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How could i change the banner header for another picture?

Please, help!


Change of template

But i don't want to change ALL template, only the banner for another picture... how could i do that?

Please, help me!!!

Hi! Great, great template!
How can I change the banner picture?
Please Help me! Respond to

Is it just me or does commenting not work on this template?

this template does not accept comments.

Hi! Great, great template!
How can I change the banner picture?
Pls email me at

Thanks a lot

This template no doubt is great but I found two things missing in it...
1) Blog description or H2 or header 2 whatever you call it is missing.
2) Cant change header completely! And can't remove that leaf from every post.

Rest everything is good.

You can change whatever you want in the template. You just need to follow the links to the .css files, and copy-paste directly in the template. After that you're free to change anything!

Good luck

BTW - nice work with this template


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is this template still available? i would love to use it!