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The RSS feed of this really borks things.

I really like your site. Will keep checking back here.

you should add a labels widget.. for those of us who publish via ftp and can't use blogger's own..

This is a great widget!!! I just miss the chance of translating it to my language... please consider adding this function...

Instead of:
"On Mar 20 NAME commented on POST TITLE: "COMMENTS"

I'd like to change to:
"Em 20 Mar NAME comentou em POST TITLE: "COMMENTS"

my blog is
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Thank you, I like it

You're a genius. You will be rich.

God bless you.


Great tool. Thanks a lot!

it's realy good!!

Please help me!, y cant!
when i put the code, appears "Blogcommenttitle" in mi sidebar, mi blog is:, my mail is:

It is very good, thanks

Im not getting the add widget to my blog option!!
can u help me out!?!?!

Peace & Love

thanx a lot, realy this blog is cool..

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Thank you SO SO much !!

I have used this widget for months and it has worked great and been wonderful up until now. The problem is that I now do not see any of my recent comments....has something happened to the code or could a character in one of the comments caused an error in the code? Please help

I have the same problem.

Nice, Thanks.

thanks, a small problem:
after I applied this widget, there's always a script error saying "feed.entry", it took me sometime to figure out it's caused by "no comments in my blog" :) it's automatically solved when there's comment added.
but maybe you can consider this in your new release?

This is a nice widget, thank you.

I love you so much

This feature does not seem to appear in my blog. Please help.

great tool man! youare the best!

Great widget! And I like how it can link back to the comment! :)

This is wonderful. Thank you so much!

All the best,

great widget. my blog is

perfect! I have added it to my blog:

This is a great widget...

oh and I put my surf report sponsor widget back up, I was changing over my template to a my template and had to take it down for a bit, The conversion is done now...

I didn't know you had linked to it till one of your readers E-Mailed me asking about it.


It looks great!

Thanks a lot buddy for this generator.....

u made me another happy blogger

Thanks eternally for this. Why couldn't other people's "help" pages be this simple? You rock for this...

Thank...nice widget...


Great widget!
I was looking for this for a long time!

just wanted to say thanks for an amazing widget!

Thanks Rhett,

Have been looking for this for AGES!!! BLESS YOU HEAPS

Thanks a lot buddy. You inspired me to create a widget which scrolls recent post titles as how we see in TV news and News websites. You can find the widget at Here.

thanks a lot for the great widget...u the man........

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The five comments are not showing on my 'RECENT COMMENTS' widget in the sidebar on my blog. Is there something that I'm doing wrong?

peace, Villager

Thank you.

Very cool widget. Thank you!

This is an excellent widget. Blogger should add this to our default widget list.

great tips anyway..thanks..

I just put this on my site. I hope it works for technologically challenged old farts!

That's great job. But I have a problem. On my blog, the recent cooments are shown "whole text" or "nothing". If I set the character numbers e.g. 50 and if there is a comment over 50 character, it is showed as "...". All of the comments are in Japanese. Do you think it is due to encoding? It is nice if you can help me. Thanks !!

thx for providing an easy way to install this useful widget. =)

this features i'm looking for. thanks for this.

Thank you very much!!! ohhh it's just what i wanted!!!

I have added widget to my blog but can;t see my comments, have I done something

Is there a plugin or script for Blogger to display most viewed/read posts? Thanks!

didnt work, must have done sth wrong.Help

Absolutely beautiful, thanxs for creating this awesome widget. Missy.

This is WOW!

It didn't install properly... and I tried to uninstall by removing the page element.... it won't uninstall. Can you please help me uninstall. Thanks

That was really helpful!

This widget of yours is excellent.
Thanks lots for a great job.
Best regards.

thanks! this widget works perfect in my blog. :)

Great Widget!!! Thank you!

I removed temporary the widget from my blog because today I get an error message with IE7 and no messages displayed . The same in other blogs with the same widget. It's only me?

No, I removed it as well because I've been experiencing the same problem.

I'm having the same problem, although it still works with Firefox.

they're 2 days that's not working
where is the problem ?

I can only assume that the javascript is unavailable for some reason. Most likely it still works in Firefox because this caches files for linger than IE7.

Anyway, here is a solution on my blog:

Hope this helps you all get your widgets back!

now ok.... but it's not a problem of ie only, that's why I remove always cache and temp and cookies and all I can remove on firefox

Thanks a lot, Amanda, that works

Greetings from Rome, Italy

Thank you for your widget. Hope you don't if I blog about this widget.

An excellent widget. Thank a lot.

forALLtoALL's blog.

This tool is F-ing amazing! Thanks!

great work man... i really liked this widget... thanks again...

This is great!But do you have a blogger widget for top commentators?

Excellent! Thanks for the great widget.

fantastical widget. thank you so much.

That's great~~~ Thanks~~

Works fine on my blog. Great one.

thx for that
its really cool

Thanks for this great widget.

Greetings and lotta loves from Malaysia.

I am using blogspot just to create pages but hosting under my own domain name i use this widget for my custome domain.
if yes then how. Please send me mail on

Here is the post on the recent comments widget:

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Thank you so much for the awesome tool.

This is such an awesome widget! Was looking for this for such a long time!!!


Cool widget. I've installed it on both of my two main blogs.


I love this Widget and I Put it on 3 of my sites. It lets my readers display a link to them near the top of my page-just by commenting. For me-it saves time hunting new comments to reply to and I get them all with this handy widget.

THANK YOU!!!! ^^

This widget is an absolute good. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Wow, this script very good.. thanx.. i'll make sure people come to this page to get this widget :D

amazing widget thanks a lot I used it in my music blog :)

Thanks for this amazing widget.

Greetings from Malaysia.

- ArahMan7

what if you've created a redirect so your site no longer ends in

my site is - uses blogger but this widget assumes you end in blogspot. when i try it anyway nothing shows up. can i still make it work somehow?

This comment has been removed by the author.

wow, finally, i'll be having this widget on my blog... how about the recent posts, related posts, top commenters widget, does anyone here knows where to get those? thanks very big!

i placed it at my blogs already, both at and
they look pretty good on my site :D i'll be putting a post on where i found this great widget tomorrow on my blog so my readers will know and use it too. thanks again!

Thank you for this widget, I've been looking for one for blogger for my blog Easy to install, and is working.

For recent posts....maybe try this

Hi! I came across this widget from friends' blogs and thought it is a useful addition to my blog as well. I followed the steps to add the widget, and sure enough it appeared on my blog... but unfortunately, only the title of the page element appeared and there is no content (the comments) whatsoever. I've tried many times and failed to add this widget successfully to my blog. I wonder what is wrong and hope that someone can help me. Thank you in advance!

I LOVE YOU! it works! Really! wow! You're my saver!


Your simply superb and have been my inspiration in making some extra effort on the net ..
I do not like John Chow with all his Brgging and others like Craig just keep stuff to themselves but you are simply great and adorable at writing and so very down to earth !

What a great script. This is really great.

Thank you, great widget!

Tony's Daily Blog

The widget worked very nicely on my Blogger account.
Thanks very much!

Thanks for creating this widget! It rocks!

I had used this widget before without any trouble, and I updated my template recently and today I got me the widget again from here. But now it's not showing any recent comments at all :(


this is exactly the widget i am looking to place on my blog, but i publish via ftp! any suggestions?


thank you so much for a very useful widget!

Hi, I just wanna thank you for this widget! Had been looking for something like this for the past months!

Thanks! This is something I've really missed and was very happy to find. :)

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Thanks so much for this widget. I really love it!

Thanks for the very useful widget :)

Yes, this's great! I'm still looking for one more useful widget "Recent Posts". Could you make a "Recent Posts" widget as good as this Recent Comments Widget? Some other sites have some ways to build "Recent Posts" widget but they all are not good as yours.

very good,very thanks (:

Great widget--thanks!

I agree with the others a recent posts would be really nice too!

Thanks for the widget. Very useful. Just install it on my blog.

Thank you very much for the widget!
The first time I added it, it didn't work, but then I removed it and readded it and it worked just fine! Thanks

Thanks for this really useful widget!

it is very useful, but may i have an option to turn off the italic of the fonts? thx.

Great widget! Thanks!

I was hoping for this all this while! Thanks. I've put in my blog at

thanks a lot!I'm happy for this. wonderful widget! I've put in my blog at
with my regards and love from İstanbul,Turkiye

Add Ratings to your Blogger Posts!

Tante grazie dal cane di Jack

This is a great widget. I have had it for months now, no problems at all. Always looking for something easy and practical to share with bloggers. Your comment widget "sweet"


Works a treat. Thank you.

Thank you so much! It works great with my blog (

Thanks for the help!

Thanks this is very helpful of you and karma will come back to you.

Thank you... Great Widget...

Great widget.. but why is it no longer working.

Hye of Space of Reality

Great!.Thanks.i put it on my blog.

Thank so much for this, it is exactly what I am looking for!

love this site !! by the way i'm a new blogger, feel free to visit me more often ^^

looking forward for more cool stuffs in this blog~!!

This site is so helpful thank you. One question how do I add the post a comment link in my blogger.

please visit my site

I was searching to add this widget for quite a long.. thanks to you I finaly found it.. thanks alot.. Wish you luckk

thanks so much! i've been looking for this!

thnx.. ws looking fr ths..

liked it and used it!

Thanks, it great

this is a kick ass widget. Way better than HaloScan.

uummm - I don't know what I'm doing wrong... The recent comment bar appears - but it's blank underneath..?

Is there something I'm missing?

Help anyone? *-)

help me....
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really want ur blog here at
afraid to say that..the page has not really finished yet.but just add few encouragements there.please.
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My recent comments widget just stopped working today.

I'm wondering if I should blame the new spy-bot, new fire-fox, or new mcafee.

No, it's me too.

I'm having problems, too

its down on my blog too..

It interferes with blogger loading the web page.

I moved it over to the far right column to the bottom of the layout grid, so the site can load before it tries to load this widget.

hei.. i use this in my blog thx

This comment has been removed by the author.

hola, un profe de la epo 45 me dijo que tu me podrias ayudar con un pequeño problema no logro insertar un codigo de javascript en mi blog me podrias ayudar???

espero que si sino vere a alguin mas...

This is one amazing widget that amazes me! Kudos to Blogger team.

Keep rocking.

Dear Widget,

I'm Linbertt at Thanks to yr great job to make my blogspot perfect!

However, It worked OK when I first had it. Only last 2 days it never appears on page. I added another one again, it's just the same not showing. What would be the problem? I'll appreciate if you can help.

Thank you.


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exactly what i need in my blog. thanks! they have a good one in wordpress, we should too in blogger.

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at last something decent and easy to install.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Great stuff.

I've had this widget for a while and I really liked it, but recently it stops working way too often. Recent comments is totally empty and everything under the widget doesn't load anymore either :(. Any idea what I can do? Thanks.

thanks - this is awesome!

There is something WRONG about the blogger's feeds! They links are not following the comments !!!


Fijate que los feeds estan mal...
Hay un error en el linkeo a los comentarios, o sea, haces click en el ultimo comentario y te lleva al post, pero no te lleva al comentario respectivamente.

Date una vuelta por este blog para saber como solucionar esto ;)

Solucion de RECreando

Un abrazo.

Recently installed but the thing is I thought each commentor would have a link to their blog but what they get is a link back to the post and someone would have to search for their name. Is something wrong or is this normal?

Really interesting post, I have some really important tech secrets to share as well.

I hope this helps.

10 Blogging Secrets You Must Know

thanks for the tips
i will applied on my blog :

title="Download Software Gratis">

This is what I was looking for.

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I feel like I am coming in so late in the game, but thanks for this Widget.

Great idea, and I would guess that people are more likely to leave a comment if they see them right there on the homepage.

I look forward to seeing what other goodies you have here.

hi, great widget, i am using this now.

plz visit my blog to see how it works

My name is Uri Sala, and I like this widget. Definitely will use it in mt site

can i pay and have your add removed from the bottom?

email me please:

what a great tool! my newest addition to my lovely yet fun blog!!!

Hi, plse help me!!
I updated my template recently and today I got me the widget again from here. But now it's not showing any recent comments at all :(

does it work for private blog?

cause for mine nothing is appearing...

There are no comments appearing under the "Recent Comments" widget on all 3 of my blogs, and I checked out the blog of someone else who uses your widget and there are none there, either. Are you aware of the problem? I will probably remove everything if I don't hear from you soon.

Another complaint about non-appearing 'recent comments'. What's happening, and when might the problem be fixed?

nothing came out dude. just the title 'recent comment'

Another complaint--it's been a great feature on my blog, but it's only working about 5% of the time right now . . . wassup?

Mine only works about 5% of the time too. the last time it manifested I copied and pasted it into a new post so that people who logged on at the wrong time (95% of the day) could get up to speed on what was happening.

I have a hidden stat counter that is embedded in the same box. My daily traffic is down about 75% so I am assuming that the stat counter is also switching itself off and on.

Has anybody received a reply on this yet? I haven't.

Does anyone know where online to get a comparable "recent comments" widget to replace this faulty one?

I switched to this:


A bit more fuss to set up, but it works well so far, check it out if you wanna see.

Hi,I have added this cool and useful widget to my blog, but it is a little bit unstable, it doesnt appear everytime.

Hope u can help me to fix it.

thanks a lot.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hi everyone,for recent comments why not try this pretty, nice customizable widget?
Come to visit the installation page:



Thanks for this! It's more sophisticated than the other one and has the advantage of actually working.

I have added to my blog.
Probably it shows comments added after the addition of this widget. Is there a way to get earlier comments also?
Pl send reply to:
Thanks a lot

my widget stopped workin, too.
thanks to LVCHEN for helping out.

Is something wrong with blogger or is it just me? The comments seem to have disappeared all of a sudden?

mine aren't working anymore either. i've tried three different widget scripts--sometimes the comments appear, but mostly they don't. this is in both safari and firefox, on both mac and pc. what's going on?

it do not working

This one doesn't do anything.

Basically its due to the site that host the javascript. If you have the script, host it elsewhere.

Recent Comments have been going up and down all week, on my site and all those I visit. Anyone know why? Is someone working on it?

Wonderful - I have my "recent comments" back! Thank you. :)

its very nice places..its a beautiful...ok hi r you? i would you to visit on my website... here just leave your comment or concern and suggestion..ok thank you very much!

fantastic fantastic blog that made my day! keep 'em comin'!


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Yay! thanks for the widget! This is helping me a lot..

This widget doesn't seem to work within Safari browsers???

THanx for all advice & need a permission to use some of code in my blog and


thank you very much. this is great


Your site seems good.As well as It is so interesting.

I've been looking for a recent comments widget, but when I tried to apply it to my blog, I got this message:

The following errors were found:
sectionId: Required field must not be blank

Is that your problem or blogspot's?