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Original Design by Lilia Ahner for TypePad

not impressed with that one

Hi I have been using your templates so i am a g8 fan of urs but i find that some of the shades do not go well with each other.

Please suggest me a better layout for thsi blog of mine.

I need mixed shade of blue black and white for a nice looking professional blog.

Anyways do keep the gud work going......and hats off buddy for all what u've done till date.

Can you help me to make categories on my blog...

I am wondering why in all of the template that have it's own commenter inside the template like in your main page, why whe I go to it, it had a jumble of code inside it?

this site layouts are cool - but I don't use blogger, I use wordpress. Anyways, please visit my blog at

i use blogjet and i wud like to use different sizes and font style wen posting.. what do i need to edit in order to do so? tnx!

Hey what happen to you? Your blog suddenly have a blogger banner on the extreme top!! And many links also disappeared!! Are you alright? Are you anyway planning to shut this blog off? Please don't do so. We are great fan of your templates and idea. Please keep the good work on....


I like your new (module) blog layout Yes.
have a question for you, do you know where I can get a really easy three col' layout that I can play with that will work on Blogger?
I keep switching mine around and adding things then they usually end up a mess :)
Something nice and light and with not too many credits would be nice.

Have a look here or here.

,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°Many Thanks!°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø

Oooooh your own blogdesign is veeeery cool!!
You will not give away this code? hmm...
Thank you for your good works!

Hello! I really happy I found this page, a friend of mine told me about it. I am currently using the Draft template that you designed and I realy enjoy it. But i'm having problems with the Comments - they're all gone! the old ones disapeared and there is no formatting for the new ones. it's like they're not allowed, although they show on the template code. May you help me out? it's a really important part of my blog. You may e-mail me at Thank you so so so much

I created a Blogger template of the Wordpress Cloudy theme. Tell me what you think. I used your Kubrick theme and customized it to Cloudy.

have been using this template for several weeks now. great layout.

my blog is partly in english and partly in chinese. the main text area is able to handle this mix, but the comments area can't. specifically, it cannot properly display comments written in chinese.

any remedy?

very good

I really admire the work you have been doing. and I am here to ask you a big favour...
... could you develop a blog template predominantely black and rose or red or magenta... a template kind of inspired by a "whore house or bordel, strip club... whatever"
Thanks for your attention and I hope you could help me.

i like some of the layouts in here...
but can you tell me how to change the colors?
the css file is not embedded in the HTML code...
and i don't know how to, so can you please help?!

i love this!! thank you so much for this incredible work and allowing us to use it! thanks!! :)

I invite everybody to see my free blogger tamplates here:

I want to thank you so much for the fabulous template.

It is getting quite a number of compliments.

Thank you! ;-)

hey man
you have a great blog.
i was wondering if you make a music blog for blogger too.i mean a place you can put music for others to download
Take Care

nice blog.
how do you remove the fork and knife logo?

Wish you put a template for right-to-lefter..

Unfortunately we can't use your nice templates!

we need a couple seasonal blog templates if at all possible. Could you make one for christmas?

Why have you ripped off the blog designs from TypePad? You know you don't have permission to use these. Why don't you try something novel and actually design something yourself instead of ripping off other people's work.

Why not some Harry potter templates?

Not bad

Hi, we just built a blogger header builder, and wonder if you might be interested in a link exchange. We also build custom headers for a reasonable price.

Please let me know.


This template is okay. Sometimes I witness no image blocks because of slow internet speed at my area. If you can remove those extra images from this template. Rest everything is okay.

Hey! Nice Blogging. Just Liked it very much. Adding to my bookmark. I will check it very often.

Indian Girl

I like it. It looks nice.

Hi! I love this template, I am using it now for my food blog. I would like to ask how to change some of the formatting though. Is it possible to give me tips on how to "un-bold" previous posts? It seems that only the most recent post on top has the regular format, but as soon as the post moves down, the font turns bold, making it a bit hard on the eyes. Can you help? email me at

Is there any chance that we'll be seeing a Blogger Templates version of Michael Heilemann's K2 Beta Two template? It would be really cool!

i have no idea how to change the template or how to customize it with the picture or anything. please help someone!!!

Hey, I have an idea. I notice that a lot of questions in the comments section for most of the templates are repeats like the captcha disable, etc etc.

Why don't you also have an FAQ for your posts? I'm sure people will love reading that before repeating the same questions again and again.

So yeah, an FAQ. Please.

I have used these templates on my other blogs and they work out really well. I was wondering though when seo friendly blogs will be made available for free.

Anyone know?

i am new user and have downloaded your free skins. how to edit the font size/colour and etc? is editing allowed?

Are you creations creative commons? can i change and pubblish my option?


How can I get in touch with this blog webmaster? I run one of the main lyrics sites in Brazil and we partner with template shops to exposure our lyric search templates.

Please contact me at daniel [at] vagalume [dot] com [dot] br

Letras de Músicas


I like the template but I'm not too sure about the knife and fork bit for every post entry as this doesn't really fit with my superfood blog that is more on food and nutrition than eating.

Is there a way of not including the knife and fork bit on post entries or having variations, or do you have any other template recommendations for a superfood blog.

Thank you for your help.

Forgot to ask in my last post...

where does one copy and paste the code for the new template? It says the contol panel - I can't see a control panel link in my blog. Is it template or settings or somewhere.

Could you email me the answer to: or my blog is

Thank you for your help.

could you make a camoflauge template?

To the person who said..

"where does one copy and paste the code for the new template? It says the contol panel - I can't see a control panel link in my blog. Is it template or settings or somewhere."

Replace the template code with the one provided. Then republish your blog to see the changes.

Very nice colors and clean layout, thumbs up. :)

hands down this is the best templates, colors compliment each other and I jus tlove those mellow stripes! Started using this template today, thk you!

I am currently using the Masala template. How I can change the size of the text?


Hey, I have tryed to make a few simple templates for myself. I have seen a tool for createing a almost costom template. Could you do that?

Very nice site!

Great site i been looking for blogspot templates. Since the templates they have are very basic. Also you make really easy to paste the code right to blogger.


for more blogger template visit

It ie really very nice and easy to use.

nice man..

Thank you for your good works!

why can't we download this template?!?!?!?!