A beautiful blog design created by John Oxton and Denis Radenkovic.

Here the background images.

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This is gorgeous! But it doesn't work for me. :(

Can anyone fix it?

It won't work for me either... bummer.... I guess the new blogger is hard to change templates

Great template, I was able to get it to work.

It looks like the image around the blog post area still has the layout markers around it (light blue).

Keep up the great work

okay.... I tried all the tricks and tips etc.... and still can't get it to work. waaaaaaaa haaaaa

never mind... guess I didn't try everything... got it to work!...but there is the blue layout markers as stated by d.

Beautiful but it didnt work for me :((((

Don't try to copy and paste the code. Just use the option: Upload Template from a file or hard disk. It works for my girlfriend's blog.

Thanks el veler, it worked beautifully when I stopped trying to copy/paste. I saved the code as XML and then used the upload feature.

Definitely one of the top breath-taking templates ever!!!


I love this template... I finally got to change the template to something I truly like... Thanx for the advice, I upload it and worked right away... :D

Help! I want to use this template. I saved it on my desktop & used the upload feature in blogger & keep getting the following message:
Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
XML error message: Content is not allowed in prolog.

How do I get it to work?

Nevermind.....figured it out :-)

je n'y arrive pas snif

Hey, seems nice. How I can get it to work though?

i think , that one have label problem

i have tried but alas cannot use it. Please give me some ideas cos I LOVE it

Greeny...greeny..I love greeny, check this out !

But what's that ? A blue line ruins all ? Pls fix it bro !

Good Job !

it looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL on my blogger page!! thank you!!

Thankx for this nice Template, i really like it but every time im trying to uploaded this little sign come up:
We were unable to save your template
Please correct the error below, and submit your template again.
Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
XML error message: Content is not allowed in prolog.

What im doing wrong ,can you hel me whit it?

Hi, I have a problem. The flowers kind of cover my heading. I've seen other blogs without this problem. Could anyone help me fix it?

Absolutely gorgeous. I do notice the background is a png and it doesn't have the transparency in IE6 and less, of course. I worked around it by setting the view of the post to one paragraph, the older ones are below and it looks nice now. Those that are having trouble, get Firefox or Opera!
Bristol Mills Blog

I did a quick removal of those blue layout lines. If anyone wants the image, it's at

Beautiful design. Thank you!

It really is beautiful. I was having the XML error message too - so thanks el véler for the tip about saving it and uploading instead of cut and pasting - it worked!
Sadly, I decided not to use it because the flowers cover text/heading. Any fix for this?
(But thanks again anyway!)

Is there any way to get this template and put it in blogspot without having to ypgrade my template?... Please, I LOOOOVE this template but I can't get it to work... I didn't want to upgrade my template 'cause I'll lose so much information.... Please help...

I have just noticed this template is missing the Creative Commons license that came with the original template. This license specifies that this template should be used for NON-commercial purposes only. Please can you put it back in the foot ASAP or I will have to ask you to remove the template. Thanks.

See for more info

Love this template, but wonder if there is a way to make the extended posts option work. The info at Blogger says to add it between the style tags, but with this template's construction there are no style tags.

Thanks so much for providing this. I got it to work once I saved the coding to my hard drive. It truly is a beautiful template.

You have to resize the videos (by changing "height" and "width" parameters).

Gorgeus design.
Keep up with the good work.

I just realised that this template can not present IMAGES !

Anyone knows to crash this problem ?

Hi dear.
All your image host are filtere in Iran.
We cant use these nices template.
You must upload your image to googlepage.
Thank you.

Help! I want to use this template. I saved it on my desktop & used the upload feature in blogger & keep getting the following message:
Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
XML error message: Content is not allowed in prolog.

How do I get it to work??:((((

I really want to use this template, but I don't have the option to upload the template in the version of blogger that I am using.
Copy and paste isn't working for me.

Hi and thank you for a wonderful template :)

I only have a tiny problem with it: it doesn't show the navbar. I'm really fond of using the navbar so can you by any chance tell me what should I change in order to get the navbar back?

Thank you so much :)

hi,I'm using this template and it works fine for me.
I had modified it that can change the feeling by edit the font/color.
But it does not work so good in IE.(fortunately,I'm a firefoxer)
If you wanna get some help or the template xml file.Please visit my blog( and leave some words about what you need! :)

Wow! This is the best template I've seen so far. kudos! I couldn't get it to work at first. Once I saved it as a html file and upload it on blogger it totally worked. Thanks for the tips guys!!!

It's so pretty. ^_^ love it.

I don't see anything wrong with it.

Nice template!

This is gorgeous! But it doesn't work for me. :(

Can anyone fix it?

Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee, fix it!!!

Works!!!! thanks...

I love this template, thanks for creating it. It's sooo beautiful.

i have never done this before. can someone walk me through on how to use it?


Thank you! Love it!

Thank you both for your beautiful work!!!

The template is great ! Thanks a LOT !!!

I love this; I am using it on my new blog, "Checkin' out Veganism" (, if you're interested). Thanks for your lovely work. =)

Hot, very clean I have to test it :)

would anyone mind pointing me somewhere that I can save the background image as I forgot to save it to my own server and now I can't access it anymore? Thanks.

I have forget to save the background image!
Where i can find it now?

Same problem, didn't save the background image to another server. HELP!

Same problem! My template has disapppeared and i don't know what to do... I don't want to change it!

Mine's gone, too.

hey wht happened to background image
mine has disappeared wht to do????
do anyone have background image saved with them???????

I've got the solution :

thanks a lot Sophie........

thank you sophie

I love this template but the header image is gone now... too much bandwidth used. I would love to host the image on my own site, how do I fix this and I need the image.

I need this image as well to use this template for my blog.

Thank you so much Sophie!


I use your two layouts(colibri and Nautica), both of them are very beautiful layouts, thanks you very much.

I wanted to send an email to have your permission for using the layouts, i didn't find your contact on this blog, so I write it here:)

Thank You:)

i had the same problems...
top image gone

"sophie la marmotte said...

I've got the solution :"

merci beaucoup ! thank you sophie! :)

thx~ alot it's nice!
lot's of love~

It works for me.
Please visit my blogger for the solution.

Thanks to the creators of this template. It's fantastic!! and thanks trietdo for your tips on your page - excellent.

To the author of this blog and everyone else, I created a new template available for everyone on blogger. It is called Greenway and it can be seen Here. Let me know what you think

Thanks a lot. It worked for me. Love it! But I think you will lose all the sidebar contents ou once had. Like tagboards, clock, or links. Only left with archives.

I uploaded the Nautica, and it looks FANTASTIC ! Thanks so much! LOVE IT LOVE IT! -Noreen - PartyO'4

lovely layout! i just wish widgets would work with this one =-\

This template is wonderful, but has the creator fix the problem with background loss? If not, I would like to share my solution with all of you. Please visit my blog to fix this problem.

Totaly beautiful. I am using this but somehow it does not look right...can anyone point out to me where I went wrong?Please!!

Uploaded the xml rather than copy and paste and it worked perfectly. Looks even better with Ryan's fix, thanks!

If the background is too small and not showing up right try the fix posted by trietdo.

Replacing the background link worked like a charm for me.

thanks for a great template! installation was super-easy and it looks perfect.

thx, love the template, but had an interesting time with the background pic. ended up goion to john oxton site and downloading the files from here

hello!! Loving the template. but having a problem with it. if you go to my site the template looks great but the flowers on the side (background) overpowers the writing so much so in certain areas you cant see the writing.
please help

I cannot get the background flowers to show up...I tried ryan's soultion but didn't help with background...only with the browser bar. Any suggestions?

i do awesome backgrounds for free at cutestblogontheblock, come and check them out!


i really like this template, but i cant seem to use it with the older version of blogger (ie. before having to "customise" it, so i see "template" instead of "layout") =(

any way of using this for my version?

Just do a file > save as and save it onto your desktop and upload it.. it worked for me that way..less frustrating then looking through a bunch of code


I DON'T HAVE the option to Upload a Template from a file or hard disk in my blogger...I'm I suppose to find that in TEMPLATE then Edit HTML ?? PLEASE !! NEED HELP !! Thank you !!

This comment has been removed by the author.

So, I noticed that the original template has the "about, blog, or archives" tabs on the top of the sidebar. Anyone know how to add these into this xml version?

meus widgets se perderam.

this is great man. see my blog. it is glittering

my blog is
It is showing on the top that upgrade to pro today ..pls helpp

My blog is showing a photobucket display at the top that Bandwidth is exceeded andd to upgrade to a pro account. How do I fix this?
Thanks Lisa

If you are having the photobucket problem, Triet Do's link still works. See his fix on his blog

you have to scroll down to find the post.

It worked for me.

Heather, I have his link setup before, checked again and it still shows photobucket image.

Has anyone found another solution for this???

In your template html, I think there are 3 places where an image is linked to an outside url. So maybe you didn't update all of the links. None of them should reference a photobucket'll see it right in the url so you'll know.

I just figured out yesterday that my "main wrapper" link still referred to a photobucket image. The new html looks like this:

#main-wrapper {
background: url(
top no-repeat;

Make sure your http: code doesn't refer to a photobucket jpg.

go to the 'TEMPLATE'
go to 'Edit HTML'

check the 'Expand Widget Template' Box

now find all line in the HTML code which contain the word 'photobucket'
add '//' (two forward slashes without quotes at the beginning of that line) and save your template.


But this is just a temporary fix...can't we get a new link? I kinda liked the translucent background for the body. Thanks so much!

Really it is a charming template. but it is available on the net. it should be change design.


Nice template thank you for put in Blogger template.

Web Development India

Please VISIT My blog.My header image not fix. Can you help me.

Really nice template!

Pet Health Care Tips

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this is really beautiful!
still using it cos i really luvvit =D
but there's this window that says "this movie or picture has been moved or deleted" by photobucket =(

emyegeeayen, I had the same problem, but I was able to fix it by clicking on the "Background Images" link next to template on this page. You can download the "maincontent" PNG image to your computer. Then upload that image to Photobucket. Go to "Edit HTML" on Blogger and cut and paste the IMG link for the image from photobucket to replace the old link for the image. There's only 1 mention of photobucket in the HTML for the template. It should fix the problem - or at least it did for me.

Beautiful template. I used it on my blog and it looks wonderful! Thanks a lot for posting it :)

Wow! This is one of the better blogger templates...definitely!


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Hi - the post words are flowing over into the flower image on the left hand side. Where/how do I fix this in the code? Thank you.

thank you nice sharing

cep program

Thanks Aparna to notice me that the link has nolonger worked. So I have fixed the problem with the background and you should be able to see it.
Check out my solution in my blog

I'm using your template for my Blog, but an Image that you Upload to Photobucket was "Moved or Deleted":

#main-wrapper {
background: url( top no-repeat;
margin-top: 76px;
padding: 40px 0 15px;
width: 463px;
float: left;
word-wrap: break-word;
overflow: hidden;

So my Blog ( display very bad,

Please Fix this Missing for me,


Get your unique templates at

Have a nice day :)

i love it but it didn't work for me. something about a missing image from photobucket. i actually made a new blog to try it on but it didn't work :(

I posted step by step instructions (including known bug fixes) on my blog here:

Let me know if it works or does not work for you.

Cool, I'll try to fix it & use it...

Beautiful, it's fabulous, thanks so much! :)

The Colibri Template works perfectly!


It works if you right click on the download link and save it to your computer than you just change the format so you can view it on text editor.

Looks sooooo good... But it still can't work the way I want!!! :( So sad.... This looks pretty!!!

This one is great and i got it to work, only thing is in the top i have a sqaure photo bucket, and can not move it from the pattern, it is spoiling it, does anyone know how to fix it?


Why is it showing error??!
i copied and saved the template as .xml file and uploaded it. But it still showing error. The error is as below:

Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
XML error message: The processing instruction target matching "[xX][mM][lL]" is not allowed.

now its showing tis error..

Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
XML error message: The document type declaration for root element type "html" must end with '>'.

it never work for me.hard for blogger to work

i can't download this blogger why??

i downloaded it, then i couldn't manage to open it.
i went to blogger, edit layout and yadda. so after that i browsed then i found it. after i found it i clicked open, so i did manage to get it to save, but when i click view blog. the blog name wasn't what i wanted. i clicked edit, soon after it said blogger not found.

what is the problem???
please help. i'm not that smart. btw, the blogger layout is so pretty :) make some more.

oh no ~i can`t use it


I can use this for my blog
I wonder it wil be nice

I was completely blown away, very nice designs.

Uh, I can't download it. Something wrong?

This image has been deleted - PHOTOBUCKET