I applied it on my blog :

Thank you. But how can I put the SWF photo slideshow to MySpace or Blog, which I made with a piece of software named Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory? is a good slideshow widget for your bog. You select the pictures and just put the code in the blog. Is free and simple. is a simple tool to create slideshow for your blog. Is simple and free. Just try it.

Can you make the slideshow in your header?

Great list of Flash Slideshows at:

Why does flickr make it so hard to embed in the first place? Viewbook has many configuration options for your slideshow and you get the embed code with just one click.

I have a slide gallery, but I want the clicks to link to my websites, not Any Ideas, please contact me via my blog!
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edit code into mt blog already, generate code ( ), but its error 'No such photo found'. WHY?

Çok guzel thanks..

Komik resimler,videolar


hey you can have an iframe that simply points to the url of a slideshow.

this way you can resize it and have it fullscreen.

iframe src ="**tags**&m=tags&w=**id**" width="200" height="200"

go to to see what i've done.

Very nice blog. Nice slide show

how do i add pictures from flickr to my slide show on my blogsite?

how do I put the pictures I have on flickr into a slide show on my blogsite?