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where do i put the code for my own header image? this syntax is little different then what im usesd to.


Just see in the top of the code

Very nice! I really appreciate your work and look forward to using some of your designs. Keep up the fantastic work!

i really like this one.

I just try your design.
Nice disign I think

Quick question. I was trying to search your blog, but I couldn't find the code for how you made this comment feature appear on the page of your blog.

I have used another feature (blogger hacks) but was wondering if you knew of a way to tie in Blogger's Word Verification feature into the main page. (in order to combat spam).


There's no spam on Blogger blogs.


Hopefully mine will not turn into the "how-did-you-get-comments-to-work-with-this-template" blog.

The steps are:

1) Make sure your settings permit everybody to comment.
2) Turn off the picture for the commenter's Blogger identity.
3) Turn off verification.

If any of these are omitted, comments will not work on any of the templates in this series.

all the text in the sidebar is pushed to the left. only in MIE does this happen.
i made no changes and tried the orignal and the same problem occurs. any feedback on this?

comment system still noit working even after following your three steps..

i didnt do anything.. after using the template. and yet, the comments are working just fine. NICE WORK! love it love it.. i just hafta.. do my banner first.. jeje.. but i love it love it. thanks again for sharing it.

I have also problems in the commenatry section, but only by using firefox. With the internet explorer the problem doesn't occur. (same for this very templates-homepage here). In fact, the "name-line" and the "website-line" is filled with some kind of code. Does anybody know a trick? For the rest, great template!

Regards, Sisyphos

is there anyone who are combine the comment code of this template with comment code of kubrick template.....
coz i tried a lot but could'nt get it...

You're K1 template is fantastic! Just one do I type-in the name of my site at the top in the blue, "you're image here" area, without access to the URL? I would really like to keep that image (blue)'s great!


Blogging Newbie

i also have problems with the comments field cuz i use firefox, is there anyway to correct this?

There's no spam on Blogger blogs.

So, I'll take that as there isn't a way to put the word verification on your blogs.

Does anyone else know how to implement this feature?

Hey! Who would have known that the answer was in previous posts? Thanks Linux Juggler!

The code for it is here.

Okay, you are probably getting annoyed with my comments, so before your temper rises I'll flatter you by saying that you have done a wonderful job of building the code for the commenting system.

I was able to get the word verification system up and running inside of the code that you have provided. The only problem I have is that I receive a "cosmetic error" in which I get "remember=false" in both the Name field as well as the website.

Besides that everything else works fine. It posts normally and it keeps the spam bots off of my site. I was wondering if you knew whether this was some sort of cookie error and what I would need to do to get rid of it. Thanks.

(PS How do you have time for all of this? And do you learn from others?)

thanks, I like having an image on top.
but can I change the bground color???

oops... i thought that was the subject... good stuffs not my name!

Ok, a big problem. I inserted a radioblog in the right bar in this template. In Firefox its ok but in explorer the right bar with all the menu (lasts posts, archive...) appears down the last post. The blog is Edurne Garcia
Please compare and help me!
(sorry for my basic english)

Remove "min-width:500px;_width:500px" in the .primary properties, I've changed the codes.

Thank You very much ¥€$

help! how do I change the background color that shows up on either side of the blog... its grayish at the moment and i want it to be black..

how to put an swf file like title?.. :(

Please help out Mr./Ms. Blogger-Template Man/Woman!

"help! how do I change the background color that shows up on either side of the blog... its grayish at the moment and i want it to be black."

I'm also having problems with comments using firefox. Can someone please give some information on how to get comments working with IE AND firefox.

How can i delete the number on posts title, that appear after the post titles?? And the pencil that appears down???

please help me!!!!

(sorry my bad english)

It's the number of the comments

great template, have used it on my blog. one thing though, how do i get the navbar back?? i think there's a mention on your blog somewhere about removing it so i'm going to dig around...

yep, there it is!


About your tip for activating Word Verification on, where do I insert that bit of code exactly? Hope you're still reading this...

¥€$ , thx for the template
i would like to put an image on the top banner where its mentioned "your image here" but cant figure out how to, can you you pls help me ? I read the earlier commetns but couldnt find this anywhere

Who do i get the old comment form? Its a great template, but a terrible comments

I like this way in this blog, with colors etc. Can i get it?

Bushra: I really loved this template, but I have problemes with comments, they are not posted..How did you solve this problem?
I see u've used haloscan...How did you do to keep the old comments?
Thank you for responsing me at

Hi! Great Blog... Thanks for sharing!

I would like to use it on my blog. Can you pelase tell how can I put the old format of comments?
Can respond to

I am also having trouble with the comments (but I just need someone to let me know where to insert the verification code) thanks

mail @

A resounding THANK YOU!

Looking at my site prior to implementing this design, even after i had modified the Blogger-supplied template, was quite disheartening. 'Focus on the Content!', i kept telling myself, denying my aesthetic aspect voice. Well, not anymore. I absolutely love the look now.


p.s. only one thing, there are some strange characters in the 'name' and 'url' field in the comments section which has to be deleted before we can include our particulars. Any idea how i might prevent them from appearing?

i like it :-)

This is one of the greatest templates I have found for my blog ( So 1000 thanks to the programmer of this very cool design. Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks...
Is there anyone, who could help me with the comments: I would like to have them appearing under my writing - not in the topicline. Would be very nice! Thanks.

Forgive my ignorance, but I was just wondering if anyone has any idea how this template may be modified into a 3 column one built for a 1024x768 screen?

Something like the one here -

Q :comments errors!
A: Why?

You go to blogger board
>>> Settings
>>>> Comment
>>>> Backlinks (x) Hide
>>>> Comments (x) Show
>>>> Who Can Comment? (x)Anyone
>>>> Default for Posts (x)New posts have comments
>>>> Show comments in a popup window? (x)No
>>>> Show word verification for comments? (x) No
>>>> Show profile images on comments? (X) Yes
change settings..

yeah, why hasn't anyone thought of doing this style in a 3 column version? This two column and doing it for 800x600 res is ole school. I mean thanks for this template but while we're busy being grateful, we shouldn't stop thinking about innovating right?

i have to agree with Roxanne, getting this template in three column would have been fantastic. i prefer my sidebar to be on the left of the page (i'm left-handed) and did mess with the code to do this but it wouldn't appear correct in firefox. at least with a three column template you can manipulate it a bit more. still loving the template though!

Really Good

Bushra: Thank you for your response...But my question is : how did you use the haloscan for commenting and you kept all the message..Did you have haloscan from the begining?
When I open my blog with firefox it looks good, but when i open it with internet explorer it looks differently and not as good as fire...
Do you have an idea?

Yep! pleeeeeeeeese do a k1 in a 3 column version. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!

it seems to refresh on its own every few minutes. is there a way to stop this?

Congratulations and thank you so much for these great designs. You really rock!!! I admire your talent.

Great templates, currently working on.
Just a question:
How can we do to delete some comments?

so much for being smart by adding haloscan comments at the bottom of the blog entry...i've deleted *something*, i don't know what, and now my permalinks don't work! doh!

yay. permalinks are fixed. the thing is your template works for blogger blogs with post pages, something i'm not too keen on. so i've managed to work out how to get working permalinks for the old style permalinks.

esta bien


To add a delete comments button in the code :

Note:I'm using normal brackets below, but you will need to change them into Triangular brackets in practice

Find the line that begins (small class="commentmetadata") using triangular brackets instead of standard brackets. Find the closing (/small) tag that corresponds and add the ($BlogCommentDeleteIcon$) tag there.

SaCreD MaTriX

I like this template but I'm getting a thin border around my images. How do I remove this, I looked at the code but couldn't figure it out (i'm not a programmer but sometimes i can figure it out)

Beautiful template. Using Haloscan. Everything works like a charm.

Life is Art


I really like this design and am looking forward to using it.
The only thing I'd like to change is the font size but I have no idea how to do that (I don't know anything about coding or CSS).
I'd like the standard font to be the size you obtain by zooming once on the default font (in Firefox).

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks for this cool work.

I am having trouble adding my own image to the top. I have quadruple checked my code and the path. Any other ideas?

Great design ! Thanks for your work;.....i've just a little question: how can i change the text color? Now is #2277DD

Thanks for this!

I had tried to revise the standard template myself to put in a picture, which led to one or two problems. This solved them...!

Many thanks! (very new)

i was trying to figure out how to put the comments UNDER the post, in the more traditional way. does anyone know? very grateful to learn how. thanks! - tari at sitemafia dot com

Hi wanting to use your K2 template it appears to be lovely. I am also having trouble getting my image to appear. I place my tag in the highlighted area but when I do, it leaves a blank button image. My image is hosted by PhotoBucket, is there a known issue with this? Also I created the image in Photoshop but it is saved as a Jpg file so I don't know why it wont show up.

Ah I've just worked it out, I'm new to this html stuff....I was using PhotoBucket's TAG link but its the URL link to get your image. Thanks for the source code, it looks lovely customised.

I love the template. One problem. It looks great in MS Explorer at work. But at home on my mac using Safari as a browser, the posts "bleed" over from the white space and into the colored border space. It spills over and looks very ugly.

I don't believe I've changed anything in the code. And like I said, it looks great with MS Explorer. But with the mac, it looks wrong.

Any help. I hope there is a quick fix, because I truly like the template.

dude...this is totally awesome...thanks

Image does not appear.. What should I do???

Thank you so much for your work; I absolutely love the layout. I've been working on a test template and some people tell me that the formatting gets goofy in Explorer; could someone look and let me know? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

The test template is at:



i just make use this tamplate for my blog ,

please check it out..

hi im a having a problem with this template... when i click on the permalink, i dont get the post ..i just get some code...cud u pls check it out at

thanks and great work!

dont know if ure still reading this but. I have a problem. We are more than me who are running the blog but it´s only my profile who shows. Can you fix it?

Thank you for this template. Once I adapted the comments it was just what I was looking for.

okay, the permalinks problem is solved now... all i had to do was refresh the page once ..and the posts showed up.. strange.

nope...god! that same problem is back! I dont know whats happening...

Hi. I'm facing the same problem Father Marshall did:

"I love the template. One problem. It looks great in MS Explorer at work. But at home on my mac using Safari as a browser, the posts "bleed" over from the white space and into the colored border space. It spills over and looks very ugly.

I don't believe I've changed anything in the code. And like I said, it looks great with MS Explorer. But with the mac, it looks wrong.

Any help. I hope there is a quick fix, because I truly like the template."

Since your solution was posted here, I'm not sure how to resolve the matter.

My blog is

Would appreciate your help. Thanks!

Super, super gorgeous. Love.

I'd like to see the fonts in the body and links get a little darker. Any idea of how to do this easily? I've played a bit with the code and can't figure it out. My site is at Thanks!

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Thanks for the template - it made my blog everything I wanted it to be. Anyone who wants to see what this template looks like in action, feel free to drop by.

I do have one question: Does anyone know how to make the text justify to the left instead of having it justify both left and right? Any help would be appreciated.

This one is good. Specially for those who want to design their own BANNER. Its clean clean lean machine. I like it. Keep the good work going...

Brilliant Template - I've started blogging awhile back and have always used and mod your templates to suit me - always clean and well organised for seeking and editing.

Keep up the good work.

I love this design and I´ve chosen it for my blog. The question is how can I put the name of the blog bigger? It´s so small! Thanks a lot.

Excellent template, love it!

One question: I am attempting to put in the "expandable post summaries" mod as described on the website. I followed their directions and it is not working exactly as described - I am unable to generate a "read more" link. Any suggestions?


Me gusta mucho y ahora es mi preferida en todos mis blogs:

I love this template but I can't get it to work for me -- everything works except the posts. There are no posts to be seen, and if I click on a post title, all I get is the comments page. Am I missing something really obvious here? I am using a Mac and IE, I've tried refreshing like "//pukercense//" above, but I don't get my archive nor my posts to date.

Oh -- and when I press the 'see a fully functioning blog' button on your sample, I don't see your make-believe posts either. Is this just a browser issue? Or a code thing?

can you help? :)

I used this template for my site ( and am pretty pleased with it. My question is whether there is a way to get more than 10 links under "recent posts"

is it possible to include a photo of yourself by your profile and not in the photo box that goes across the top? And how can you make the font bigger for your blog title (the place above the top photo box)?

Does this template work with podcasting? When I use the link field, it links to an HTML page instead of the actual MP3 file. Any help?

Where is the code to change the link text color on the righthand menu bar? Help would be very welcome!!

I've been trying to get this template to work. Pretty much everything works but the posts. I can't get the posts to show up. Does anyone know how to get it to work? I type a post and its just blank.

i followed the three steps for the comments to work :
"The steps are:

1) Make sure your settings permit everybody to comment.
2) Turn off the picture for the commenter's Blogger identity.
3) Turn off verification."

but still cannot get my comments to work. please explain how to fix that. i couldnt use them on firefox, safari or ie. thanks please email:

HELP ME!!!!!
i love this template but why is the whole about me section at the bottom? i'm at my wits end tell me what i did wrong and how do i rectify it?

I was all excited about this template, but I can't get it to work to show comments or the ability to post comments until people click on the title links. That's annoying, I won't get any comments.

This template is quite a lot different from other ones that I've worked with so I can't figure out how to change the code to change this.


I've been trying to get this template to work. I've gotten everything to work but the posts. I type a post and nothing shows up. Its just blank. Could someone help me.

Nice design, simple and focused template.

Very nice design. Thank you^^

thanks for this template. it's cool, as seen in how many others loved it.

here's my blog:

i'd like to place GoogleAdSense horizontal banners in-between blog posts. is it possible with this template? is anybody here who'd be kind enough to direct me to any help page to do it? i'd greatly appreciate it and would mention my endless gratitude on my blog.



RE: comments word verification
i know the code was posted earlier- novice blogger/code person here, where exactly do i insert it?

can anyone help? where do i put it for this template?

thank you for sharing with oss.
I woul`d like to have the word: "comments" beside the commentsnumber. Not all people know
where to write comment.
Thanks for help and
greetings from Sweden

Tried using this and hopefully someone can help. I see my first question has already been do we get the word comment up?

second - when I install the Statscounter code it messes up the template. I've used this for several templates. Any help would be appreciated.

thnks alot! Implemented your template while combinating it with black one.

this is the result:

awesome! tnks a bunch...

so does anyone know where exactly in the template to insert the word verification comment? help?

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

In my comment box, whenever someone new hops on, if they post anonymously I keep ending up with:


How do I fix?

Thank you KIDYMD=#195617:EIIA# for helping me solve the problem with the comments!

For people who are missing the word "comments" on the main entry, just take out the "span" tags on either side of the word "comment" there.

Thanks for making this template available, if you like you can see how I've put it into action here. Much appreciated!

Hi...FYI, I liked your layouts so I used a couple. However, I've changed the image and colours a little...I hope you don't mind...Thanks a lot... :O)

if someone can set up this blog template for my new blog I'll send over some bucks - $$. Please email me at asap.


Congratulations! It's a nice, clean template.

Just one thing i would like to change(and i'm not alone here): i prefer the comments under the post.

Where in the code can i change this?

Thanks :)


I love the design! It is just what I have been searching for!

In the "Email this post" prompt, the "Your name" and "Your email" fields show "NSC_cmphhfs-fyu=0a1401030050" instead of the appropriate text. However, sometimes the correct text appears. Is there a remedy?

many people asked about how to get back navbar but nobody answered well here is the trick....

============phase I

just remove the following tag from your style style sheet


you'll find these tags with triangular brackets

============phase II

after getting back the navbar you'll face the problem of space at the top of the blog..

you can solve that by-

just find the following tag at style sheet

[#page[background:#000;text-align:left;margin:40px auto;padding:10px;position:relative;width:760px;_width:720px]

and increase the margin:20px to 40x or more as your convenince

============phase III

you can also change the colour of the navbar to suit your blog

just go to template there you'll find Change the Blogger NavBar and choose according to

colour of your blog

SaCreD MaTriX

Brilliant thanks, now in use!

hi: i really love this template but the only thing that i can't get to work fine it's the sidebar (where archives, post, links, etc. go). in the template changing page and when clikinkg on preview, the sidebar appears correctly but when you enter the blog from it's url, the sidebar it's at the bottom of the page, under the post's. i have tried different combinations on the blog and also a test blog but in both happens this.
thanks for any help

Hi, i hope you don't mind about the following but I changed slighty the template tu use it in spanish.

Basically i changed nothing but the plain text in the template in between the braces.

Here, my code used to create any mainpage

<hr />
<div id="post-<$BlogItemNumber$>" class="item entry">
<div class="itemhead">
<h3><a href="<$BlogItemPermalinkUrl$>"><$BlogItemTitle$></a></h3>
<BlogItemCommentsEnabled><span class="metalink"><a href="<$BlogItemPermalinkURL$>#comments"><$BlogItemCommentCount$> <span>comentarios</span></a></span></BlogItemCommentsEnabled>
<small class="metadata">
Publicado el <BlogDateHeader><$BlogDateHeaderDate$></BlogDateHeader>. <$BlogItemControl$></small>
<br />
<div class="itemtext">

The problem comes that after date is printed in the first entry of the page, it is not on the second.

Any clue why is this happening?, Wanna see my blog? Wanna see my whole template code? Let me know it, ok?

Thanks! :)

This template rocks!!! Works nicely for my site, no problems;) Keep up the good work guys.

has anyone figured out a way to re-implement word verification into the comments section?

hi...plz help me...i dnt kno where to put the URL for my header...plz assist me....i tried looking through the top and i dnt kno where! plz plz plz

hi hi... i'm trying to put in my own image header... but i dunno how to upload it. i've created my own image header in photoshop, and saved it as a jpeg. can anyone tell me how to upload it into the code????


^Anon- The image must be hosted somewhere on the web...try ImageShack.

Anyone else having the comment problem again, since since the FF update today?

hey there-

loved the emplate, and uploaded it to my blog. however, in so doing it 'kicked off' the other members of my blog. is there a code needed to have multiple members for the blog, or do I just re-invite them? anyone know?

please help!

Recently, I just realized that my blog is not shown correctly in Explorer 6 (no problems for Firefox or Opera). Even though I'm a Firefox devotee, most of visitors to my blog use Explorer.

My Problem??? The whole sidebar shifts and displays below my posts. I need to refresh the page a couple of times to get it where it belongs. Plus, once the side bar is in correct location, the text (in the sidebar) goes beyond the white frame. (Basically, it is too wide) Does anyone know how to fix it??? Or just point me to where I should be looking in my template, for corrections/adjustments;) My blog's here:

Vagabonding on the Roof of the World


Very good design.Easy to use

I had the same comments issue many other bloggers have. But I found that the issue is caused by the way you save the template. DO NOT SAVE IT AS A TEXT FILE. Save it as Rich Text File instead for editing.

erghhh... where's the code of the template?? i can't fin any link to that...


great job ;)

^^ I'm wondering the same thing. It used to be at the top of the page, but it's been removed for some reason. Does anyone still have the code?

i've found the code on other blog



new problem

i was trying the comments and in the name and website fields there's the following text:

FRQSTR=19170122x227830:1:7731x227830:1:7731x227830:1:7731x227830:1:7731x281820:1:10080|19170122|19170122|19170122|19170122; KIDYMD=#281820:FFMA#227830:FFKF#246623:FEFB#246573:FECA#203064:FD^D#203048:FDVA#218496:FDRA#203068:FDPB#256719:FDOC#203066:FEZA#; WIDYMD=#32408:FFM#36265:FEF#36656:FEC#31061:FD^#

how can i remove that from there??

I decided to use one of your templates since I couldn't get my banner in bloggers original template.

But, the banner is too small. What size should it be? Or, what can I do to make it fit properly?

CSS seems much more difficult than HTML was.

Here's a link to my blog:

Thanks for your help and the wonderful template.


Great template! But how do I get the xml file (template)? There is no link to click to download template?


Where's the code for K1 template? I'd love to use the inline comment hack, but without the code I can't do it.