At The Ready

Very basic layout:
- No Comments
- No Backlinks
- No Archives
- Perfect for large images

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how in the world did you do the preview veiwer in the popup box with the screen effect? If you can, please send me the source for that.

Where are the old templates that you had?


Yes, it would be great to know the picture semi-pop up code. It's beautiful.

good !

My type come out HUGE. What gives...

I'm with Jade... how did you do the "Netflix-esque" preview pop-up windows? All CSS? It's very nice! Where can we get THAT? :)

I'm with Jade and NYSBA... please, let us know where to find that cool effect!

Nice Templates

Do you convert movable type layouts to Blogger? Please do more conversions, I'm in love with a few on LJ. XD

I can't upload this layout in my blog. can anybody help me?

i was wondering if there was a way to enable comments on this blog..i love it. i just really want ppl to be able to comment..

Please check the download link...
it seems to be broken as it is no template...
I really like the layout would love to use it...