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I really like this layout. But can someone help me figure out how to make the entry titles bigger? They are microscopically small, and I'd like to bump them up a few sizes. I'm not familiar with CSS, so I'm having trouble finding that particular line of code. THANKS!

I love this template, and am using it... thanks! But, is there a way to have comments appear in the traditional blogger fashion, instead of coming up in the template itself?

Why is down? And when do you expect it be up again?

Any idea of when this problem will get cleared up? I really like this template and have had alot of compliments on it... so to have it down in less than a week really bites :(
If someone can give an update about when it will be fixed I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

I added the CSS files and the template is showing back up, but the header is all crazy and my sidebar is dropped way down to the bottom. I'm not all that great with this stuff, so maybe I did something wrong? If someone could help me it would be great. Thanks.

And here I thought it was something I deleted from my files. Come on Google lets get those programmers on it. Of course for free what more can one ask for. You get what you never paid for. lol

I was very happy with this template, but for any reason it doesn't work any more on blogger. The right colum goes down. Some one know how to fix it?

I don't know what has happened to this site. Since its redesign and added selections of templates, downloading them has become impossible.

For the last week, I've wanted to use the Newsline template. When I attempt to download it, however, I get this message:

The bandwidth for this site has been exceeded.

What's going on?

I've had to revert to the blogger standard template from the supplies that Blogger offers.

Please do something to fix the problem

Is anyone else having this problem?

Excelent template, but I have te same problem. ¿Can some upload the newsline.css and the player.js to other site?

I really like this template and i'm using it but with Firefox (my browser of choice) the template Width excedes the 100% written on the *.css. Anyone knows how to fix this? In the Explrer Browser all is well...
My blig:
take a look and tell me something please

Hey, Exceeded =(

This is a nice template it is running on my blog now,looks great with firefox,sidebar is at the bottom in IE, maybe it is just my computer I don't know but looks o.k with firefox.

This is an excellent template for me. I have found that many visitors to my blogs are viewing at a much lower resolution then recomended, and small font and titles actually work in my favor, and is something I can live with, as I can now add pictures and other elements with fear of throwing the columns and margins all off.

Really like this template as well, but the top horizontal divider bar just vanished for no reason!
What gives?

i have the same problem in firefox ... please fix it soon and let me know of any work arounds in the mean time.


This template is awesome! I'm also having the pagebody and bullet issues in Firefox, but it's beautiful in Opera. Thanks!

I just installed your template and it's GREAT!!

I got so sick and tired of the limited selection Blogger had to offer.

I put your address on my links, if you don't mind.

Thanks again,

I'm a big fan of this template but it doesn't work in firefox. Any suggestions? Thanks for any help.

Joli, mais je dois l'abandonner, car il ne fonctionne pas avec Firefox.


It should be noted that Firefox is standards compliant, whereas IE is notoriously forgiving.

Except, interestingly, that you never see that irritating "sidebar at the bottom of the page" malfunction in Firefox. That's strictly an IE "gift."

Ho un problema con la visualizzazione del templates, dopo l'aggiornamento di Firefox ed IE: non vedo più la barra superiore e di segnalibri.
Puoi aiutarmi?

I love this template, and it's perfect for the theme of my blog. Everything worked fine when I installed it, but now the images have disappeared - I've checked it in both IE and Firefox and they don't show up in either. Any suggestions?

thank you for a really awsome layout. I am using this now...

Love the Template, but the top horizontal divider bar just vanished. it works under the blogger tempalte preview version, but once published, it disappears. Anyone have a solution to the problem?

I like this template, but I think it needs a bit more work.

I am on a mac and using either Firefox or Camino, both mozilla browsers using gecko, it does not display properly. When I use Safari, it displays fine though.

I hope this gets fixed, cause I really like it.

This template doesn't seem to be compatible with blogger beta. Can anyone help me out with a fix?


: )

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Can I get the .css file so I can rehost it on my own server, it does not work where it is now.


I have tweaked CSS of newsline template by trial & error. Please have a look at my blog here >>

Any comments are welcome.

Thanks for Newsline template :)

hi this is toughiee again....
Newsline template works with new blogger perfectly...


I love this look! I hate all of these templates where the sidebar is huge. What a waste of space!!

I cannot get this template to work though. I haven't changed anything, but the sidebar is now loading below everything instead of to the side.




This is being caused by Internet Explorer's incorrect rounding of percentage widths, as used in this layout. Here's how to sort it:

If you're hosting the files yourself.
1. Open newline.css.
2. Find .layout-two-column-left #beta and .layout-two-column-right #alpha.
3. Change both of their width settings to 74%.

If the files are hosted remotely.
1. Copy and paste the following before the </head> tag.
<style type="text/css">
.layout-two-column-left #beta {width:74% !important;} .layout-two-column-right #alpha {width:74% !important;} </style>

This should allow IE to render the percentages improperly but not cause the layout to break.

Tested in Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox 2.0+ and Opera 9.

Shaun Hargreaves, Coded

I like the clean look and feel of this template.

When viewed with Firefox it looks great. When viewed with IE 7 the red line under the title moves up and covers part of the title.

Is there a way to fix this?


I've got a problem with IE 7. It appears that the red line in the header moves up and obscures the blog title.

Any ideas how to fix this?

Other than that, this template is great.

I'm probably being very dense, but when I try to use this template I get an error message saying: "Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure that all XML elements are closed properly.
XML error message: The content of elements must consist of well-formed character data or markup."

All I do is copy and paste the code, so as I say -- I expect I'm being dense, but any help would be appreciated.

In order to fix the problem with IE 7 find the following:
background:#fff url(images/banner-background.gif) repeat-x bottom;
Add afterwards the following:
*:first-child+html #banner-inner{
background:#fff url(images/banner-background.gif) repeat-x bottom;